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The 7 Best Christmas Colour Schemes For Your Living Room

The 7 Best Christmas Colour Schemes For Your Living Room

The Best Christmas Colour Schemes – It’s approaching the time of year where we start to abandon the normality of our living rooms and begin putting up all of our Christmas decorations. From the Christmas tree to the twinkling Christmas lights, you’re able to make your entire living space fantastical.

While some people may not consider colour schemes when it comes to a Christmas living room, figuring out a specifically Christmassy colour palette makes your space look stylish and cohesive.

If you want to coordinate your Christmas decor, check out some great options for Christmas colour schemes that you can implement in your living space.

White & Red

Starting off with a classic, red and white. This colour scheme is synonymous with Christmas, mainly because of its ties to Santa Clause. Luckily for us, this jolly pairing looks unbelievably stylish and offers a warm welcome to any guests.

It’s especially easy to pull off a colour scheme involving white, as it acts as a neutral base. A white sofa decorated with red pillows or paired with a classic red accent chair would look simply fabulous. Dot red berries and candles around the room to subtly implement the theme.

Take it a step further and stray from tradition with a white Christmas tree decorated with gorgeous red Christmas ornaments. There’s no doubt that you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time.

White & Green

greeen and white christmas colour scheme

Give your living room the traditional Christmas treatment with this classic colour scheme. Green is typically associated with the holiday season as we decorate pine trees with festive decor.

As usual, use white as your neutral base. White walls against the green of your Christmas tree will really make it pop. White snowflake or star ornaments will look incredible on your tree and really tie the whole colour palette together. Usually, your Christmas wreath will hang on your front door but consider hanging a green wreath above your mantel to further amplify the natural beauty of Christmas.

Consider introducing a green sofa, chair, or footstool to your lounge and adding pops of white around the rest of the room – have white candles on your coffee table or even a white tree skirt around your Christmas tree.

Red & Green

Both red and green are synonymous with Christmas time and they can be bold choices in the living room. Pairing them together to create one colour scheme is a daring decision that can look great when done correctly. Not everything in the room has to be red or green – you can still have neutral walls – but having them as the dominant shades will certainly create an impact.

The main bulk of your living room furniture should be red or green, and they should be spread out evenly (have a green couch and a red armchair, for example). You could also consider swapping out your current rug for one in a shade of red or green and, for your holiday decorating, you could use mainly red ornaments on your tree.

White & Blue

Untitled 1

Do you love Christmas decorating but you’re not a fan of the traditional red and green Christmas colour schemes? Do you have a modern living room that requires a modern colour palette? Then white and blue is likely the perfect option for you.

If you want to feel festive, then this Christmas colour scheme will immediately make your entire room feel like a winter wonderland in no time. The best route is probably to have mainly white furniture with some ice-blue accents, such as bolster pillows and throws.

Pick out an artificial white Christmas tree and use metallic decorations to really solidify the wintry Christmas colour scheme. For extra holiday charm, consider hanging up blue fairy lights wherever you can around your room.

White & Brown

We’ve had a look at some traditional and modern Christmas colour schemes but, if you’re in need of something with a more rustic charm, then you should consider a white and brown colour palette to inject holiday cheer into your home.

Keep your base neutral with a crisp shade of white and incorporate some brown furniture into your home. Leather furniture (such as our Frinton collection) looks especially good this time of year – just imagine curling up in front of an open fire on a brown, leather armchair.

If you’re a fan of non-traditional Christmas decor, then you should consider swapping out your regular Christmas tree for a brown twig tree. They’re simple, modern, don’t take up all of your floor space, and they look amazing, especially when they’re fitted with lights, so they’re bound to be the focal point of your Christmas decorations and a vital part of your Christmas colour scheme.

All White

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? An all-white Christmas colour scheme for your living room is bold but it will look stunning!

White walls along with your white Christmas tree will really make an impact. You don’t have to stick to one shade of white, either! Mix and match various shades of white and off-white to meet your taste and add some interest.

Craft some paper snowflakes and string them along your mantelpiece or window to add just the right amount of traditional Christmas festivity.

Pink & Silver

Untitled 1 2

Go against the grain and have a totally controversial Christmas colour palette. Swap out your white for silver and change your red for pink – it’s a completely modern and simply gorgeous colour scheme that will likely be unique to you.

There are plenty of artificial silver Christmas trees out there to meet your needs and, when decorated with metallic pink ornaments, they look particularly striking. Add pink cushions and other pink accents to your room to emphasise your Christmas colour scheme, and place silver trinkets and pieces of tinsel around the room to maintain the Christmas feel.


There are a number of routes you can go down with your Christmas colour scheme but all that matters is that you love the colour scheme you go for. Hopefully, you and your family have an amazing time putting up all of your decorations and you have a very merry Christmas.

If you’re in need of any living room furniture before Christmas, be sure to check out everything we have on offer at Chill Sofas.

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Style Your Sofa For Christmas In 4 Easy Ways

Style Your Sofa For Christmas In 4 Easy Ways

Style a sofa for Christmas – It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year! Soon, you’ll probably be putting up all of your Christmas decorations in preparation for Santa’s arrival and, while most of the focus will go on putting up your Christmas tree and hanging your Christmas lights, don’t forget about the rest of your interior.

