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The 7 Best Christmas Colour Schemes For Your Living Room

The 7 Best Christmas Colour Schemes For Your Living Room

The Best Christmas Colour Schemes – It’s approaching the time of year where we start to abandon the normality of our living rooms and begin putting up all of our Christmas decorations. From the Christmas tree to the twinkling Christmas lights, you’re able to make your entire living space fantastical.

While some people may not consider colour schemes when it comes to a Christmas living room, figuring out a specifically Christmassy colour palette makes your space look stylish and cohesive.

If you want to coordinate your Christmas decor, check out some great options for Christmas colour schemes that you can implement in your living space.

White & Red

Starting off with a classic, red and white. This colour scheme is synonymous with Christmas, mainly because of its ties to Santa Clause. Luckily for us, this jolly pairing looks unbelievably stylish and offers a warm welcome to any guests.

It’s especially easy to pull off a colour scheme involving white, as it acts as a neutral base. A white sofa decorated with red pillows or paired with a classic red accent chair would look simply fabulous. Dot red berries and candles around the room to subtly implement the theme.

Take it a step further and stray from tradition with a white Christmas tree decorated with gorgeous red Christmas ornaments. There’s no doubt that you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time.

White & Green

greeen and white christmas colour scheme

Give your living room the traditional Christmas treatment with this classic colour scheme. Green is typically associated with the holiday season as we decorate pine trees with festive decor.

As usual, use white as your neutral base. White walls against the green of your Christmas tree will really make it pop. White snowflake or star ornaments will look incredible on your tree and really tie the whole colour palette together. Usually, your Christmas wreath will hang on your front door but consider hanging a green wreath above your mantel to further amplify the natural beauty of Christmas.

Consider introducing a green sofa, chair, or footstool to your lounge and adding pops of white around the rest of the room – have white candles on your coffee table or even a white tree skirt around your Christmas tree.

Red & Green

Both red and green are synonymous with Christmas time and they can be bold choices in the living room. Pairing them together to create one colour scheme is a daring decision that can look great when done correctly. Not everything in the room has to be red or green – you can still have neutral walls – but having them as the dominant shades will certainly create an impact.

The main bulk of your living room furniture should be red or green, and they should be spread out evenly (have a green couch and a red armchair, for example). You could also consider swapping out your current rug for one in a shade of red or green and, for your holiday decorating, you could use mainly red ornaments on your tree.

White & Blue

Untitled 1

Do you love Christmas decorating but you’re not a fan of the traditional red and green Christmas colour schemes? Do you have a modern living room that requires a modern colour palette? Then white and blue is likely the perfect option for you.

If you want to feel festive, then this Christmas colour scheme will immediately make your entire room feel like a winter wonderland in no time. The best route is probably to have mainly white furniture with some ice-blue accents, such as bolster pillows and throws.

Pick out an artificial white Christmas tree and use metallic decorations to really solidify the wintry Christmas colour scheme. For extra holiday charm, consider hanging up blue fairy lights wherever you can around your room.

White & Brown

We’ve had a look at some traditional and modern Christmas colour schemes but, if you’re in need of something with a more rustic charm, then you should consider a white and brown colour palette to inject holiday cheer into your home.

Keep your base neutral with a crisp shade of white and incorporate some brown furniture into your home. Leather furniture (such as our Frinton collection) looks especially good this time of year – just imagine curling up in front of an open fire on a brown, leather armchair.

If you’re a fan of non-traditional Christmas decor, then you should consider swapping out your regular Christmas tree for a brown twig tree. They’re simple, modern, don’t take up all of your floor space, and they look amazing, especially when they’re fitted with lights, so they’re bound to be the focal point of your Christmas decorations and a vital part of your Christmas colour scheme.

All White

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? An all-white Christmas colour scheme for your living room is bold but it will look stunning!

White walls along with your white Christmas tree will really make an impact. You don’t have to stick to one shade of white, either! Mix and match various shades of white and off-white to meet your taste and add some interest.

Craft some paper snowflakes and string them along your mantelpiece or window to add just the right amount of traditional Christmas festivity.

Pink & Silver

Untitled 1 2

Go against the grain and have a totally controversial Christmas colour palette. Swap out your white for silver and change your red for pink – it’s a completely modern and simply gorgeous colour scheme that will likely be unique to you.

There are plenty of artificial silver Christmas trees out there to meet your needs and, when decorated with metallic pink ornaments, they look particularly striking. Add pink cushions and other pink accents to your room to emphasise your Christmas colour scheme, and place silver trinkets and pieces of tinsel around the room to maintain the Christmas feel.


