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The 5 Best Large Family Sofas

The 5 Best Large Family Sofas

Do you have a lot of people living at your house? Are you looking for the perfect large family sofas ? You will be glad to know that you’re looking in the right place.

As you can probably imagine, a bigger sofa is a better choice for those who need seating space for the entire family, plus guests if you are feeling particularly sociable.

Of course, every family home is different so, depending on your living space, there are a huge variety of styles of large family sofas, materials, and colours to choose from when it comes to large sofas. Let’s have a look at some of your options so you can find the best sofa for you.

Corner Sofas

Brackley Large Family Sofas

Unsurprisingly, a corner sofa is the ideal solution for those who require an excess of seating options like large family sofas. Not only do they offer space but a surplus of style and comfort to boot. Whether you’re partial to a velvet or leather sofa, you’re bound to find an incredible corner sofa in any material that you desire.

There are various styles of corner sofa and large family sofas; you might find that one style suits your living room better than the others.

L-Shaped Large Family Sofas

L-shaped sofas are angled at 90 degrees so they can fit neatly into the corners of your room, providing you with additional seating while looking incredibly stylish.

L-shaped corner sofas come in an assortment of styles, materials, and colours, with a huge advantage being that a lot of designs are available as either left-hand or right-hand facing, so you can be sure that your new sofa fits perfectly into your lounge.

U-Shaped Sofas

In need of a modern sofa that has room for the whole family? Then the contemporary shape of a u-shaped sofa makes it one of the best sofas you could choose for your home.

The flexibility of u-shaped sofas makes them an optimal choice for any contemporary interior and as large family sofas. Not only do they provide you with enough room to fit practically everyone you know comfortably, but they’re also a real statement piece, providing just the right mix of practicality, fashion, and comfort.

Certain variations of the u-shaped sofa even feature recliners and pull-out sofa beds, so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth. However, a u-shaped sofa is a huge investment, so make sure you’re certain and that you’ve done plenty of accurate measuring before you truly commit.

5 Of Our Best Large Corner Sofas

At Chill Sofas we have a great range of large family sofas on offer, from traditional sofas to more modern designs, we something for all living rooms. If you’re looking for a large corner sofa to implement into your home, check out some of our outstanding options.

Witney Large Corner Sofa

witney corner sofa

The Witney Large Corner Sofa is a stunning and comfortable sofa that make a perfect example of large family sofas, that is simple yet elegant. Upholstered in super soft fabric, with a sophisticated scatter back design, you’re sure to love this sofa as much as we do. Available in grey and taupe, it’s the perfect sofa for those who love a neutral palette.

Brackley Large Corner Sofa

The Brackley Large Corner Sofa is a super comfy blend of both a contemporary and traditional sofa. Featuring a classic scroll-arm design, paired with wonderfully chic scatter back pillows, this sofa is destined to be a focal point. Available to buy in duck egg and grey, this lovely l-shaped sofa will suit any pre-existing colour scheme.

Norwood Large Corner Sofa

Fancy injecting some royalty into your living space? You can do just that with the Norwood Large Corner Sofa. Upholstered in beautiful crushed velvet, this exceptional example of large family sofas will instantly transform any room into a place of beauty. The sleek, scatter back design and the super-soft fabric (which is available in black, mink, and silver) ensure that this sofa is an absolute statement piece.

Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa

One of the most gorgeous large family sofas on the market, the Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa is designed to impress. For those of you who love a modest look, and love to stretch out your legs, the Hadley is a must-have. It’s a modest piece of furniture that isn’t only comfortable but looks great too. You have the option of having this sofa as either left-hand or right-hand facing and you can choose between understated shades of grey and taupe.

Newport Large Corner Sofa

norwood corner sofa

You can fit a lot of people onto the Newport Large Corner Sofa. With the seat cushions and back cushions upholstered in exceptionally snug fabric, the Newport is sure to be the most comfortable seat in the house. Available in black, charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream, this versatile corner sofa is sure to come in a shade that suits you.

Other Large Sofa Options

We completely understand that corner sofas just aren’t an option for everyone, so here are a few more ideas on large sofa options.

Modular Sofas

Sectional sofas are becoming increasingly popular. They are a really versatile seating solution as you can create as many seats as you want, as and when you need them. A modular sofa comes in separate pieces, with attachments, so you can build and design your sofa however you need to and it can vary from day to day.

Four/Three-Seater Sofas

If you can’t quite find the room for a corner sofa but you desperately need the room, you may have to settle on either a 4-seater sofa or a 3-seater sofa. It may not be ideal but you can fit a few people on and perhaps invest in either a chair or a footstool so you have some extra seating that doesn’t take up to much floor space.

Sofa Beds

It sounds silly but a sofa bed technically can provide you with more seating space if need be, and it can also double as a spare bedroom for overnight guests at a moments notice.


Hopefully, this guide has given you an insight into how all the family can have comfortable seats in the living room while ensuring that your chosen sofa is stylish and a good match for your home. Large sofas are a big investment so make sure you are certain that you’re happy before taking the leap.

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The 5 Best Black Sofas From Our Collections

The 5 Best Black Sofas From Our Collections

Stylish sofas come in no shortage of beautiful colors but it’s no secret that black goes with everything. Living rooms can benefit from a black because they make a living space far easier to decorate, due to the endless interior design choices.

Not to mention, black sofas have a sleek, modernity to them that is simply unmatched by other shades, giving any home a suave contemporary feel.

Black sofas, furniture in the home are a bold choice that can be pulled off with proper attention to detail. If you’re ready to take the leap, take a look at some of the best black sofas we have to offer here at Chill Sofas.

Black Sofas – Flitwick 3-Seater

black sofa

There’s no doubt that the Flitwick three-seater will be a focal point in your living room. This fabric sofa has an incredibly inviting style, that includes traditional scroll-arms wrapped in gorgeous faux leather.

Once you allow yourself to sink into the soft, fabric seat cushions and relax accent the grey-accented, scatter back pillows, you’ll feel like you’re in comfort heaven. The Flitwick is also available in a light brown shade but looks simply stunning in black.

If you love matching furniture in the home, then the Flitwick collection also has a corner sofa and a swivel chair that are sure to look fabulous in your lounge.

Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa

Grantley Corner Sofa chocolate

The Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa in black is the epitome of comfort. Upholstered in gentle, jumbo cord fabric, you’re sure to spend most of your time relaxing on this compact, stylish corner sofa. The Grantley is available in charcoal, coffee, chocolate, and cream, but it looks its best in fashionable black.