Styling your living room, particularly your sofa, with Christmas decor is an amazing way of making sure that you and your whole family can really get into the Christmas spirit. If you want to give your lounge the traditional Christmas treatment, we have some fantastic ideas that will certainly rejuvenate your home for the Christmas season.

Christmassy Pops Of Colour

We are all aware of the colours that are generally associated with Christmas – red, green, and white. While incorporating these colours into your home it will certainly give your living space that festive feeling, you don’t necessarily have to go crazy with it. Pops of colour provide a certain subtle flare.

When it comes to your sofa for Christmas, If you have a relatively neutral colour palette in your lounge, consider just adding small pops of red or green around your space. Whether it’s through patterned cushions on your couch, candles on your coffee table, or even a new accent chair, they’re bound to make an impact.

Alternatively, assuming that you have already put up and decorated your Christmas tree, it can be a good idea to decorate your sofa for Christmas in accordance with the colours on your tree to try and keep things nice and cohesive.

Go All Out On Your Sofa For Christmas

Untitled 1 3

Christmas is the one time of year where we feel as though we can really go all out with our decor – so do it! Consider your colour scheme and then incorporate the happy spirit of Christmas in any way you can.

For your sofa for Christmas, consider buying Christmas themed accent cushions of Santa or Rudolph to add some joy. Find a Christmas coloured footstool to add some convenience. You may also want to put a throw blanket over the back of your sofa for texture, and it would also make a great blanket during the winter season.

There are several things you can do to spice up the rest of your living room along with your sofa for Christmas. Hang up merry wall art, string fairy lights from your mantel or your window, exchange your current lamp shades for something a little more festive. There are so many options that you probably haven’t even considered!

Mix And Match

Just because the Christmas decorations are going up, it doesn’t mean that the family photos have to come down. Keeping your personal items visible is a great way to maintain a cosy feeling in your home throughout the holidays and match your sofa for Christmas.

Some great, subtle ways to incorporate the Christmas feeling could be placing classic red candles and pine cones on your dining table or your shelves, amongst all of your personal trinkets, adding snowflakes or star-shaped accessories around the room, or placing Christmas pillows and blankets on your sofa or chair around your regular cushions.

Be Bold With Your Colour Scheme

kids on a sofa for christmas

Fancy a dramatic change in your home this Christmas? Why not be bold and go for a more monochromatic, Christmas colour palette?

A white colour palette is an incredible choice if you want something striking. White walls and sofas with blue accent accessories is a great way to get into the wintry feel. Similarly, an extremely bold red or green colour scheme is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas while still keeping an undoubtedly cosy feel.


Now that we can finally start to celebrate Christmas, it can give a real sense of happiness to really make an effort, especially after the global struggles we all faced last year. Decorating your home, particularly your living room, is a great way to get the whole family into the holiday spirit and create memories at the same time. No matter which route you go with your Christmas decor, we are sure it will look fabulous!

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5 Important Benefits Of A Corner Sofa At Home

5 Important Benefits Of A Corner Sofa At Home

Corner Sofa At Home – So, the time has finally come to throw out your old, dilapidated two-seater, you’re contemplating buying a new corner sofa for your home, and you’re not quite convinced about whether or not you should take the leap.

It’s natural to fear the unknown and, if you’re not used to having corner sofas in the home, then it is totally understandable why you might be slightly apprehensive about introducing one into your living space. For starters, they’re big and that can be overwhelming if you’re concerned about floor space.

However, there is a multitude of reasons why a corner sofa is a great idea in the living room. Continue reading to find out the many benefits of corner sofas and how they manage to work in all living spaces.

A Corner Sofa At Home Provides More Seating Space

newport corner sofa at home

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. A corner sofa at home, of course, provide plenty of space for the whole family and even additional seating for any guests who may be coming over to visit.

If you’ve got guests coming over, a corner sofa at home, like our stunning Newport Corner Sofa, can fit around six people, or, on a quiet night, you can comfortably seat three people, with each person having plenty of personal space.

Alternatively, you may not require all those extra seats in your house and think a corner sofa is excessive, which is a valid point. However, if you’re the type of person that likes to kick your feet up or nap in the lounge, a corner sofa would still be a smart investment for you.

Saves Up On Space

This may sound counterintuitive but most corner sofas actually preserve your floor space. While you may think that l-shaped and u-shaped sofas appear bulky and overbearing at first, they’re actually an incredibly efficient use of your space, a corner sofa at home is good especially if you’re working with a small room.

For those of you with smaller living rooms, as you can imagine, having two separate sofas would take up a lot of room. A corner sofa at home will fit neatly into your room layout, without leaving any annoying gaps around your room.

Encourages Socialising

With more seating space than an ordinary sofa, having a corner sofa at home it only makes sense that corner sofas would naturally encourage more socialising.

