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The Top 5 Best Grey Sofas From Our Collections

Top 5 best grey sofas – According to online studies, the most popular sofa colour is grey. This isn’t especially surprising since grey is one of the most versatile colours out there. The neutral shade of a grey sofa makes it adaptable to practically any living space, regardless of your pre-existing colour palette or home decor.

Grey might be considered a safe option when it comes to selecting your living room furniture but that’s not to say it can’t still be stylish. Paired with some amazing accessories and decor, grey sofas can become a focal point of the lounge.

Think a grey sofa is a perfect choice for your home? Take a look at some of the best grey sofas from our collections.

Best Grey Sofa: Bampton 3-Seater Sofa In Grey

Bampton best grey sofa

The Bampton is one of the best grey sofas as it adds a touch of class to your living space with the gorgeous Bampton three-seater. This fashionable sofa emanates elegance and looks particularly sleek in glamorous grey.

Boasting a modern frame, with a fabulous scatter back design and upholstered in stunning, soft velvet, the Bampton is simple yet sophisticated simultaneously. Relaxing on the Bampton is sure to be a treat.

Desire some matching furniture to further solidify the classiness of your living room? Then the Bampton Collection is the set for you boasting the best grey sofas in our collection, as it includes a two-seater, three-seater, corner chaise sofa, footstool, and swivel chair. All pieces of furniture are upholstered in sumptuously soft velvet and are available in indigo, mink, and teal, as well as grey.

Marlow 2-Seater Sofa In Grey

Marlow 2 seater

The 2nd best grey sofa is the Marlow. If you’re looking for stylish sofas that fit into a small room, the Marlow two-seater fits the bill. Offering a unique, contemporary take on an array of traditional sofa styles, the Marlow is bound to make a statement in your lounge.

The Marlow features a classic, camelback design with traditional scroll arms and wooden legs, mixed with straight-edged seat cushions and gorgeous, accent throw pillows. The soft, neutral grey fabric allows this sofa to blend seamlessly into a variety of colour schemes, while also making a statement.

The Marlow is also available as a three-seater if you need a larger seating option. It’s also available to buy in mink.

Romiley Corner Chaise Sofa In Mist

Romiley Corner Chaise

The 3rd best grey sofa is the Romiley. Comfort and style combine beautifully to form the Romiley Corner Chaise Sofa in shade mist. This is the ideal corner sofa if you need to seat the whole family plus any guests you may invite over.

Corner sofas with deep seats are the ultimate choice for lazy evenings. The chaise end allows you to kick up your feet and chill out, regardless of how tall you are. Paired with lovely accent throw pillows and bolster cushions, this sofa has all of the ingredients to be the best nap spot in your house.

The Romiley is available as either left-hand facing or right-hand facing to suit the needs of your living room. The set also features a two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa, for those who have the space for matching furniture.

Amberley 2-Seater Sofa In Grey

The 4th best grey sofa is the Amberley. The Amberley two-seater in grey is an absolutely amazing Chesterfield sofa, that will certainly add a vibrant, bold feel to your space. If you prefer a deep-seated couch, the Amberley is a standout choice for sitting and lounging on.

With scroll arms and an intricate buttoning detail, the Amberley boasts the traditional features of the Chesterfield design. However, while they are typically upholstered in leather, this two-seater sofa is actually upholstered in soft-touch velvet, giving it a modern and comfy twist.

The Amberley Collection is also home to a three-seater if you need a bigger seating option. This pair of sofas are available in teal as well as grey.

Clarke 3-Seater Sofa In Silver

Clarke 3 Seater Sofa

The 5th best grey sofa is the Clarke. The Clarke three-seater in silver is the epitome of modern furniture: simple and stylish. This compact couch is the perfect choice for smaller rooms but still manages to make a big impact.

The Clarke is a great modern sofa, offering clean lines and innovative armrests that add interest. The height of the back cushions provides plenty of back, neck, and shoulder support, while the seat cushions are insanely comfortable to chill out on.

The stately, silver fabric upholstery gives this three-seater an even more glamorous flare, but it is also available in the shade natural. The Clarke Collection also has a two-seater option, and these two settees look incredible as a set.


Grey sofas can be an outstanding choice for your living room. Their neutral tone allows you to decorate them however you want to. Certain accents will look better with your new sofa, depending on the hues of the shade of grey that you’ve chosen – shades like navy blue, royal blue, and green look amazing with cool tones of grey, while colours like red and yellow are beautiful when paired with warm shades of grey.

No matter what route you go down, you can be certain that a new grey sofa will be a fantastic addition to your home, that you will never regret.

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