The chaise end allows for maximum comfort. Nothing beats kicking your feet up and relaxing in front of the TV after a long day. The scatter back cushions will give your head all the support it needs but you may find yourself nodding off after a while.

Wanting a furniture set? The Grantley collection includes a three-seater, two-seater, swivel chair, and footstool, as well as the corner chaise sofa.

Sherborne Corner Sofa

If you’re a fan of crushed velvet, then the Sherborne Corner Sofa could be the perfect fit for your home. With plenty of seats available, corner sofas are the perfect choice for the whole family, particularly one that looks this beautiful.

The Sherborne has an exquisite, traditional style, that boasts all the elegance of crushed velvet sofas. With a gorgeous scroll-arm and scatter back design, the Sherborne looks simply sophisticated. The crushed velvet upholstery makes this sofa superbly sofa and a great place to rest your legs.

The Sherborne is available in mink and silver, as well as black, and can come in either a left-hand or right-hand orientation, to fit the requirements of your living room. The Sherborne collection offers a two-seater, three-seater, and swivel chair for those who want matching furnishings.

Frinton 3-Seater Sofa

Leather sofas truly are a thing of beauty and the Frinton three-seater is no different. This black, leather sofa has a unique sense of style that always keeps it up to date with the latest sofa trends.

Featuring traditional scroll-arms, a deep-buttoning detail, intricate studding, and a compact design, no detail is left unfinished on this beautiful leather sofa. Complete with two stunning accent pillows, you’ll be sinking into this couch in no time.

The Frinton collection also includes an amazing corner sofa and a lovely armchair that would look incredible in any classic-style living room, and all of the furniture is available in brown, as well as black.

Newport Large Corner Sofa

Newport Corner Sofa left black

The Newport Large Corner Sofa will seat the whole family and then some. The perfect sofa for a busy family home, the Newport is the ideal candidate for movie and game nights, as well as just for wanting to kick back and chill out.

This black sofa is upholstered in super-soft jumbo cord fabric and sports deep-set foam and fibre cushions that are an absolute dream to sit on – you can even take a well-deserved nap on it if you wanted to!

The Newport is available in charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream, but it looks fabulous in black and is so easy to style too!


If you’re all about bold, intense style, then black is the ideal colour choice for your new sofa. We have all of these incredible sofas and more available in black on our website.

types of sofa

10 Types Of Sofas – An Easy Guide

10 Types Of Sofas – An Easy Guide

Types of sofas – As you are probably aware, sofas come in a huge assortment of styles and sizes, which can make it almost overwhelming when it comes to choosing a new sofa for your home – the choices are practically endless.

Whether you’re in need of a helping hand so you can pinpoint the perfect sofa, or you’re just really curious about the many individual varieties of couches, this guide will give you the rundown. of the various types of sofas.

Settle down and sit comfortably as we walk through the many sofa styles you can expect to find on the market.

The Different Types of Sofas:

  • Corner Sofas
  • Lawson Sofas
  • L-Shaped Sofas (Type of Corner)
  • U-Shaped Sofas (Type of Corner)
  • Chesterfield Sofas
  • Sectional Sofas
  • Modular Sofas
  • Recliner Sofas
  • Bridgewater Sofas
  • Tuxedo Sofas
  • Camelback Sofas
  • Futon Sofas

Lawson-Style Of Sofa

Originating in the early 20th century, types of sofas like this was designed with comfort in mind, while not swaying away from stylishness either. These simple sofas have been timeless since their creation and are instantly recognisable due to their popularity.

With their focus being on comfort, they feature seat cushions and back cushions that are separate from the frame of the sofa. The more cushioned aspect of lawson-types of sofas makes them an ideal choice for those who tend to relax in their lounge and want something soft to come home to.

The great thing about lawson-types of sofas is their versatility. Whether you want a sofa that is fabric or velvet, two-seater or three-seater, and no matter what colour you desire, you’re sure to find it in this style.

Corner Sofas

Bampton Corner Sofa
The Bampton L-Shaped Corner Sofa

Corner sofas tend to be popular types of sofas for households that require seating for a lot of family members or guests. They’re also great for people who want to utilise their space to the best of their ability.

Corner sofas are long sofas, which are typically curved or bent to allow them to fit into the corners of a room. You can find corner sofas in a range of materials and colours.

They are hugely popular types of sofas and come in a variety of shapes and styles. A corner sofa will often be l-shaped or u-shaped and can either have armrests on both ends of the sofa or an open chaise end on one or both sides.

L-Shaped (Types Of Corner Sofa)

L-shaped corner sofas are designed at a 90-degree angle so they can neatly fit into the corner of your living space. The l-shape is a very popular design and looks great with one chaise end, perfect if you like to kick up your feet in front of the TV. Oftentimes, they will be available as either left-hand or right-hand facing so you can ensure the needs of your lounge are met.

U-Shaped (Type of Corner Sofa)

U-shaped types of sofas corner sofas aren’t typically as popular as their l-shaped types of sofas because they take up more precious floor space and aren’t necessarily practical for every living room. However, they definitely have their benefits.

They look stylish and can seat a lot of people. If you have open chaise ends on a u-sofa, it can even double as a sofa bed.

Chesterfield Sofas

amberley 3 seater sofa
Amberley Sofa

Chesterfield types of sofas is a very attractive, timeless, traditional style sofa that is said to have originated in the 18th century. They feature a deep-buttoned design, that looks almost quilted, which has remained an iconic look over the centuries.

The Chesterfield continues to be a staple for the design of many leather sofas, however, it is becoming common in other materials too. Our Amberley collection, for example, is a stunning, velvet 3+2 seater set in this beautiful, traditional style.

Recliner Sofas

If you’re a sucker for chilling out, other furniture won’t stand a chance in comparison to a recliner sofa. These types of sofas are incredible for those who love having their feet up when watching television or reading a book. While not the best choice for formal lounges, these modern sofas are a treat for a family room.

Recliner types of sofas are available in a range of materials (most commonly leather and fabric), colours, and can be bought as either electrical or manual recliners.

Tuxedo Sofas

A tuxedo sofa is a classy, low-seated sofa that dates back to the 1920s. The main stylistic feature of a tuxedo sofa is that it has a low back and armrests that are level with one another, creating a rectangular shape. Tuxedo sofas aren’t the most comfortable seating option but they are great from a decorative perspective.