The angled nature of a u-shaped or l-shaped sofa allows a lot more space for you and your guests to face each other and socialise, unlike a regular sofa where you are crammed together and looking in the same direction. Similarly, there’s no fighting over who gets to sit on the sofa and who has to sit on the typically less comfortable extra seating. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

If you have a specific arrangement you’d like for your corner sofa at home, to suit your room’s layout, then consider modular sofas, as they are essentially different sofa parts that are interchangeable and can be arranged to your specific wants and needs.

Superbly Stylish

Sherborne corner Sofa right Silver

A corner sofa at home is bound to be a focal point of the room if it’s a corner. Due to their sizeable nature, they’re the instant focal point of your room design and ultimately stand out from the rest of your furniture.

One great aspect of corner sofas is the large range of distinctive styles they can come in. As well as l-shaped and u-shaped corner sofas, you can find corner chaise sofas, like the Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa from our Hadley Collection (the chaise end allows you to stretch out your legs, no matter your height) as well as corner sofas with armrests on each end for a more formal look.

They also come in a great variety of materials. Regardless of whether leather, fabric, or velvet is your preferred style, you’re definitely going to find a corner sofa that caters to you. A corner sofa looks particularly elegant in crushed velvet; a shining example of this is the Sherborne Corner Sofa from our incredible Sherborne Collection, which looks simply sophisticated.

There are no limits when it comes to colour choice for corner sofas either so whether you love neutral colours like grey, beige, and cream, or you’re a sucker for bold tones like teal, indigo, and emerald, there will be a corner sofa to suit your palette.

Extreme Comfort

Honestly, it’s unlikely that you will get the same warm homeliness and inviting comfort from any other sofa as you will from a quality corner sofa. Their size alone allows you to stretch out and relax in any direction you desire. They are designed for lounging after all!

Arguably, the best thing about corner sofas is that they can double up as a sofa bed when you need them to. You’ll find that some specifically made sofa beds can be quite uncomfy but you won’t have to worry about that with your own sofa.

If you know that your lounge is going to be used as a spare bedroom here and there, a corner sofa with a chaise end is the sensible choice to avoid any discomfort.


Overall, there are very few downsides to implementing a corner sofa into your home. If you’re thinking about making the purchase, check out some of our best corner sofas to make sure that you’re getting the best furniture for your money.

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3 Easy Ways A Black Sofa Can Be Used To Decorate

There’s a reason why black sofas are so popular. That’s because it looks stunning when paired with any shade that springs to mind. That’s why black sofas look particularly stunning, especially in a modern living room.

Obviously, a black couch is a bold choice for your living space but, with the right attention to detail, it can be pulled off and give your lounge an incredible, contemporary style. If you’re in need of recommendations, check out our top 5 black sofas.

If you’re sold on the idea of a black sofa, but you’re stumped when it comes to styling around your new sofa, then here are some easy and effective living room ideas that will help when it comes to decorating your black settee.

decorate with a black sofa

High Contrast Wall Colour

Black sofas should stand out and, if they’re in a dark room, they’re not going to steal the spotlight the way they’re supposed to. A black sofa looks best in a living room that has walls in a light shade, for example, light grey, cream, beige, or white walls (these colours would also work well for any other furniture that is paired with a black sofa).

A family room that has light-toned walls, and is rich with natural light, is the perfect place for a black or dark-toned sofa, as they are allowed to stand out. Side note: don’t keep black leather in direct sunlight as the colour will fade.

A Black Sofa Adds Subtle Pops Of Colour

While a high contrast wall colour helps a black sofa to shine, you don’t want your whole living room to consist of only two shades. You’re going to want to make sure that you’re incorporating more colour around the room to keep things interesting. From flowers to wall art to throw pillows, the subtle colours of these accent pieces will definitely make a difference.

Choosing a colour palette for your home decor is beneficial and there are a couple of different styles you could opt for. If you’re looking for a more homely, inviting atmosphere, using warm tones, such as brown, red and yellow, is the perfect way to create that vibe. Whereas, if you fancy something more suave and stylish, cool tones, such as forest green and ocean blue, will really make your black sofa a focal point.

Using Fabrics To Your Advantage

Untitled 2 1

Fabrics are an essential part of living room decor. Pillows, throws, curtains, and rugs – there’s no such thing as a stylish lounge without these necessary styling items.

Picking accent pillows to complement your sofa and your pre-existing colour palette is a must. However, they don’t have to be block colours as patterns work just as well and add an extra layer or interest to your interior design – black and white pillows with geometric patterns always work seamlessly! Make sure your accent pillows are small and breezy so you don’t overwhelm the style of your sofa or your living room.

Throws are a great way to style your lounge and add texture at the same time. Most people with black sofas, tend to have a black leather sofa and, therefore, adding texture with a fabric or fluffy throw, slung over the back or arm of your couch, is superbly stylish. They also double as a blanket if you get cold or if you fancy a nap.

Pairing your black sofa with a rug is an excellent choice. Your rug can be velvet, faux fur, or fabric, it will still look great, and can really tie the whole room together. Just make sure you find a rug in a shade that complements the colour scheme of your living space.


Incorporating a black sofa into your home doesn’t have to be such a scary sounding process. Ultimately, if you take the time to plan out the finer details, you’ll be left with an insanely stylish living room, that you and your family can’t wait to hang out in time and time again.

