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5 Important Benefits Of A Corner Sofa At Home

Corner Sofa At Home – So, the time has finally come to throw out your old, dilapidated two-seater, you’re contemplating buying a new corner sofa for your home, and you’re not quite convinced about whether or not you should take the leap.

It’s natural to fear the unknown and, if you’re not used to having corner sofas in the home, then it is totally understandable why you might be slightly apprehensive about introducing one into your living space. For starters, they’re big and that can be overwhelming if you’re concerned about floor space.

However, there is a multitude of reasons why a corner sofa is a great idea in the living room. Continue reading to find out the many benefits of corner sofas and how they manage to work in all living spaces.

A Corner Sofa At Home Provides More Seating Space

newport corner sofa at home

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. A corner sofa at home, of course, provide plenty of space for the whole family and even additional seating for any guests who may be coming over to visit.

If you’ve got guests coming over, a corner sofa at home, like our stunning Newport Corner Sofa, can fit around six people, or, on a quiet night, you can comfortably seat three people, with each person having plenty of personal space.

Alternatively, you may not require all those extra seats in your house and think a corner sofa is excessive, which is a valid point. However, if you’re the type of person that likes to kick your feet up or nap in the lounge, a corner sofa would still be a smart investment for you.

Saves Up On Space

This may sound counterintuitive but most corner sofas actually preserve your floor space. While you may think that l-shaped and u-shaped sofas appear bulky and overbearing at first, they’re actually an incredibly efficient use of your space, a corner sofa at home is good especially if you’re working with a small room.

For those of you with smaller living rooms, as you can imagine, having two separate sofas would take up a lot of room. A corner sofa at home will fit neatly into your room layout, without leaving any annoying gaps around your room.

Encourages Socialising

With more seating space than an ordinary sofa, having a corner sofa at home it only makes sense that corner sofas would naturally encourage more socialising.

The angled nature of a u-shaped or l-shaped sofa allows a lot more space for you and your guests to face each other and socialise, unlike a regular sofa where you are crammed together and looking in the same direction. Similarly, there’s no fighting over who gets to sit on the sofa and who has to sit on the typically less comfortable extra seating. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

If you have a specific arrangement you’d like for your corner sofa at home, to suit your room’s layout, then consider modular sofas, as they are essentially different sofa parts that are interchangeable and can be arranged to your specific wants and needs.

Superbly Stylish

Sherborne corner Sofa right Silver

A corner sofa at home is bound to be a focal point of the room if it’s a corner. Due to their sizeable nature, they’re the instant focal point of your room design and ultimately stand out from the rest of your furniture.

One great aspect of corner sofas is the large range of distinctive styles they can come in. As well as l-shaped and u-shaped corner sofas, you can find corner chaise sofas, like the Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa from our Hadley Collection (the chaise end allows you to stretch out your legs, no matter your height) as well as corner sofas with armrests on each end for a more formal look.

They also come in a great variety of materials. Regardless of whether leather, fabric, or velvet is your preferred style, you’re definitely going to find a corner sofa that caters to you. A corner sofa looks particularly elegant in crushed velvet; a shining example of this is the Sherborne Corner Sofa from our incredible Sherborne Collection, which looks simply sophisticated.

There are no limits when it comes to colour choice for corner sofas either so whether you love neutral colours like grey, beige, and cream, or you’re a sucker for bold tones like teal, indigo, and emerald, there will be a corner sofa to suit your palette.

Extreme Comfort

Honestly, it’s unlikely that you will get the same warm homeliness and inviting comfort from any other sofa as you will from a quality corner sofa. Their size alone allows you to stretch out and relax in any direction you desire. They are designed for lounging after all!

Arguably, the best thing about corner sofas is that they can double up as a sofa bed when you need them to. You’ll find that some specifically made sofa beds can be quite uncomfy but you won’t have to worry about that with your own sofa.

If you know that your lounge is going to be used as a spare bedroom here and there, a corner sofa with a chaise end is the sensible choice to avoid any discomfort.


Overall, there are very few downsides to implementing a corner sofa into your home. If you’re thinking about making the purchase, check out some of our best corner sofas to make sure that you’re getting the best furniture for your money.

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