Bridgewater Sofas

Bridgewater sofas are a style of traditional sofas that we don’t find as commonly in living rooms anymore. They boast a simple design that is aimed at comfort. Featuring high backs, low arms and an extremely soft sofa seat, they are perfect for those who want a nice place to sit. However, this sofa design probably isn’t going to be a stylistic focal point in your lounge, so isn’t the ideal choice for those focusing on style over comfort.

Camelback Sofas

The camelback sofa is a design stemming from the 1700s, its main design feature being the curved back frame, which peaks in the centre. While not a hugely popular design nowadays, there are some more contemporary variations of the camelback which look incredibly stylish.

Sectional Sofas

A sectional sofa (also known as modular sofas) is a multi-piece sofa, that is commonly found in either three or five parts. The appeal of a sectional sofa is its ability to adapt, as it can be positioned into a number of different configurations – the more pieces you have, the more options.

Sectional sofas are skyrocketing in popularity, perhaps due to the benefit of not having to try and fit a huge sofa through your front door, instead, you only have to bring in small portions at a time. Their increase in popularity means they are available to buy in a multitude of designs and materials.

Anywhere you buy a sectional sofa from, fixtures should be included to ensure that your sofa doesn’t come out of place.

Sofa Beds

What’s not to love about sofa beds? These multipurpose pieces of furniture are great for those who may need a spare bed at a moment’s notice. A sofa bed is a great way of maximising your living room space, and it can be really fun to transform your sofa into a bed for movie nights.

Sleeper sofas come in quite a few different designs that suit a variety of needs.

Pull-Out Sofa Bed

Typically the most popular style of sleeper sofa, the pull-out design is a quick and efficient way of creating a sleeping space in your living room. The back of the sofa remains upright and the mattress or bed frame is stored inside the sofa, usually under the seat cushions.


A futon differs from a pull-out sofa bed as its whole frame creates the sleeping space. Generally, the back of the sofa will release to create a flat, cushioned surface that you can comfortably sleep on – just make sure you’ve got plenty of spare cushions and blankets handy!


Daybeds are multifunctional furniture items that are great when making the most out of a small space. They typically boast a wooden frame and a twin-size mattress, meaning you can use them as a sofa and as a bed. Their restrictive frame isn’t great for those with long legs.


Types of sofas are available in a variation of materials but some sofa styles are more common in a certain material than others. If you’re buying a new sofa, it’s important to consider whether the material you’re leaning towards is kid-friendly or pet-friendly.

Let’s have a look at some common sofa materials.

Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas are an extremely popular choice material wise. They are soft, comfortable, and available in almost any colour and style you can think of. You may be worried about upkeep with sofa fabric, but there are some easy ways to clean fabric sofas. Overall, they’re an incredible choice for practically any home.

Leather Sofas

types of sofa
Frinton 2 Seater Leather Sofa

Having a leather or faux leather sofa can truly make for remarkable seating space in your home. Leather furniture just radiates sophistication and style. Not to mention, it’s relatively easy to clean, too! You’ll often find leather upholstery on a traditional sofa, such as a Chesterfield.

Velvet Sofas

Velvet sofas emanate elegance and are the perfect combination of style and comfort. If you like velvet, take it up a notch and find an incredible crushed velvet sofa. Both velvet styles are sumptuously soft and make for a great place to sit, not to mention guests are sure to go crazy for your gorgeous velvet furniture.


Your choices are essentially infinite when it comes to choosing a sofa for your home. With so many styles out there, in a range of materials, sizes, and colours, it can feel impossible to land on one choice for your home. Choosing a sofa that is practical and meets your needs is important, just make sure that it feels right for you and your family.

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Top 5 Best 3 Seater Sofas From Our Collections

Top 5 Best 3 Seater Sofas From Our Collections

Looking for the best 3 seater sofa statement piece for your living room? Are you finding that corner sofas are too big and two-seaters are too small? Then a three-seater sofa is a perfect choice for your lounge, no matter your home’s size or style.

At Chill Sofas, we prioritise meeting your needs with the best 3 seater sofas. Finding the perfect blend of stylishness and comfortability should be easy, so we have plenty of three-seater sofas in stock to accommodate a variety of tastes and styles.

Read on to find out the top five best 3 seater sofas that we have right here at Chill Sofas, and prepare to find the new sofa of your dreams.

Flitwick 3 Seater Sofa

best 3 seater sofa
Flitwick 3 Seater Sofa

One of the best 3 seater sofas in our catalogue where luxury meets homeliness with the dreamy Flitwick three-seater. This fabulous fabric and leather sofa boasts a gorgeous classic design, making it a brilliant addition to a traditionally styled living space.

The seat cushions are upholstered in a stunning durable fabric that is irresistibly comfy. Who needs a sofa bed when you can just lie back and relax on the Flitwick 3-seater sofa? The classic scroll-arm rests and front board are framed in impressive faux leather upholstery, that further emphasise the elegant nature of this remarkable sofa.

The exquisite scatter-back design features complimentary accent cushions that accentuate whichever colour you decide choose for your sofa (you get the option of black or brown), giving your sofa and your lounge an incredibly welcoming vibe.

Putney 3 Seater Sofa

Putney 3 Seater
Putney 3 Seater Sofa

The Putney 3-seater simply radiates warmth. You can tell it’s soft just by looking at it! The simple design of this three-seater sofa makes it an ideal choice for minimalist, traditional, or contemporary style living spaces.

Boasting clean lines as well as a beautiful deep buttoning detail across the back cushions and front board, the Putney is one of the best 3 seater sofas on the market that gorgeously blends both classic and contemporary styles, so depending on how you style it with your existing furniture, you can create either a traditional or modern room.

Offering plenty of seating space, the Putney 3-seater is a great choice whether you fancy curling up for an after-work nap or you want to cuddle up in front of the TV with your significant other.

Accompanied by two brilliant bolster cushions and adorned with sleek, wooden feet, the Putney is undeniably chic in the most modest way. Available in an appealing beige or an understated grey, either of these neutral shades will blend seamlessly into your lounge and work perfectly alongside your existing furniture.