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The 5 Best Black Sofas From Our Collections

The 5 Best Black Sofas From Our Collections

Stylish sofas come in no shortage of beautiful colors but it’s no secret that black goes with everything. Living rooms can benefit from a black because they make a living space far easier to decorate, due to the endless interior design choices.

Not to mention, black sofas have a sleek, modernity to them that is simply unmatched by other shades, giving any home a suave contemporary feel.

Black sofas, furniture in the home are a bold choice that can be pulled off with proper attention to detail. If you’re ready to take the leap, take a look at some of the best black sofas we have to offer here at Chill Sofas.

Black Sofas – Flitwick 3-Seater

black sofa

There’s no doubt that the Flitwick three-seater will be a focal point in your living room. This fabric sofa has an incredibly inviting style, that includes traditional scroll-arms wrapped in gorgeous faux leather.

Once you allow yourself to sink into the soft, fabric seat cushions and relax accent the grey-accented, scatter back pillows, you’ll feel like you’re in comfort heaven. The Flitwick is also available in a light brown shade but looks simply stunning in black.

If you love matching furniture in the home, then the Flitwick collection also has a corner sofa and a swivel chair that are sure to look fabulous in your lounge.

Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa

Grantley Corner Sofa chocolate

The Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa in black is the epitome of comfort. Upholstered in gentle, jumbo cord fabric, you’re sure to spend most of your time relaxing on this compact, stylish corner sofa. The Grantley is available in charcoal, coffee, chocolate, and cream, but it looks its best in fashionable black.

The chaise end allows for maximum comfort. Nothing beats kicking your feet up and relaxing in front of the TV after a long day. The scatter back cushions will give your head all the support it needs but you may find yourself nodding off after a while.

Wanting a furniture set? The Grantley collection includes a three-seater, two-seater, swivel chair, and footstool, as well as the corner chaise sofa.

Sherborne Corner Sofa

If you’re a fan of crushed velvet, then the Sherborne Corner Sofa could be the perfect fit for your home. With plenty of seats available, corner sofas are the perfect choice for the whole family, particularly one that looks this beautiful.

The Sherborne has an exquisite, traditional style, that boasts all the elegance of crushed velvet sofas. With a gorgeous scroll-arm and scatter back design, the Sherborne looks simply sophisticated. The crushed velvet upholstery makes this sofa superbly sofa and a great place to rest your legs.

The Sherborne is available in mink and silver, as well as black, and can come in either a left-hand or right-hand orientation, to fit the requirements of your living room. The Sherborne collection offers a two-seater, three-seater, and swivel chair for those who want matching furnishings.

Frinton 3-Seater Sofa

Leather sofas truly are a thing of beauty and the Frinton three-seater is no different. This black, leather sofa has a unique sense of style that always keeps it up to date with the latest sofa trends.

Featuring traditional scroll-arms, a deep-buttoning detail, intricate studding, and a compact design, no detail is left unfinished on this beautiful leather sofa. Complete with two stunning accent pillows, you’ll be sinking into this couch in no time.

The Frinton collection also includes an amazing corner sofa and a lovely armchair that would look incredible in any classic-style living room, and all of the furniture is available in brown, as well as black.

Newport Large Corner Sofa

Newport Corner Sofa left black

The Newport Large Corner Sofa will seat the whole family and then some. The perfect sofa for a busy family home, the Newport is the ideal candidate for movie and game nights, as well as just for wanting to kick back and chill out.

This black sofa is upholstered in super-soft jumbo cord fabric and sports deep-set foam and fibre cushions that are an absolute dream to sit on – you can even take a well-deserved nap on it if you wanted to!

The Newport is available in charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream, but it looks fabulous in black and is so easy to style too!


If you’re all about bold, intense style, then black is the ideal colour choice for your new sofa. We have all of these incredible sofas and more available in black on our website.

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4 Great Reasons To Get A Deep Seated Sofa For Your Living Room

4 Great Reasons To Get A Deep Seated Sofa For Your Living Room

A Deep Seated Sofa – Considering that your sofa is the one piece of furniture you’re going to spend most of your time using (except for your bed, of course), it’s important that you pick a sofa that’s right for you. Typically, the main factor for choosing a sofa is comfort, which can often be attributed to the sofa seat depth.

If you’re a fan of sinking into your couch, you’re going to want a greater deeper seat depth. The average sofa’s seat depth is 21-24 inches so you should be looking for an extra deep sofa at around that size or even deeper.

Maximum Comfort

sherborne deep seated sofa

A comfortable deep seated sofa is exactly what a living space needs, particularly if you’ll be using it often. Of course, there are a few different sofas with a range of seat depths that can be nice to sit on.

However, if you’re looking for maximum comfort, then a deep seated sofa is a great choice, as opposed to a sofa with a normal seat height and a shorter seat depth that encourages you to sit upright.

There is no right seat depth but over 24 inches classifies as a deep seat and there’s no doubt that deep-seated sofas have ultra cosy seat cushions too.

