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Hadley Corner Chaise sofa
Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa
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Graphite Sofas

Graphite is an elegant shade of deep, dark grey. It is considered to be a more bold and alluring alternative to black but, regardless, graphite grey is sure to leave your home feeling irresistibly suave.

Graphite grey tends to be a neutral shade so it is a great fit when paired with almost any colour you can think of. Ideally, you may want to pair graphite furniture with whites and other light tones, so that your room doesn’t become too dark and dreary. Bright, warm colours, like hot pink and mustard yellow, look great with graphite, as they accentuate the beauty of its deep hues and really make it stand out. Alternatively, if you want to stick to a cool colour palette, purples, greens, and blues would all beautifully complement graphite grey furniture.

If you are in need of a corner sofa to accommodate the whole family, you don’t need to look any further! The Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa is a contemporary style sofa, in a fabulous, soft fabric, with an intricate quilting detail, that is sure to have you captivated. Available in glamorous graphite grey, this chaise corner sofa is sure to blend perfectly into any kind of living room.

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