Lynton 3 Seater Sofa

Lynton 3 Seater Sofa
Lynton 3 Seater Sofa

Incorporate sophistication into your living room today with one of the best 3 seater sofas: the Lynton 3-Seater, a vivacious velvet sofa that will undoubtedly elevate the elegance of your home. This terrific 3-seater is a sure-fire statement piece.

This 3-seater is reminiscent of Chesterfield sofas if they had a fabulous scatter-back design. The deep buttoning detail and the scroll arms radiate gracefulness, making this sofa feel like royalty. The sumptuously soft, velvet upholstery that graces the Lynton gives you an overwhelming sense of comfort and relaxation as soon as you take a seat – you’ll spend hours chilling out without even realising it!

Available in glamorous grey, you’ll be able to neatly fit this sofa into any pre-existing colour scheme in your home while also being able to have the confidence that it will be a focal point in your decor.

Sherborne 3 Seater Sofa

Sherborne 3 Seater
Sherborne 3 Seater Sofa

Need a quick way to make your living room feel like a royal parlour? The Sherborne 3-Seater has got you covered. The upholstered crushed velvet fabric invites an immediate sense of regality into any room you place it in.

Its one of the best 3 seater sofas as it is soft to the touch, we wouldn’t blame you for falling asleep on the Sherborne, its comfort makes it just as good as any sofa bed or mattress you can think of! You’ll have countless evenings spent relaxing on this couch – just think of all the memories you could make!

The Sherborne opts for a mixed design, boasting contemporary clean lines and scatter-back cushions but also having classic scroll-arms that look unconditionally luxurious. Every crushed velvet sofa is unique so, no matter whether you choose black, mink, or silver, your guests are bound to be in awe of your new sofa.

Orla 3 Seater Sofa

Orla 3 Seater Sofa
Orla 3 Seater Sofa

The Orla is one of the best 3 seater sofas that is compact enough to fit into small spaces but is also big enough to seat the whole family, you’re in luck! The Orla 3-Seater is a quintessential example of how a sofa can be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Sporting delicate curves across the chunky, fabric seat cushions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another sofa quite as inviting as this one. It’s hard not to notice the high quality of this durable fabric sofa. As soon as you sit down, you’ll know you’ve found the sofa for you.

The Orla is available in a generous amount of shades including duck egg, stone, navy, and silver, so you can guarantee that it’ll merge with whatever colour palette your living room currently possesses.


Three-seater sofas are an incredible investment for any house. We have the best 3 seater sofas available across several different styles, fabrics, and colours, so there should be no doubt that we will have something in stock to suit your needs.

While you’ve seen some of our favourite three-seaters, make sure you check out the rest of the beautiful sofas we have on sale to ensure you find your dream couch.


The Top 5 Best 2 Seater Sofas From Our Collections

Thorton 2 Seater
Thorton 2 Seater Sofa
Select options
Sherborne 2 Seater
Sherborne 2 Seater Sofa
Select options
Lynton 2 Seater Sofa Grey
Lynton 2 Seater Sofa
Select options
Frinton 2 Seater
Frinton 2 Seater Sofa
Select options

The Top 5 Best 2 Seater Sofas From Our Collections

The best 2 seater sofas are the ones when you look for a simply stylish sofa but don’t have much space to play with. At Chill Sofas, we know that not all families have larger living spaces that are able to accommodate a big corner sofa, and are in need of a more compact design, which is why we have a great range of two-seater sofas on offer.

Whether you fancy something abit modern and simplistic or a sofa that is more traditional and homely, we’ve got you covered. Our collections span a range of styles, materials, and colours so you’re sure to find the perfect sofa for your home.

Here is a buying guide for our picks for the top five favourite two-seaters sofas from our collections.

Romiley 2 Seater Sofa

Romiley 2st lifestyle

If you want the perfect blend of elegance and comfort, look no further than the Romiley 2-seater, one of the best 2 seater sofas on the market. This sleek, fabric masterpiece is as much of a stylish sofa as it is a homely sofa. One look at the Romiley two-seater sofa and you instantly feel at home.

The durable, fabric upholstery makes the Romiley one of the best 2 seater sofas comfort-wise. With complimentary accent pillows and seat cushions that you will immediately sink into, there’s no doubt that this affordable sofa prioritises comfort.

The wooden legs, flared arms, and clean lines accentuate the modern design of this sofa, making it a great choice for a minimalist home, but the deepness and comfortability of the back and seat cushions would make this sofa a good fit for a more traditional style living space too.

The Romiley 2-seater looks great when accompanied by matching furniture, particularly the Romiley chaise end corner sofa or the Romiley 3-seater, depending on how much space you have. Available in chic charcoal, the Romiley is sure to match any pre-existing colour scheme you may have.

Marlow 2 Seater Sofa

Marlow best 2 seater sofas

One of the best 2 seater sofas is the Marlow 2-seater; a thing of beauty. A contemporary take on a traditional design, this two-seater sofa is bound to take your breath away and be a focal point in your living room for years to come.

The distinctive sofa frame makes a statement, so you can be sure that you’re maximising space in your home. The gentle curves of the scroll-arms and wooden feet give a traditional sense of class and poise that is unmatched. Accompanied by a pair of compatible accent cushions, you don’t have to waste any time shopping for the perfect throw pillows!

IIts one of the best 2 seater sofas due to so much focus being drawn to its outstanding design, you’ll be glad to know that the Marlow is also surprisingly comfy. The soft fabric of this two-seater makes it ideal for when you want to chill out after a long day. Who needs a sofa bed when you can relax just as well on the Marlow?

Available in an understated grey, the simplicity of the Marlow truly adds to its appeal, as it makes it easier to blend into your lounge and easier to accessorise too!

Amberley 2 Seater Sofa


The Amberley two-seater is one of the most stylish and one of the best 2 seater sofas we have in stock. This stunning Chesterfield design will leave your jaw on the floor and is sure to elevate the sophistication factor in your living room.

When you think of a Chesterfield, you’re likely to think of a classic, leather sofa. However, the Amberley is a soft velvet sofa, that will comfortably seat two people. There’s no doubt you’ll be running your hands over the gorgeous, velvet fabric endlessly. As soon as you take a seat, an overwhelming sense of relaxation will wash over you.

Completed with intricate studding details and deep buttoning over the back and armrests, nothing is left to the imagination. Furthermore, as with most Chesterfield sofas, the Amberley has a supportive back which is great for your upper body, as an added bonus!

Available in a stately grey and a bold teal, this small sofa can accommodate an assortment of styles.