Endless Style Options

There are no limits to the shapes and sizes that deep seated sofas comes in. As long as it has the right sofa seat depth, the rest of the sofa can be anything you want it to be. A super deep sofa can be upholstered in fabric or velvet and can be found in lots of different sizes.

Whether you prefer traditional styles or modern styles, there are plenty of options out there for deep-seat sofas to cater to your specific set of requirements.

Great To Decorate

What you might not have considered about having a deep seated sofa, is that you have even more room to decorate. Think about how many cushions you can put on your sofa! Alternatively, you have room for some bigger throw pillows to play around with. You’ll also have room for some nice throws to curl up in on a cold day.

Deep seated sofa! Make sure you accessorise based on the colour of your sofa. Play around with complementary or contrasting colours. You can also create some interest by layering different textures – such as a fabric throw on a leather sofa.

Our Favourite Deep-Seat Sofas

We have some fabulously fashionable and insanely comfortable deep-seat sofas at Chill Sofas. Let’s have a look at some of our favourites that are sure to bring life to your lounge.

Amberley 2-Seater Sofa

This gorgeous deep seated sofa boasts a stunning Chesterfield design. Low seats are commonplace for Chesterfield sofas and the Amberley is no different.

With two seat cushions upholstered in stunningly soft velvet, you can be sure you are getting paramount cosiness with the Amberley two-seater. Available in teal and grey, style is no issue for this gorgeous piece of furniture.

Sherborne 3-Seater Sofa

Sherborne 3 Seater Sofa Silver

The Sherborne three-seater is a beautiful, deep sofa with lovely scatter cushions that are designed for optimal comfort. It is a modern sofa but it has a classic style to it.

This deep seated sofa is upholstered in incredible crushed velvet, that is soft to the touch, and brings an unmatched air of elegance and sophistication to a living space. Available in black, mink, and silver, the Sherborne will look excellent in rooms of any colour palette.

Knowle 2-Seater Sofa

Knowle 2 Seater

If simplicity and minimalism is your kind of thing, then the Knowle two-seater deep seated sofa could be the ideal deep-seated sofa for your living space. Boasting clean, straight lines, this sofa can fit neatly into almost any space.

Upholstered in soft fabric, that is available in grey, charcoal, and duck egg, the Knowle can really transform a room with simple sophistication, and is the perfect resting spot for evenings spent in front of the TV.

Orla 3-Seater Sofa

Orla 3 Seater Sofa lifestyle

No settee puts your comfort first quite like the Orla three-seater deep seated sofa. This exceptionally comfy, deep-seat couch features extra cushioned back cushions and seat cushions that truly prioritise your relaxation.

Flaunting an attractive mix of straight lines and gentle curves, the Orla deep seated sofa, upholstered in chunky, wove fabric is as snug as it is stylish. The Orla is available in a handful of shades that are all fabulously fashionable: duck egg, navy, silver, and stone.

Romiley Corner Chaise Sofa

Romiley corner lifestyle

The Romiley deep seated sofa is an outstanding, deep corner sofa that is as stylish as it is comfortable. The deep seated sofa dimensions are relatively compact and it’s available as either left-hand or right-hand facing, therefore it can adapt to a number of living situations.

Available in the neutral shade mist and accompanied by attractive, matching bolster cushions, the Romiley corner sofa is the perfect choice to spend your evenings chilled out and relaxing on.

Our Favourite Deep-Seat Chairs

Deep-seats aren’t just for couches. At Chill Sofas, we also offer equally chill chairs, that are perfect for relaxing on while you watch TV or read a good book. Here are some of our top picks for deep-seated living room chairs.

Luna Velvet Tub Chair

The Luna is an exceptionally unique accent chair that adds a fashionable flair to any room of the house. The individual shape of this chair is almost shell-shaped and the curvature of the frame feels like a soft embrace.

The deep-seat and velvet upholstery make this the ideal accent chair for chilling out in and, as it is available in blush pink, grey, and ink, it can blend seamlessly into any colour palette. Pair this stunning chair with a footstool for full relaxation impact.

Frinton Chair

If you’re a fan of deep-seated furniture, then you’re sure to love the Frinton Chair. This stunning faux leather armchair has a rustic charm and traditional style, including scroll arms, turned wooden legs, intricate studding, and a deep buttoning detail.

Pair this fabulous armchair with a footstool and a small coffee table to transform it into the ideal reading spot. The Frinton Chair in either black or brown would perfectly accompany any of the sofas from our faux leather Frinton Collection.

Grantley Swivel Chair

The Grantley is an incredibly comfortable swivel chair from our popular Grantley Collection. This convenient, deep-seated living room chair is upholstered in super-soft jumbo cord fabric, making it the perfect spot to curl up and relax in the evenings.

Complete with two matching bolster pillows, this superb swivel chair is likely to become your new favourite place to nap. This deep-seat swivel chair, and the entire Grantley Collection, is available in black, charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream, so you can guarantee you’ll find a shade to match your living room.

Putney Armchair

Another astounding, deep-seated living room chair from our collections is the Putney Armchair. This gorgeous chair from our Putney Collection provides a modern aesthetic, with squared arms and tapered wooden legs. The buttoning details add an extra layer of style to this deep-seat armchair.