There are a number of routes you can go down with your Christmas colour scheme but all that matters is that you love the colour scheme you go for. Hopefully, you and your family have an amazing time putting up all of your decorations and you have a very merry Christmas.

If you’re in need of any living room furniture before Christmas, be sure to check out everything we have on offer at Chill Sofas.

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3 Easy Ways A Black Sofa Can Be Used To Decorate

There’s a reason why black sofas are so popular. That’s because it looks stunning when paired with any shade that springs to mind. That’s why black sofas look particularly stunning, especially in a modern living room.

Obviously, a black couch is a bold choice for your living space but, with the right attention to detail, it can be pulled off and give your lounge an incredible, contemporary style. If you’re in need of recommendations, check out our top 5 black sofas.

If you’re sold on the idea of a black sofa, but you’re stumped when it comes to styling around your new sofa, then here are some easy and effective living room ideas that will help when it comes to decorating your black settee.

decorate with a black sofa

High Contrast Wall Colour

Black sofas should stand out and, if they’re in a dark room, they’re not going to steal the spotlight the way they’re supposed to. A black sofa looks best in a living room that has walls in a light shade, for example, light grey, cream, beige, or white walls (these colours would also work well for any other furniture that is paired with a black sofa).

A family room that has light-toned walls, and is rich with natural light, is the perfect place for a black or dark-toned sofa, as they are allowed to stand out. Side note: don’t keep black leather in direct sunlight as the colour will fade.

A Black Sofa Adds Subtle Pops Of Colour

While a high contrast wall colour helps a black sofa to shine, you don’t want your whole living room to consist of only two shades. You’re going to want to make sure that you’re incorporating more colour around the room to keep things interesting. From flowers to wall art to throw pillows, the subtle colours of these accent pieces will definitely make a difference.

Choosing a colour palette for your home decor is beneficial and there are a couple of different styles you could opt for. If you’re looking for a more homely, inviting atmosphere, using warm tones, such as brown, red and yellow, is the perfect way to create that vibe. Whereas, if you fancy something more suave and stylish, cool tones, such as forest green and ocean blue, will really make your black sofa a focal point.

Using Fabrics To Your Advantage

Untitled 2 1

Fabrics are an essential part of living room decor. Pillows, throws, curtains, and rugs – there’s no such thing as a stylish lounge without these necessary styling items.

Picking accent pillows to complement your sofa and your pre-existing colour palette is a must. However, they don’t have to be block colours as patterns work just as well and add an extra layer or interest to your interior design – black and white pillows with geometric patterns always work seamlessly! Make sure your accent pillows are small and breezy so you don’t overwhelm the style of your sofa or your living room.

Throws are a great way to style your lounge and add texture at the same time. Most people with black sofas, tend to have a black leather sofa and, therefore, adding texture with a fabric or fluffy throw, slung over the back or arm of your couch, is superbly stylish. They also double as a blanket if you get cold or if you fancy a nap.

Pairing your black sofa with a rug is an excellent choice. Your rug can be velvet, faux fur, or fabric, it will still look great, and can really tie the whole room together. Just make sure you find a rug in a shade that complements the colour scheme of your living space.


Incorporating a black sofa into your home doesn’t have to be such a scary sounding process. Ultimately, if you take the time to plan out the finer details, you’ll be left with an insanely stylish living room, that you and your family can’t wait to hang out in time and time again.

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The 5 Best Black Sofas From Our Collections

The 5 Best Black Sofas From Our Collections

Stylish sofas come in no shortage of beautiful colors but it’s no secret that black goes with everything. Living rooms can benefit from a black because they make a living space far easier to decorate, due to the endless interior design choices.

Not to mention, black sofas have a sleek, modernity to them that is simply unmatched by other shades, giving any home a suave contemporary feel.

Black sofas, furniture in the home are a bold choice that can be pulled off with proper attention to detail. If you’re ready to take the leap, take a look at some of the best black sofas we have to offer here at Chill Sofas.

Black Sofas – Flitwick 3-Seater

black sofa

There’s no doubt that the Flitwick three-seater will be a focal point in your living room. This fabric sofa has an incredibly inviting style, that includes traditional scroll-arms wrapped in gorgeous faux leather.

Once you allow yourself to sink into the soft, fabric seat cushions and relax accent the grey-accented, scatter back pillows, you’ll feel like you’re in comfort heaven. The Flitwick is also available in a light brown shade but looks simply stunning in black.