Hatton 2 Seater Sofa

Hatton 2 Seater Sofa Mink

The Hatton two-seater is truly a vision of luxury and one of the best 2 seater sofas made from velvet. This is the best sofa for those who want to reinvigorate their home with an air of regality.

The crushed velvet upholstery of this two-seater sofa is sumptuously soft, making it perfect for a movie night or even just an after-work nap. The scatter-back design of the cushions makes it a challenge not to lie back and fall asleep every time you sit down.

Adorned with clean lines, the Hatton is a great choice for both modern and traditional homes that want to add a touch of elegance. In addition, it’s the perfect choice for small spaces or, alternatively, if you have more floor space, you can pair it with any of the matching furniture from the Hatton collection.

Available in black, mink, and silver, you’re certainly going to be incorporating glamour into your home when you introduce the Hatton two-seater.

Frinton 2 Seater Sofa

Frinton 2st lifestyle

Are you looking for an undoubtedly stylish leather sofa to rejuvenate your home? Then the Frinton two-seater sofa could be the best option for you.

The Frinton is one of the best 2 seater sofas made of leather. The gorgeous faux leather upholstery makes this small sofa look larger than life. With stunning deep buttoning along the arms and front board, as well as an intricate studding detail, this two-seater sofa boasts a fabulous design fit for an elegant home.

Leather sofas tend to be on the firmer side but don’t let that put you off, the Frinton is still incredibly comfy! Accessorised with two complementary accent pillows, you’ll find yourself snuggled up under a blanket on this two-seater in no time!

Available in neutral shades of both black and brown, the Frinton two-seater will blend seamlessly into homes with any colour palette.


Having a small living space shouldn’t mean you have to abandon style or comfort, which is why we highly prioritise having the best two-seater sofas possible on offer. These incredible, small sofas would make a welcome addition to any home but, if they don’t meet your requirements, we have plenty of other amazing two-seater sofas on offer that we are sure you’ll love!

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The Top 5 Best Footstools From Our Collections

Thorton Footstool
Thorton Footstool
Select options
Rose Velvet Storage Ottoman
Rose Velvet Storage Ottoman
Select options
Hatton Footstool
Hatton Footstool
Select options
Grantley Footstool
Grantley Footstool
Select options
Oakley footstool
Oakley Footstool
Select options

The Top 5 Best Footstools From Our Collections

Every good living room needs the best footstools or ottomans you can find. While some people have the luxury of a recliner sofa, not everyone has the space or money for one. However, that’s no problem at all when you can simply match your sofa with some of the best footstools in the business.

While the main purpose of a footstool is in its name, the best footstools have an abundance of benefits including extra seating and they can even be used as a coffee table! If you choose to buy an ottoman, not only can you use it as a footstool, but you’re also investing in extra storage space – it’s a win/win!

We are sure we have the best footstools or ottomans for your living room, so let’s have a look at some of our best footstools.

Josie Velvet Storage Ottoman

Josie Velvet Storage Ottoman
Josie Velvet Storage Ottoman

Starting off strong, we have the Josie Velvet Storage Ottoman, which is an incredibly glamorous piece of furniture. This ottoman would certainly be a stylish addition to any living space.

The flared arms and clean lines of the Josie make it one of the best footstools; perfect accompaniment for a contemporary lounge in need of hidden storage. This ottoman can easily be passed off as an exceptionally gorgeous coffee table, not to mention the flared arms make for maximum seating space if you’re in need of an extra chair.

The soft, velvet upholstery is perfect if you want to put your feet up after a long day, offering a blissfully gentle footrest. This beauty is available in gorgeous grey, beautiful blush pink, and terrific taupe so, regardless of what colour you choose, the Josie is surely going to be a focal point in your home.

Grantley Footstool

Grantley Footstool
Grantley Footstool

The Grantley Footstool from our amazing Grantley Collection is a real hit which makes it one of the best footstools money can buy. While it’s part of a collection, don’t let that dissuade you – the Grantley looks fabulous when implemented into any living room.

This footstool is the perfect piece to put your feet on and relax while watching TV. Upholstered in gorgeously soft, jumbo cord fabric, you’ll feel as though it’s giving your feet a hug. Not only is it comfortable, but its compact proportions also make it the perfect fit for smaller spaces.

Available in an assortment of stunning neutral shades including black, charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream, the Grantley footstool is guaranteed to blend beautifully into your home and match any pre-existing colour palette in your lounge.

Piper Fabric Storage Ottoman

Piper Fabric Storage Ottoman
Piper Fabric Storage Ottoman

In need of extra storage and fancy somewhere to rest your feet? Then look no further than the Piper Fabric Storage Ottoman. This fabric ottoman is an extremely suave piece, that adds a simplistically stylish look to a living room and works particularly well in minimalist homes.

Ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you’re opting for something straightforward, then the Piper should be your go-to. The simplicity of its oval design makes it an ideal choice if you want to create an easygoing, effortless style in your lounge.

The classic button detailing and durable wooden legs make this ottoman the perfect combination of both traditional and contemporary, so is well suited to either kind of interior.

The Piper is available in three remarkable neutral shades: blue, duck egg, and natural – meaning that it will definitely be well suited to any pre-existing colour themes and decor.

Hatton Footstool

Hatton Corner Sofa and Footstool final
Hatton Footstool

Fancy implementing an undoubted sense of elegance into your house? The Hatton Footstool can offer you all of that and more! While it may be part of our luxurious Hatton collection, this crushed velvet beauty is one of the best footstools made with velvet which make it an absolute statement piece for any living room, with or without the rest of the set.

Sleek and soft, the crushed velvet material of the Hatton footstool is enough to make anyone purchasing it. Whether you’re sitting on it or kicking your feet up, you’re bound to be superbly comfortable in one of the best footstools in our collection.

This footstool’s modest size makes it ideal for small spaces, so you’ll never have to worry about the Hatton taking up too much floor space. Plus, you can easily tuck it away somewhere whenever you need to.

This crushed velvet footstool is available in three outstanding shades: black, mink, and silver. Introduce sophistication into your home today with the Hatton footstool.

Eloise Velvet Storage Ottoman

best footstools
Eloise Velvet Storage Ottoman

Are you longing to find a piece of furniture that is perfectly practical? The Eloise Velvet Storage Ottoman will surely fit the bill. Ottomans are typically a multipurpose item but the Eloise brings an unmatched sense of glamour. Which makes it one of the best footstools for functionality you can get your hands on.