This gorgeous, fabric armchair is sure to be a hit in your living room. It’s the perfect seat for those who like to have some space to themselves in their downtime. Available to purchase in neutral beige and grey, the Putney is guaranteed to look great in any living space, regardless of pre-existing colour schemes or decor.

Oakley Swivel Chair

Elegance, convenience and comfort are perfectly combined together with the Oakley Swivel Chair. This stunning, deep-seated swivel chair is bound to be a talking point in any home due to its unique style and unmatched comfortability.

Upholstered in sumptuously soft velvet fabric, the Oakley is superbly snug and is destined to be the most sought after seat in your home. Complete with two exquisite, patterned accent pillows, it is clear that the Oakley Swivel Chair equally prioritises style and cosiness. This velour living room chair is available to buy in two chic shades: stone and pewter.


Deep-seated sofas are definitely the right choice for those of us who prioritise comfort above all else when it comes to furnishing our homes. Luckily, there are plenty of deep-seat sofas out there in a huge range of styles to suit all of our individual needs.

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Sofa?

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Sofa?

When buying its only natural to consider the life expectancy of a sofa new sofa, we find that the excitement of a brand new piece of furniture can almost overwhelm us, as we start furnishing and decorating our living space. What we often forget to consider, so we don’t hinder our optimism, is the average lifespan of a sofa.

Regardless of whether you have an old sofa or a new couch, it can be beneficial to know how long sofas typically last, so you can look for the warning signs that lead up to needing a replacement.

Sofa Life Expectancy

life expectancy of a sofa

Unfortunately, for the life expectancy of a sofa, your beloved sofa won’t come with a specific expiration date that informs you of when you are due an upgrade. However, the average life expectancy of a sofa of around 7-15 years, if it’s good quality and has a structurally sound sofa frame when you purchase it.

When it comes to cheaper sofas from charity shops or other secondhand sellers, it makes sense that they already have general wear and tear and won’t be in their prime condition. Therefore, when it comes to the life expectancy of a sofa like this, it is likely that it wouldn’t last as long as a brand new sofa would.

When To Replace Your Sofa

As with most furniture, there are some tell-tale signs that it is time to replace your sofa. Some of them are quite subtle, while others are a lot more obvious.

Sofas that start to creak when you sit down are in definite need of replacement. Creaking sofa frames often indicate that the structure is worn and starting to break down, so you’ll want to look for a new couch as soon as possible.

Similarly, if your sofa was once comfortable but has recently lost its cosy factor and is starting to sag, you’re probably due a replacement.

On the other hand, if your finances have recently improved and you fancy some more up-to-date furniture in your living room, don’t hesitate to get your old, cheap quality furniture replaced.

Saving Your Sofa

Don’t have the money to replace your sofa right now? Are you really attached to your sofa – perhaps it was handed down to you by your grandmother? Here are some expert tips on saving your old sofa or ensuring minimal damage is done to your new sofa so the life expectancy of a sofa won’t affect you as much.

Fading Fabric

If your sofa is placed by your living room window and has been sitting in direct sunlight for years, it is likely that the colour has faded. Velvet, fabric, and leather sofas are sadly all prone to the danger of natural sunlight so, for future reference, keep your upholstery away from sunlight.

Worn Fabric

man on old sofa

Has your fabric sofa become worn, with the material fraying in places it shouldn’t? Seek out a professional reupholsterer and they can replace your sofa’s fabric with more durable material and increase the life expectancy of a sofa

Uncomfy Sofa Cushions

Have your sofa cushions lost their soft snugness, leaving your sofa feeling unrelaxing and looking tired? You needn’t worry because you can bring new life to your sofa cushions.

In general, you should plump up your pillows once a week so that they maintain their softness and reduce their chance of flattening. If you find that your cushions are lumpy, or plumping them up just isn’t working for you now, send them off to a reupholsterer so they can refill them.

Struggling With Stains

Spot cleaning your fabric should be your go-to first step when it comes to removing stains from your sofa. However, if that doesn’t work, and you’re sure that the stains are too unbearable to deal with, then it’s for the best to get your couch reupholstered.


Sofas, like all things, aren’t meant to last forever. However, with these tips as well as some time, care, and effort, you can be certain that your prized sofa will stick around for generations to come.

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10 Types Of Sofas – An Easy Guide

10 Types Of Sofas – An Easy Guide

Types of sofas – As you are probably aware, sofas come in a huge assortment of styles and sizes, which can make it almost overwhelming when it comes to choosing a new sofa for your home – the choices are practically endless.

Whether you’re in need of a helping hand so you can pinpoint the perfect sofa, or you’re just really curious about the many individual varieties of couches, this guide will give you the rundown. of the various types of sofas.

Settle down and sit comfortably as we walk through the many sofa styles you can expect to find on the market.