If you love matching furniture in the home, then the Flitwick collection also has a corner sofa and a swivel chair that are sure to look fabulous in your lounge.

Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa

Grantley Corner Sofa chocolate

The Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa in black is the epitome of comfort. Upholstered in gentle, jumbo cord fabric, you’re sure to spend most of your time relaxing on this compact, stylish corner sofa. The Grantley is available in charcoal, coffee, chocolate, and cream, but it looks its best in fashionable black.

The chaise end allows for maximum comfort. Nothing beats kicking your feet up and relaxing in front of the TV after a long day. The scatter back cushions will give your head all the support it needs but you may find yourself nodding off after a while.

Wanting a furniture set? The Grantley collection includes a three-seater, two-seater, swivel chair, and footstool, as well as the corner chaise sofa.

Sherborne Corner Sofa

If you’re a fan of crushed velvet, then the Sherborne Corner Sofa could be the perfect fit for your home. With plenty of seats available, corner sofas are the perfect choice for the whole family, particularly one that looks this beautiful.

The Sherborne has an exquisite, traditional style, that boasts all the elegance of crushed velvet sofas. With a gorgeous scroll-arm and scatter back design, the Sherborne looks simply sophisticated. The crushed velvet upholstery makes this sofa superbly sofa and a great place to rest your legs.

The Sherborne is available in mink and silver, as well as black, and can come in either a left-hand or right-hand orientation, to fit the requirements of your living room. The Sherborne collection offers a two-seater, three-seater, and swivel chair for those who want matching furnishings.

Frinton 3-Seater Sofa

Leather sofas truly are a thing of beauty and the Frinton three-seater is no different. This black, leather sofa has a unique sense of style that always keeps it up to date with the latest sofa trends.

Featuring traditional scroll-arms, a deep-buttoning detail, intricate studding, and a compact design, no detail is left unfinished on this beautiful leather sofa. Complete with two stunning accent pillows, you’ll be sinking into this couch in no time.

The Frinton collection also includes an amazing corner sofa and a lovely armchair that would look incredible in any classic-style living room, and all of the furniture is available in brown, as well as black.

Newport Large Corner Sofa

Newport Corner Sofa left black

The Newport Large Corner Sofa will seat the whole family and then some. The perfect sofa for a busy family home, the Newport is the ideal candidate for movie and game nights, as well as just for wanting to kick back and chill out.

This black sofa is upholstered in super-soft jumbo cord fabric and sports deep-set foam and fibre cushions that are an absolute dream to sit on – you can even take a well-deserved nap on it if you wanted to!

The Newport is available in charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream, but it looks fabulous in black and is so easy to style too!


If you’re all about bold, intense style, then black is the ideal colour choice for your new sofa. We have all of these incredible sofas and more available in black on our website.

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The Best 5 Neutral Colour Sofas From Our Collections

The Best 5 Neutral Colour Sofas From Our Collections

Fancy neutral colour sofas for a neutral colour living room but you’re afraid your lounge may look bland? Fear not! Contrary to popular belief, a grey sofa isn’t the only choice if you want a neutral colour scheme.

If you want to open up endless stylistic and decorative options for your home, then a neutral living room – specifically a sofa in a neutral shade – is definitely the right option for you. Adhering to a neutral palette takes away the hassle of having to stick to a rigid colour scheme that caters to your bold-coloured sofa.

Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect family sofa or you want a couch that serves as a blank canvas and you are in need of some neutral living room ideas, we’ve got some great choices on offer.

Neutral shades are often some of the most popular sofa colours and we have plenty of shades we are sure you’ll love. Read on for the top five neutral-toned sofas from our collections.

1) Orla 2-Seater Neutral Colour Sofa In Stone

Orla 2 Seater Sofa lifestyle

Above all else, the Orla 2-Seater is comfy. With back and seat cushions that are upholstered in a marvellous, chunky fabric, the Orla is bound to be a dream come true for you if you adore soft furnishings, especially if you’re coming home to it after a long, hard day of work.

This fabric sofa offers delicate curves that create a particularly inviting space in your lounge. Combined with its compact size, this two-seater is a fabulous addition to any living space.

The Orla looks especially spectacular in stone, which is a fair shade of grey, that boasts subtle beige and khaki undertones. The cosy nature of the Orla two-seater, mixed with the dusty, saturated tone of stone, really does add warmth to a living room.

Accessorise with warm tones, like red or yellow, to really make the warm undertones of this beautiful, neutral tone stand out.