Not only is this ottoman a great place to store your extra blankets, pillows, and magazines but it makes for great additional seating and works well as a footstool too. However, the Eloise ottoman is a prime example of why practicality doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of style – this beautiful piece will look absolutely stunning in your home.

The Eloise is available in a gorgeous range of shades: grey, heather, and taupe. This ottoman will find a place among any colour scheme you have implemented.


There truly is nothing more satisfying than getting home, taking off your shoes, and kicking your feet up. All of these incredible footstools and ottomans will prioritise your comfort while bringing an aura of stylishness into your home. Try one out today, you won’t regret it!

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The Top 5 Best Corner Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 5 Best Corner Sofas From Our Collections

Top 5 Best Corner Sofas – Now that we are in the last few months of the year, we find we are drawing closer to the holiday season. With Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s coming up, you may find yourself wanting enough seats to accommodate your whole family, as well as any guests of honour.

That’s where the best corner sofas come in. With plenty of space to seat large families, they’re a standout choice for your living space all year round. The great thing about having a corner sofa is that they apply convenience, comfort, and style to your home all at the same time.

If you’re looking to buy the perfect corner sofa for your family home, look no further. Here are some of our favourite corner sofas from our great collections.

Witney Large Corner Sofa

best corner sofas

The Witney Large Corner Sofa is one of the best corner sofas for accommodating multiple people due to its sizeable frame. Whether you’re seating the whole family for movie night or you just like to kick your legs up, this contemporary corner sofa is an outstanding choice for you.

A fabric corner sofa is always a safe option when you’re seeking comfort in your living room. The soft velvet upholstery of the seat cushions is sure to leave you feeling utterly relaxed from the moment you take a seat, while the gentle scatter-back cushions provide an extra layer of comfort for your upper body.

The flared arm design makes the Witney – one of the best corner sofas on the market – a great choice for a contemporary living room. Available in terrific taupe and glamorous grey, you can guarantee that this corner sofa will fit perfectly into your living room, regardless of pre-existing colour schemes.

Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa

Bampton corner sofa

The Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa is an unbelievably luxurious piece of furniture and one of the best corner sofas on the market, that would surely become a focal point in your living room. The chaise end makes this the best corner sofa for those who love to stretch out their legs in front of the TV.

This upholstered velvet corner sofa is sumptuously soft and it just oozes elegance, making it as comfy as it is stylish. There’s no doubt you’ll find yourself nodding off on this velvet corner sofa from time to time.

The Bampton is actually a rather compact corner sofa so you’ll have no trouble squeezing it into any available space in your lounge. Don’t let its modest nature fool you – you’ll still be able to seat the entire family, no problem!

A lot of the time, corner sofas will come in neutral tones so they can blend into any and all living rooms. For those of you who dare to be bold, this corner sofa offers much more colour versatility, as it is available in grey, indigo, mink, and teal. Make a statement in your home today with the Bampton corner sofa.

Frinton Corner Sofa

frinton corner sofa

The Frinton Corner Sofa is a standout choice for any living room. The traditional style and sizeable appearance of this leather corner sofa are certain to bring an air of grandeur and importance into any home it’s placed in.

The Frinton is one of the best corner sofas to incorporate into a classically styled living space, due to its traditional styling. You’ll notice the incredible scrolled arm designs, the deep buttoning on the front board and arms, and the intricate studding details that really make this corner sofa stand out.

Undeniably comfy, you’ll find yourself sinking into the leather upholstery of this corner sofa and not wanting to get up. Not only is it comfortable but it’s practical too! This faux leather material is easy to clean and durable, so don’t worry about any mess that your kids or furry friends might make.

Available in either an alluring shade of black or brown, this leather corner sofa is sure to pair perfectly with your pre-existing colour palette and decor.

Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa

hatton corner sofa

The Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa is the epitome of class. There’s no disputing the lustre of this crushed velvet corner sofa that gives it such a regal quality. When implementing the Hatton corner sofa into your living space, you’re bound to make your lounge feel lavish.

The chaise end of this corner sofa mixed with the irresistible comfort of the crushed velvet material makes this one of the best corner sofas for chilling out on. It’s modest in size, making it a great fit for living rooms of all sizes and is available as either right-hand or left-hand facing so, no matter the layout of your lounge, you’ll be able to find a spot for the Hatton corner sofa.

All of our crushed velvet sofas are available in brilliant black, marvellous mink, and stunning silver. Any one of these shades is bound to rejuvenate your home and look absolutely gorgeous in your living room.

Oakley Corner Sofa

Oakley corner sofa

Need a corner sofa that is contemporary and comfortable? Then look no further than the Oakley Corner Sofa. This divine fabric sofa would make a perfect addition to a modern or minimalist home, as it boasts clean lines and an understated tone.

The compact size of the Hatton makes it wonderfully convenient for smaller living rooms. Furthermore, the best corner sofas are comfortable. The soft fabric upholstery, finished with stylish accent pillows, makes this fabric corner sofa unbelievably relaxing.

Available in two outstanding neutral tones, stone and pewter, the Oakley corner sofa will certainly blend beautifully into any home.


A corner sofa is a fabulous investment. Style, comfort, convenience – you name it, the best corner sofas will provide it. Implement a corner sofa into your living room today and watch your home come to life.

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The Top 5 Minimalist Sofas For Your Home

The Top 5 Minimalist Sofas For Your Home

Minimalist sofas and living rooms are becoming increasingly fashionable. The art of minimalist spaces is the simplicity of their decor, which is made up of only necessary items that are intentionally placed. The great thing about minimalist design is that it can make small spaces look bigger and more open, all while making your house beautiful.

When looking for a minimalist sofa, you’ll often find that their style is very straightforward. They tend to be made up of straight, clean lines, abandoning the curvature that was made popular by traditional sofas of the pre-Victorian era.

Sleek and chic, here are some of our top sofas that would work perfectly in a minimalist home.

1) Beau 3 Seater

beau three seater minimalist sofa
Beau 3 Seater In Grey

The Beau three-seater sofa is a dream come true for those with a minimalist living room. The striking, clean-cut lines, along with the rectangular seat cushions and back cushions, really make the Beau a statement piece in a minimalist home.