The Different Types of Sofas:

  • Corner Sofas
  • Lawson Sofas
  • L-Shaped Sofas (Type of Corner)
  • U-Shaped Sofas (Type of Corner)
  • Chesterfield Sofas
  • Sectional Sofas
  • Modular Sofas
  • Recliner Sofas
  • Bridgewater Sofas
  • Tuxedo Sofas
  • Camelback Sofas
  • Futon Sofas

Lawson-Style Of Sofa

Originating in the early 20th century, types of sofas like this was designed with comfort in mind, while not swaying away from stylishness either. These simple sofas have been timeless since their creation and are instantly recognisable due to their popularity.

With their focus being on comfort, they feature seat cushions and back cushions that are separate from the frame of the sofa. The more cushioned aspect of lawson-types of sofas makes them an ideal choice for those who tend to relax in their lounge and want something soft to come home to.

The great thing about lawson-types of sofas is their versatility. Whether you want a sofa that is fabric or velvet, two-seater or three-seater, and no matter what colour you desire, you’re sure to find it in this style.

Corner Sofas

Bampton Corner Sofa
The Bampton L-Shaped Corner Sofa

Corner sofas tend to be popular types of sofas for households that require seating for a lot of family members or guests. They’re also great for people who want to utilise their space to the best of their ability.

Corner sofas are long sofas, which are typically curved or bent to allow them to fit into the corners of a room. You can find corner sofas in a range of materials and colours.

They are hugely popular types of sofas and come in a variety of shapes and styles. A corner sofa will often be l-shaped or u-shaped and can either have armrests on both ends of the sofa or an open chaise end on one or both sides.

L-Shaped (Types Of Corner Sofa)

L-shaped corner sofas are designed at a 90-degree angle so they can neatly fit into the corner of your living space. The l-shape is a very popular design and looks great with one chaise end, perfect if you like to kick up your feet in front of the TV. Oftentimes, they will be available as either left-hand or right-hand facing so you can ensure the needs of your lounge are met.

U-Shaped (Type of Corner Sofa)

U-shaped types of sofas corner sofas aren’t typically as popular as their l-shaped types of sofas because they take up more precious floor space and aren’t necessarily practical for every living room. However, they definitely have their benefits.

They look stylish and can seat a lot of people. If you have open chaise ends on a u-sofa, it can even double as a sofa bed.

Chesterfield Sofas

amberley 3 seater sofa
Amberley Sofa

Chesterfield types of sofas is a very attractive, timeless, traditional style sofa that is said to have originated in the 18th century. They feature a deep-buttoned design, that looks almost quilted, which has remained an iconic look over the centuries.

The Chesterfield continues to be a staple for the design of many leather sofas, however, it is becoming common in other materials too. Our Amberley collection, for example, is a stunning, velvet 3+2 seater set in this beautiful, traditional style.

Recliner Sofas

If you’re a sucker for chilling out, other furniture won’t stand a chance in comparison to a recliner sofa. These types of sofas are incredible for those who love having their feet up when watching television or reading a book. While not the best choice for formal lounges, these modern sofas are a treat for a family room.

Recliner types of sofas are available in a range of materials (most commonly leather and fabric), colours, and can be bought as either electrical or manual recliners.

Tuxedo Sofas

A tuxedo sofa is a classy, low-seated sofa that dates back to the 1920s. The main stylistic feature of a tuxedo sofa is that it has a low back and armrests that are level with one another, creating a rectangular shape. Tuxedo sofas aren’t the most comfortable seating option but they are great from a decorative perspective.

Bridgewater Sofas

Bridgewater sofas are a style of traditional sofas that we don’t find as commonly in living rooms anymore. They boast a simple design that is aimed at comfort. Featuring high backs, low arms and an extremely soft sofa seat, they are perfect for those who want a nice place to sit. However, this sofa design probably isn’t going to be a stylistic focal point in your lounge, so isn’t the ideal choice for those focusing on style over comfort.

Camelback Sofas

The camelback sofa is a design stemming from the 1700s, its main design feature being the curved back frame, which peaks in the centre. While not a hugely popular design nowadays, there are some more contemporary variations of the camelback which look incredibly stylish.

Sectional Sofas

A sectional sofa (also known as modular sofas) is a multi-piece sofa, that is commonly found in either three or five parts. The appeal of a sectional sofa is its ability to adapt, as it can be positioned into a number of different configurations – the more pieces you have, the more options.

Sectional sofas are skyrocketing in popularity, perhaps due to the benefit of not having to try and fit a huge sofa through your front door, instead, you only have to bring in small portions at a time. Their increase in popularity means they are available to buy in a multitude of designs and materials.

Anywhere you buy a sectional sofa from, fixtures should be included to ensure that your sofa doesn’t come out of place.

Sofa Beds

What’s not to love about sofa beds? These multipurpose pieces of furniture are great for those who may need a spare bed at a moment’s notice. A sofa bed is a great way of maximising your living room space, and it can be really fun to transform your sofa into a bed for movie nights.

Sleeper sofas come in quite a few different designs that suit a variety of needs.

Pull-Out Sofa Bed

Typically the most popular style of sleeper sofa, the pull-out design is a quick and efficient way of creating a sleeping space in your living room. The back of the sofa remains upright and the mattress or bed frame is stored inside the sofa, usually under the seat cushions.