2) Knowle 3-Seater In Duck Egg

Knowle 3 Seater

If a contemporary living room is what you desire, the Knowle 3-Seater will fit right in. This symmetrical three-seater boasts an abundance of clean lines, as well as tonnes of comfort and style.

This slick neutral colour sofa offers plenty of seating space without leaving your living room feeling overwhelmed. The simple design of the Knowle is truly what makes it so great. It isn’t too showy or complex, it’s comfortable and can blend perfectly with any type of decor.

The Knowle three-seater neutral colour sofa in dazzling duck egg really is outstanding. An elegant mixture of blue, green, and grey, duck egg is one of those remarkable cool neutrals that radiate style with little effort. Duck egg look best when paired with other cool or neutral shades to further amplify the soothing, peaceful aura that it brings to a living space.

3) Oakley Corner Sofa In Pewter

Oakley corner chaise lifestyle

Need the perfect corner sofa to seat the whole family? Look no further than the Oakley Corner Sofa, a soft and striking fabric sofa that offers endless amounts of comfort. Corner sofas have never looked so stylish!

You’ll notice the foam-filled seat cushions and incredible scatter back design – that features stunning accent pillows with a modern, geometric pattern. The Oakley is a great fit for contemporary living rooms that play host to large families. There will be many movie nights spent curled up on this snug sofa.

Choosing the Oakley in shade pewter will undoubtedly add an air of sophistication as well as an aura of tranquillity. This versatile tone is highly adaptable to a range of environments and colour schemes. Accent pewter with silvers and golds to add a touch of regality to your home, or pair with cool, earthy tones to give your living room that calming atmosphere we all desire.

4) Clarke 3-Seater In Natural

Clarke 3 Seater

The Clarke 3-Seater neutral colour sofa is an astonishing piece of furniture, combining elements of both traditional and contemporary furnishings, it certainly becomes the focal point of any room it’s placed inside.

The high back design of this neutral colour sofa offers an immense amount of comfort and back support, which is ideal for those of us who love to kick back and relax. It’s also sure to make an impression on any guests who are lucky to get a spot on the sofa. The soft fabric and unique design make the Clarke the full package.

Available in natural – a shade of light beige – the Clarke three-seater neutral colour sofa can fit neatly into any pre-existing colour schemes or decor you may have. It’s also the perfect starting point if you’re decorating around your sofa, as it offers you a completely blank canvas. No matter what, the Clarke is sure to be a welcome addition to any home.

5) Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa In Cream

neutral corner sofas

You may as well throw out your bed once you’ve incorporated the Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa into your home. This astonishing neutral colour sofa is upholstered in super soft fabric, making it an incredibly relaxing seat that you could accidentally spend hours lying down on.

Offering plenty of seating and a remarkably comfortable scatter back design, the Grantley makes a great family sofa. Furthermore, the chaise end is perfect for those who love to put their feet up in front of the TV. With modest proportions, at an affordable price, there are no downsides when it comes to this fabulous l-shaped sofa.

If you purchase the Grantley neutral colour sofa in cream, you’re adding sophisticated simplicity into your home. It’s noble yet modest, a truly incredible shade. Not to mention, there are infinite options when it comes to styling, great for those who are fickle when it comes to decor.


Neutral colour sofas may not sound like the most exciting furnishing option however, ultimately, they open up the most stylistic opportunities. Having a neutral-toned sofa in your home means you can switch up your decor and your accessories whenever you feel like it. What’s stopping you? Make the leap and invest in an incredible, neutral sofa today!

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5 Sofa Colours That Make A Powerful Statement

5 Sofa Colours That Make A Powerful Statement

If you know abit about interior design and sofa colours. Its no secret that neutral colours work very well for a sofa. Opting for beige, cream, or grey furniture allows you to accessorise with whatever colours you wish and opens up more doors for decor choices. However, you may find yourself feeling as though it’s a little on the safe side.

While the interior designer inside of you may try and persuade you to adopt a neutral colour scheme in your living room, a bold coloured sofa could be what you need to make a statement in your home. Need some inspiration? Here are five ideas for sofa colours that are certain to make your settee a statement piece.

1) Teal Sofas

teal sofa colours

Teal is a truly remarkable mixture of blue and green that just radiates gracefulness. The green hue of teal gives subtle connotations of nature, giving this shade a really comforting and tranquil vibe, a great choice for home decor.