This minimalist sofa is adorned with lovely wooden legs, the Beau is lifted from the ground, allowing your living space to feel much more spacious than it is, keeping with the open-space aspect of minimalism in interior design.

The sumptuously soft upholstery of this velvet sofa is a game-changer for contemporary furniture, adding a layer of divine comfort that can oftentimes be lost within modern sofa styles. Available in mesmerising emerald, dignified grey, or impressive ink, the stylish Beau three-seater is an affordable sofa that is bound to blend seamlessly into a minimalist lounge.

2) Madden 2 Seater

Madden two-seater fabric sofa
Madden 2 Seater In Grey

The Madden two-seater is everything a minimalist sofa should be. This gorgeous fabric sofa, with its square arms and chrome legs, is undoubtedly one of the best choices for a minimalist home. Its compact size allows it to squeeze into even the tightest spots, meaning the size of your lounge won’t be an issue.

With this minimalist sofa, the deep-set buttoning detail on the back cushions sprinkles some pizzazz to the minimalistic Madden while paying homage to classic sofa designs. The fabric upholstery really adds to the cosiness of this two-seater sofa, providing you with an instant wave of relief and relaxation as soon as you sit down.

The chrome legs portray elegance and look great when placed with typical modern decor materials, such as glass, wood, and ceramic. Mixed with the modest size of the sofa, the chrome legs will leave your living room feeling incredibly spacious while offering unbeatable style and comfort.

The Madden is available in delightful denim blue and gorgeous grey so it is sure to suit any existing decor or furnishing.

3) Knowle 3 Seater

Knowle 3 seater fabric sofa
Knowle 3 Seater In Grey

The Knowle three-seater has a simple yet sophisticated design that makes it so appealing. This three-seater sofa is complete with the straight lines and rectangular cushions, that are commonplace for modern sofas, but they are combined with a subtle curvature on the arms that add an extra splash of style.

The Knowle offers an elegant touch to minimalist sofa designs. It’s more sizeable than other sofas on this list but its grandeur takes nothing away from its simplistic design and can ultimately make it a centrepiece in a minimalist space.

The fabric upholstery makes the Knowle minimalist sofa incredibly comfortable- you’ll feel yourself sink into the seat cushions as soon as you take a seat. This three-seater is available in multiple shades including charcoal, duck egg, and grey, making it the right sofa for those whose homes adopt a neutral colour palette.

4) Clarke 2 Seater

Clarke 3 Seater Sofa fabric sofa
Clarke 2 Seater In Grey

The Clarke two-seater is a truly unique minimalist sofa that would make any living space look simply stunning. Although most of this couch is very square-shaped, the subtle dips and slight curves of the arms certainly add character.

The gentle fabric upholstery of the Clarke minimalist sofa allows it to be as relaxing as possible, while the wooden legs and the back cushion’s faint cross design alleviate the sofa’s stylishness. Its compact proportions make this one of the best minimalist sofas on the market, as it can slide into any small space with ease.

Available to buy in stunning silver or a lovely natural tone, the Clarke will surely blend in beautifully with any pre-existing decor in a minimalist space.

5) Finlay 3 Seater

Finlay three-seater velvet sofa
Finlay 3 Seater In Marine

Last but not least, the Finlay three-seater is an incredible piece of furniture that is the perfect mixture of style and comfort. Out of the sofas on this list, the Finlay is probably the most flamboyant but that’s not to say that it wouldn’t work fabulously in a minimalist home.

This outstanding three-seater sofa adopts the same square-shaped approach we are used to but the slight rounding of the arms adds further interest and intrigue. The deep-buttoning detail of the back cushions is a throwback to the classic sofa designs, making the Finlay luxurious while maintaining its stunning simplicity.

The irresistibly soft velvet upholstery adds texture to the sofa while making it even more desirable to chill out on. Complete with two matching pillows as add ons, the Finlay couldn’t get any more perfect!

Available to buy in a stately shade of grey and two brilliant shades of blue, the Finlay three-seater would make an amazing addition to a minimalist space that appreciates comfort as much as style.


A minimalist approach in the home is a sure-fire way to make your space as stylish as possible. By adding in one of these incredible sofas, you’re sure to make a statement, all while preserving the simplistic theme that you’re going for.

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Important Differences Between Traditional And Contemporary Sofas

Important Differences Between Traditional And Contemporary Sofas

When it comes to furniture and decor, you may hear people throwing around the words traditional and contemporary sofas. While it’s easy enough to associate traditional furniture with classic styles and contemporary furniture with modern styles, what does that really mean?

Traditional and contemporary sofas have multiple differences and will obviously appeal to different people, but they are both amazing in their own way. If you’re not sure which direction to go in with your living room decor, read on for the main differences between contemporary style and traditional style sofas.

What Is A Traditional Style Sofa?

stylish living room sofa
Stylish Living Room Sofa

The earliest styles of traditional sofas date back for centuries in Europe. Originally made using natural materials, such as intricate, hand-carved wood, their designs were supposed to imitate the kinds of luxury furniture that royalty would have in their homes during that time period.

While sofa styling has come a long way since the 17th century, aspects of the traditional style have remained firmly implanted into modern interior design. One of the most popular features of the classic furniture style is the sophisticated scroll arms. As an example, our gorgeous Flitwick collection boasts this incredibly elegant arm design, that instantaneously adds an extra layer of elegance to a couch.

The leather sofas in our Frinton collection accurately represent some key features of traditional furniture. Similar to the Flitwick collection, these sofas are complete with scroll arms. However, the furniture in this collection has gorgeous turned wooden legs, that give the illusion of extra floor space, as well as stunning deep-buttoning details in the dark leather, that leaves the sofa looking utterly distinguished.

Traditional styles of sofa, while they look outstanding, are usually meant to prioritise comfort. This is proven by the typically curved or rounded nature of the sofa with the addition of deep-set cushions, which allow you to sink into your seat and leave you feeling totally relaxed. You’ll often find that traditional sofas are made in predominantly warm colours, giving them a charming warmth and homely quality.

What Is A Contemporary Style Sofa?

Contemporary furniture design is simple – literally. The main difference between traditional furniture design and modern furniture design is that contemporary styles are designed to look as minimalist as possible.

Over the years, what the world considered contemporary began to drastically change. Stemming from the modernist movement of the 20th century, people began to swap out the heavy wood carvings and dark tones that they were used to, for clean lines and neutral palettes and put their focus on functionality rather than grandeur.

A huge difference between traditional and contemporary sofas is that modern and contemporary styles of sofa are essentially the polar opposites of any traditional design that came before them. They replaced the rounded features with sleek, straight lines and exchanged the deep seating for higher raised seat cushions.

Our Beau collection showcases the beautiful simplicity of this style of modern design. The clear-cut lines, compact size, and neutral tones make these sofas a perfect fit for rooms of all sizes and themes. The beauty of sofas with a contemporary design is that very little thought is needed about how they will fit into your home, as they go with all kinds of furniture styles.

Which Style Should You Pick?

traditional and contemporary sofas
Blue Sofa In Modern Living Room

As with most things, choosing between traditional and contemporary sofas is all a matter of personal opinion. If you’re stuck, there are a couple of things you may want to consider to help you make up your mind.

Function – Be honest with yourself: when it comes to your new sofa, is your top priority style or comfort? While a modern sofa will blend seamlessly into any living space, it may be harder to find a traditional design that works for your pre-existing decor. On the other hand, the deep seating of traditional sofas tends to make them infinitely comfier.

Size – The larger-than-life luxury of a classic sofa typically means that they will take up more space, their curved edges may make it difficult for you to squeeze one into your lounge, whereas the standard clean lines and modest nature of a contemporary sofa make it easier for them to fit into most homes with ease.


Traditional and contemporary sofas work well for completely different reasons and it is down to the specific criteria of the buyer to ultimately make the decision. Regardless, both styles are sure to re-energise your home and bring vibrance to your living room.

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Top 5 Luxurious Accent Chairs For Living Rooms This Autumn

Top 5 Luxurious Accent Chairs For Living Rooms This Autumn

Accent chairs for living rooms – When thinking about living room decor and furnishing, you tend to think of the perfect family sofa, the flat screen tv, or the perfectly placed coffee table. Somewhere along the way, it seems as though accent chairs have become an afterthought.

A well-placed accent chair can shift the vibe of a whole room, depending on its style, colour or placement, as well as providing an incredibly comfy extra seat.

We have some amazing accent chairs in stock. Here are our top picks for accent chairs for living rooms that are sure to reinvigorate your home this autumn.

Luna Velvet Tub Chair

The Luna Velvet Tub Chair
The Luna Velvet Tub Chair

The Luna Velvet Tub Chair is nothing short of a statement piece, a perfect example of accent chairs for living rooms that will undoubtedly add interest to your living space. The soft velvet upholstery of this accent chair, combined with its sleek, curvaceous appearance, make it a real standout.

The rounded, shell shape of the chair offers a warm welcome to anyone who wants to lie back and relax, while the wooden legs provide great stability, allowing you to chill out for as long as you desire.

Accent chairs for living rooms should be striking. The Luna looks astounding when combined with other contemporary furniture, its versatility allows it to constantly evolve and adapt to the latest trends. Available in brilliant blush pink, gorgeous grey, and incredible ink, the Luna can adjust to any colour scheme, making it an interior design dream.

Frinton Chair

The Frinton Armchair
The Frinton Armchair

If you have enough space, the Frinton Chair is sure to add character to your living space. The rustic feel of this faux leather chair can give living rooms all the warmth of a beautiful log cabin in the woods.

The scroll arms and turned wooden legs shroud the Frinton armchair with subtle sophistication, while the intricate studding and deep buttoning details further add to the classic styling of this cosy chair. Available to buy in black and brown, this gorgeous armchair will have no problem blending into any pre-existing colour palettes in your home.

Unlike a lot of accent chairs for living rooms, when you incorporate the Frinton into your living space, you’re adding irresistible comfort. The perfect place for this armchair is in front of the fireplace (if you have one), especially in the cold, autumnal months, to add an extra layer of restfulness and comfort to your lounge.

Lottie Accent Chair

The Lottie Accent Chair
The Lottie Accent Chair

Looking for a modern addition to your house? Then you needn’t look further than the Lottie Accent Chair. The clean lines of this inspired accent chair make it perfectly on-trend for those decorating a contemporary living room.

Accent chairs for living rooms are meant to be a focal point of your room and the Lottie sure fits the bill. Its chic, yet simple design makes it adaptable to multiple styles and allows it to be an addition in any room of the house. Adding the Lottie to your lounge will provide an extra comfortable seat for any guests you have over in autumn and is sure to be a talking point.

Available in cobalt, duck egg, or a natural finish, the Lottie is sure to blend seamlessly into your living room decor.

Grantley Swivel Chair

The Grantley Swivel Chair
The Grantley Swivel Chair

Thanks to the Grantley Swivel Chair, comfort has never looked so good. Once you’ve sat on the sumptuously soft fabric finish of this swivel chair, it will leave you never wanting to get up again.

The Grantley is the perfect mix of cosiness and convenience. One second you’re facing your family and the next you’re watching the TV, without having to stand up and shuffle your chair around. The Grantley comes with two soft fabric pillows, that provide an added bonus of extra comfort. It’s the whole package!

Its adaptability makes it a perfect example of accent chairs for living rooms. The compact proportions of this swivel chair make it a must-have for lounges of all sizes. Not to mention, it’s available in a number of warm tones, including black, charcoal, cream, coffee, and chocolate – making it an absolutely fabulous addition for the autumn season.

Savannah Chenille Cocktail Chair

The Savannah Chenille Cocktail Chair
The Savannah Chenille Cocktail Chair

For those of you who are looking to add a touch of class to your lounge, the Savannah Chenille Cocktail Chair is an ideal choice of accent chairs for living rooms. The sleek fabric upholstery boasts an understated elegance that makes this accent chair feel truly special.

The Savannah Chenille is even more comfortable than it looks, so much so that you may never revert back to sitting on your sofa again. It will make an incredible extra seat for any guests of honour you may invite into your home for an autumnal get-together – the soft, snug feel is sure to leave your guest’s jaw on the floor.

Available in emerald, this deep green shade will certainly give your lounge an air of royalty, while the charcoal and silver shades offer a more subtle gracefulness that will blend beautifully with a range of colour palettes.


Adding accent chairs for living rooms is an easy way to make your living room extremely stylish, while not giving up on comfort, and any of the accent chairs listed above are sure to rejuvenate the life in your living room this season.

Choosing an accent chair with a soft finish and warm tones will definitely introduce an undeniable warmth and homeliness to your house during autumn.

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