If you need an example of just how stunning a teal couch can be, look no further than our Amberley collection. Boasting a three-seater and a two-seater, these sofas look utterly regal upholstered in teal velvet.

Struggling to think of colours that match with teal? Go for accessories in neutral shades to really make your sofa’s colour pop. Alternatively, try out some fun colours like pink or yellow to bring a newfound vibrance to your living space.

2) Mink Sofas

Mink might not seem like the boldest choice of sofa colours for the most important piece of furniture in your lounge, however, it does stand out. People may often confuse mink as being the same colour as beige or even a light pink but it’s actually a gorgeous shade of brown.

As opposed to darker shades of brown, like chocolate or coffee, mink is a paler shade that emanates a calming yet regal atmosphere unmatched by most other colours. Mink looks especially good on a crushed velvet sofa, as the crushed velvet upholstery gives it an even more sophisticated feel.

Try accessorising your mink sofa with muted, warm tones, like pale yellows or pinks, to maintain a cosy and inviting style. Neutrals also work fabulously alongside mink furniture.

3) Indigo Sofas

If you’re a fan of dark blue sofa colours but don’t quite fancy committing to a shade like navy blue, then an indigo sofa could be the right choice for your lounge. Indigo is an interesting shade that combines blue with purple that makes for a colour with heaps of personality.

Depending on how you want to style your interior, an indigo couch is one of the sofa colours that can either leave a room feeling relaxed and serene or give it a dignified sense of elegance. Pair indigo with bright, warm shades like red and orange to really make your sofa stand out. A crisp white will also help with bringing the undertones of indigo to the surface.

Our incredible Bampton collection is available in inspiring indigo. It’s the perfect range to truly make an impact in your living room.

4) Green Sofas

For some reason, green isn’t an overwhelmingly popular choice for a sofa colour. With its strong ties to nature and the outdoors, you would think that more people would incorporate that soothing, natural feel into their living space.

Lighter shades of green can bring a distinct boldness to a living space, while darker shades, such as emerald, give off a distinguished aura of nobility. Either way, green tones always bring a calming atmosphere to a room, while simultaneously making a statement.

Consider accessorising a green sofa with other deep, earthy tones, like browns and oranges, to really keep your lounge feeling relaxed.

5) Black Sofas

black sofa colours

Black may not be your first choice for a sofa colour, and understandably so. It can be extremely difficult to style and you need plenty of natural light to avoid leaving your living space feeling dark, dull, and dreary. However, when styled right, black sofas can really make a statement.

If you dare to be different, black sofas bring a striking sense of adventure to a lounge, while radiating class and sophistication. While it’s no secret that black goes with any colour you can think of, avoid pairing it with other dark shades to avoid dragging down the mood of the room. You should accessorise a black sofa with prominent, bold colours that won’t get lost in the shuffle.


If you’re ready to take the leap and commit to having a bold sofa in your living room, that will undoubtedly make a statement, we are sure to have something that you’ll love. We can guarantee that soon enough your living room will be filled with excitement.

An Essential Guide To The 10 Most Popular Sofa Colours

The 10 Most Popular Sofa Colours – An Essential Guide

The 10 Most Popular Sofa Colours – An Essential Guide

Undoubtedly, popular sofa colours are one of the most important aspects when it comes to interior design. From the colour of your walls to the colour of your furniture, and everything in between, your chosen colour scheme is what represents the vibe of your home.

Therefore, it makes sense that the colour choice for your sofa – arguably the most important piece of furniture in your living room – is a crucial one.

Search data from has provided a list of the top ten most desired sofa colours for 2021. Read on to find out the most on-trend colours and for some tips on styling around those shades.

1) Grey Sofas

A Fabric Grey Sofa
A Fabric Grey Sofa

It’s unsurprising that this neutral tone is one of the more popular sofa colours and tops the list as the most popular colour for sofas in 2021. Grey sofas are so well received because of their ability to adapt into a multitude of spaces, regardless of pre-existing styles and colour palettes.

This versatile popular sofa colours shade makes any kind of material look fabulous and works great on either traditional or contemporary styled furniture. Overall, a grey sofa lays down a great neutral base that you can then begin to layer with accent colours from other furniture and decor.

No matter what colour you pair with grey, it’s bound to look incredible. However, regardless of whether you choose warm or cool tones for your decor, attempt to try and stick to that colour palette and avoid mixing and matching. For further insight on how to style your new sofa, check out our guide on which colours pair well with grey.

2) Pink Sofas

Shockingly, pink ranked in second place for the most popular sofa colours, beating out some of its more neutral-toned counterparts. Shades of pink make for a fabulously interesting piece of furniture, that is sure to add a sense of character and intrigue into your living space.

Although it’s easy to write pink off as a “girly” colour, there’s no doubt that it looks beautiful and is the perfect choice for homes that dare to be adventurous. Pink looks fabulous in softer materials, such as velvet or crushed velvet, which really emphasise its soothing and gentle qualities.

While pink furniture looks stunning when paired with a wide variety of colours, it looks its best when surrounded by other light-toned accessories, such as white or silver throw pillows and rugs.

3) Blue Sofas

blue velvet sofa
Blue Velvet Sofa

It’s not every day that you see a living room that boasts a blue sofa. Another example of popular sofa colours, blue sofas really do command a room and certainly become an instant focal point. Whether you opt for a light or dark shade of blue, it’s certainly a great choice for any living room.

Choose a navy blue or an indigo blue for a more sophisticated and regal inspired look for your lounge. Alternatively, try a lighter blue, such as teal or baby blue, for a light and airy effect.

You’ll have to accessorise accordingly, depending on what kind of tone you decide on. Dark blues need bold colours, like yellow or orange, to balance them out, whereas light blues look great when paired with more muted, cool tones.

4) White Sofas

Choosing a white sofa for your home can be a risky choice if you have pets or children – as although it is one of the popular sofa colours an accident could happen at any time, ruining the lustre of your gorgeous white fabric. However, it truly is a magnificent choice in terms of styling.

Decorating your home with a white sofa is almost like having a blank canvas in front of you, which is likely why they are such a popular choice. Any colour that springs to mind will work with a white colour palette, so follow your heart and go for it – now is your ideal opportunity to insert your personality into your living space.

5) Green Sofas

Green sofas are an undoubtedly interesting choice for a living room. Naturally, the colour green is connotated with nature and the outdoors, which can create a very calming and serene environment in your home.

Darker shades of green, such as emerald and forest green, offer a sense of warmth and tranquillity that is unmatched by most other colours. Accessorise with pink or purple cushions for an inspiring burst of complementary colours, or stick to warm, earthy tones to stick with a natural colour palette.

6) Black Sofas

Black sofas can be quite tricky to pull off. Their darker aesthetic can end up making a space look dull and gloomy if styled incorrectly, which makes it surprising that black is so high up on the list of most popular sofa colours.

However, if you do have your heart set on a black sofa in your living room, it’s beneficial to style it with lighter and bolder colours to balance out the dark feel. Black leather sofas look particularly good when accessorised with brightly coloured, patterned cushions.

When matched with the right accessories in a room full of natural light, a black sofa can be a truly stunning and alluring addition to a house and a good example of popular sofa colours.

7) Beige Sofas

It almost comes as a surprise that beige sofas don’t appear higher on this list. This tan shade is one of the most popular neutral colours out there and you’d be hard pressed to find a colour scheme it can’t work into.

A beige sofa is a perfect choice for those with small spaces, as it isn’t a very overpowering colour and can actually make a space feel bigger than it is. Regardless of size, style, or material, beige mixes beautifully with an assortment of colours, so you don’t have to worry too much about figuring out a specific colour scheme. With beige the opportunities are endless.

8) Cream Sofas

Ranking at 8th, cream sofas make for an incredibly elegant yet stunningly simple look, that works in almost any sort of living space you can imagine.

Much like beige, the styling and decorating opportunities, when it comes to cream furniture, are practically infinite. However, depending on how you do decide to style it and what accent colours you choose, the vibe of the room can be changed drastically.

For a vibrant, fresh feel, pairing cream with whites and greys makes for a fabulously refreshed space. When accessorised with warm tones, you’ll get a colour contrast that is both inviting and visually striking.

9) Red Sofas

Nothing says bold quite like a red sofa. This warm tone connotes passion and excitement, which is exactly what a red sofa will bring to your lounge.

Red can be difficult to style, as it is such a strong and domineering shade, but it can work if you go about it correctly. Some of the best colours to pair with red include white, green, and blue, as they really bring out the warmness of red.

10) Yellow Sofas

popular sofa colours
Person Sitting On Yellow Sofa

There is something so warm and inciting about different shades of yellow. This bright colour manages to be brilliantly bold while also remaining utterly soothing and serene- the perfect atmosphere for a space where your main priority is to kick back and relax.

There are a ton of colours that work beautifully with yellow. When paired with green, for example, yellow is at its most natural so consider keeping some potted plants around the house! Neutral shades such as white and grey also work perfectly with yellow, as they accentuate its brightness, allowing it to be the focal point of the room.


There you have it, the most popular sofa colours of the year. Some placements on this list may be quite surprising to you, while others might not shock you as much. You may even be considering some colour choices that you hadn’t before!

Colours Go With A Pink Sofa

What Colours Go With A Pink Sofa? – A Basic Guide

What Colours Go With A Pink Sofa? – A Basic Guide

The days of magnolia whites, drab greys, and basic browns are over. You can now find sofas in colours as vivid and varied as fire engine red, midnight purple, and best of all, pink. Despite its associations with babies and Barbies, pink is a highly versatile shade that pairs well with all sorts of other tones, textures, moods, and sensibilities.  

Salmon accents look as natural in a man-cave as rose looks in an office. But no piece of furniture looks better in pink than sofas. From materials like velvet and suede to even rose-tinged leather, open your mind to a room designed around a pink sofa.  The ultimate question to ask before drawing up design schemes around that piece of furniture is what colours it pairs well with.  

In this guide, we provide you with four of the best complementary shades for pillows, blankets, rugs, accent objects so you can find what colours go with a pink sofa.

Rustic And Eclectic: Gold 

what colours go with a pink sofa
A Unique Pink Fabric Sofa

The best thing about pairing pink furniture with gold is that any shade of the former matches perfectly with any shade of the latter.  

You can go as light as a faded dusty rose, to as dark as a hibiscus flower in full bloom. Ditto with gold: for lighter shades of pink, pair with richly hued copper and bronze shades, and for darker shades, lighten up the gold to where it could actually pass for tan.  

These two colours, when vivid, are well suited to eclectic spaces packed with knick-knacks and accents. When more muted, they can fit into a rustic design scheme alongside reds, browns, and tumbleweed tans.  

Cool, Calm, And Collected: Slate Blue 

When we consider pairing pink furniture with blue accents or materials in a design scheme, our options are somewhat more limited than they are with golds. 

While there are far more shades of blue than there are of gold, less of them actually work with pink. Lighter, brighter shades like sky blue and robin’s egg wash rosy hues out and render them mute, where overly dark shades of blue can overpower pink tones. 

Your best bet is a combination of navy and blush. But, you can try slate blue, whose undertones of grey pair brilliantly with matte pinks. Two slim accent pillows in slate blue offset the softness of a rosy sofa to a beautiful effect. Or, bookend the sofa with slate blue vases for a more contemporary look.  

Hearth And Home: Rich Brown 

pink sofa with table
A Pink Sofa With A Woven Effect

For those looking for a rich design that exudes comfort and warmth, pair pink with deep shades of brown. Together, these two colours accentuate each other’s inherent warmth. The former is after all a shade of red, the colour of fire, while brown evokes fresh soil and the colour of all things natural. 

These two together also conjure images of crème filled chocolates, bringing sweetness to the room.  

When considering what colours go with a pink sofa; deep browns are great colours to incorporate into interior design because so many pieces of furniture are made from deep brown wood. You can play with the whole gamut, from lighter honey browns and ambers to darker shades of oak and almost maroon-brown.  

Together with the sofa, deep browns can endow a house with the indelible feeling of a home. 

Vivid Contemporary: Kelly Green 

You might not think of green when considering what colours go with a pink sofa, conjuring images either of Christmas or the colour skin takes when bruised. But in fact, these two are perfectly complimentary on the colour wheel.  

That means it isn’t a matter of taste — psychologically, the brain releases endorphins when certain colours are mixed together. But the hues have to be just right.  

If you’re going to mix pink and green that goes with a pink sofa, the former has to be vibrant, closer to a deep orange than to white or bubblegum. The green too must be of a particular shade. Kelly green, which is a bold shade somewhere between forest and candy apple, is what is required. 

The most visually spectacular way of mixing these two colours together is to spruce up the room with real live plants, wide-fanned palms, potted plants with long-reaching tendrils, or bountiful succulents. 

Understanding Design: Types Of Furniture And Their Materials

pink velvet sofa
A Cosy Pink Velvet Sofa

Other than deciding what colours go with a pink sofa, do not neglect the material it’s made from. 

The design of a room is dependent on the colours in it as much as what all the furniture is made from. If your room is loaded down with wood, leather, and chrome, you’re going to feel quite different sitting in it than in a room filled with cotton, linen, and glass. 

Know the space you’re working with, and decorate around your pink sofa accordingly! 

Bampton Corner Sofa

What Colours Go With a Grey Sofa? A Basic Guide

What Colours Go With a Grey Sofa? A Basic Guide

grey sofa with colourful pillows
A Grey Fabric Sofa With Colourful Pillows

Aside from bold, eye-catching colours for furniture like burgundy, jade, and coral, grey is often overlooked. But it’s not just the midway point between white and black. 

Like all the major colours, grey comes in a wildly diverse range of shades, tints, textures, temperatures, and feels. For this reason, it makes an excellent shade for sofas

Unlike those other flashy, visually arresting colours, a grey sofa is well-suited to complement and contrast. It can be used as a neutral template to lavish a vivid tableau of accent pillows, throws, and table ornaments. But it can just as easily stand as a strong piece of statement furniture at the centre of a room.

The key to designing a visual scheme around a grey sofa is knowing what colours it pairs with. Follow this guide for the four best options:

Warming Effect: Mustard Yellow

Amberly 3 Seater sofa
The Amberley 3 Seater Sofa

For a fresh, young, and stylish design, try pairing the sofa with accent items in millennials’ favourite colour, mustard yellow. This particular shade brings you the attention-grabbing pop of yellow, the loudest colour in the rainbow, but cuts down on the abrasiveness.

Mustard yellows are achieved by mixing yellow with brown, which brings them squarely within muted schemes and earth tone schemes. If the mustard you choose is lighter, complement it with rich, chocolatey brown furniture. If the shade of mustard is darker, lean into the earthiness with a faded bamboo green.

Yellow pairs so well because the two are perfect complements. Yellow brings out the brightness in a grey sofa, while that colour gives a depth and sturdiness back to yellow.

Clean and Calm: White

Grantley 3 Seater
The Cream Grantley 3 Seater

If you are looking to make your breakfast room or bedroom a place of peace and tranquillity, try pairing your grey sofa with white. 

Remember that these shades are on the same spectrum, so they naturally resonate in the eye. When you pair silvery furniture with black, you bring out a latent menace and mystery inherent in its darker tones. But white transforms the colour into an oasis of calm.

White and grey are perfect tones to design a space used for relaxing conversations, afternoon naps, or even therapy sessions. In tandem, they evoke restfulness, conjuring images of crisp white linens and worn cotton hanging on the line.

You can’t go wrong with a white knitted blanket or large white area rug. 

Timeless Elegance: Navy

Radley  corner sofa
The Radley Corner Sofa In Charcoal

For those with class and elegance in mind, fill out space around your grey sofa with navy and other deep blue furniture. 

Deep blues, like whites, have a calming effect, but where whites encourage tranquillity, blue provokes solace and contemplation. Shades like cobalt, royal blue, and above all, navy work best for a sitting or dining room, where more formal affairs take place, and the furniture is more angular than squishy soft.

Like grey, navy blue is often used as a base upon which to build more elaborate designs. Other colours that go well with navy blue are plum, hearty chestnut and leather, and mustard yellow. 

Blue evokes references to the sky and the sea, inspiring meditative thoughts of life. When you pair your grey sofa with navy throw pillows or accent objects atop side furniture, you bring a timeless elegance to the space.

Go For a Bold Color Pop: Pinks and Purples

Amberly 3 Seater
The Amberley 3 Seater Sofa

Up to now, each suggestion has reached for style, elegance, and visual satisfaction. Now for the wild card.

If you really want to take a space from drab to fab, accentuate your grey sofa with rich, vibrant, and vivacious shades of pink and purple. Magenta, in particular, works well with light grey couches, especially if they’re made from velvet and not fabric. 

Utilize the base tone of the couch to anchor the space, providing a backdrop for limitless design experimentation. Shades of pink and purple evoke fruit, tropical flowers, and exotic creatures that mix stateliness with exuberance to an intoxicating degree.

The best way to design with pinks and purples is with flowers, whether fresh or artificial.

Last Word: Pay Attention to Materials

When it comes to the design of a room, furniture materials are everything. Whether your sofa comes in leather, velvet, or some kind of fabric, materials totally determine your design possibilities. 

Think of it like this: colours set the look, and materials set the feel. Guests who see and sit on a leather couch with velvet-covered pillows are going to have a wildly different sensory experience than guests who see and sit on a linen couch with cotton covered pillows.

Determine what you want the space to be used for before you set out picking furniture. Fortunately, grey is one of the most versatile colours in the world, so you can’t go wrong in starting there. 

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