A futon differs from a pull-out sofa bed as its whole frame creates the sleeping space. Generally, the back of the sofa will release to create a flat, cushioned surface that you can comfortably sleep on – just make sure you’ve got plenty of spare cushions and blankets handy!


Daybeds are multifunctional furniture items that are great when making the most out of a small space. They typically boast a wooden frame and a twin-size mattress, meaning you can use them as a sofa and as a bed. Their restrictive frame isn’t great for those with long legs.


Types of sofas are available in a variation of materials but some sofa styles are more common in a certain material than others. If you’re buying a new sofa, it’s important to consider whether the material you’re leaning towards is kid-friendly or pet-friendly.

Let’s have a look at some common sofa materials.

Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas are an extremely popular choice material wise. They are soft, comfortable, and available in almost any colour and style you can think of. You may be worried about upkeep with sofa fabric, but there are some easy ways to clean fabric sofas. Overall, they’re an incredible choice for practically any home.

Leather Sofas

types of sofa
Frinton 2 Seater Leather Sofa

Having a leather or faux leather sofa can truly make for remarkable seating space in your home. Leather furniture just radiates sophistication and style. Not to mention, it’s relatively easy to clean, too! You’ll often find leather upholstery on a traditional sofa, such as a Chesterfield.

Velvet Sofas

Velvet sofas emanate elegance and are the perfect combination of style and comfort. If you like velvet, take it up a notch and find an incredible crushed velvet sofa. Both velvet styles are sumptuously soft and make for a great place to sit, not to mention guests are sure to go crazy for your gorgeous velvet furniture.


Your choices are essentially infinite when it comes to choosing a sofa for your home. With so many styles out there, in a range of materials, sizes, and colours, it can feel impossible to land on one choice for your home. Choosing a sofa that is practical and meets your needs is important, just make sure that it feels right for you and your family.

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6 Easy Ways To Style An Accent Chair

6 Easy Ways To Style An Accent Chair

Style An Accent Chair – While, typically, your sofa is the focal point of your living room, going a step further and incorporating an accent chair in your home shows that you are committed to having a superbly stylish interior.

While accent chairs look great as standalone pieces of furniture, there are a few things you can do to style them, that ensure you’ll truly make the most out of them. Continue reading for further inspiration on how to use your accent chairs to create interest and add depth to your living space. Here you will learn exactly how to style an accent chair.

What Is An Accent Chair?

Simply put, an accent chair is a decorative piece of furniture that will bring personality into your home. Of course, you want your new accent chair to be undeniably comfortable but accent chairs tend to cater more towards the stylistic side, pulling every aspect of your interior design together while also remaining a separate focal point.

Trying to style an accent chair is easy as accent chairs are also incredibly versatile. Like armchairs and swivel chairs, most people use accent chairs as occasional chairs or for extra seating in the lounge. However, you can use them as office chairs or even as dining table chairs, in fact, they work in just about any room of the house. The possibilities are nearly limitless!

Types Of Accent Chairs

Before you deep dive into deciding how you are going to style your chair, it’s beneficial to look over all of the various types, so you can be certain that you have found the perfect accent chair for you.


Frinton armchair brown
The Frinton Chair

A classic example of living room furnishings, armchairs tend to prioritise comfort over style, offering deep-seated cushions and convenient armrests so you can get comfy.

However, that’s not to say armchairs can’t be stylish, look at our classic Frinton chair, for example, it’s a wonderfully comfortable chair that certainly isn’t lacking in the style department.

Although most people associate grand, vintage armchairs with leather upholstery, they can be found in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes, meaning they can cater to a range of living spaces, regardless of your colour scheme or decor.

Swivel Chairs

Offering you a seating experience like no other, swivel chairs are exceptionally comfy, convenient, and chic. These rounded, moving chairs provide a great place to curl up comfortably in your lounge.

Typically upholstered in soft fabric or velvet, and available in a large assortment of colours, swivel chairs are equal parts snug and stylish.

Club Chairs

Much like armchairs, club chairs focus on comfortability. With high backs and armrests, paired with deep seat cushions and soft upholstery, a club chair is especially perfect when positioned in front of a fireplace, making for an incredibly relaxing piece of additional seating.

Tub Chairs

Luna Velvet Tub Chair lifestyle
The Luna Velvet Tub Chair

Tub chairs, also known as barrel chairs, are an amazing variation of armchairs, that are noticeable for their rounded backs. They are the ideal blend of cosiness and stylishness. Take our Luna Velvet Tub Chair as an example, it looks fantastic in any setting and is insanely comfy too!

Lounge Chairs

Designed with your relaxation in mind, a lounge chair aims to keep you as calm and comfortable as possible. Typically, they have a laid-back, long frame, equipped with somewhere to put your feet for maximum tranquillity.

Side Chairs

Side chairs are distinguishable by their noticeable lack of arms. They are very commonly used as dining chairs or dressing table chairs. They make for perfect occasional chairs if you don’t need the extra seating very often, as they take up little room and can be stored away easily.

Style An Accent Chair

So, you want to use your accent chair as a way of injecting character into your home but you aren’t entirely sure where to start? That’s okay. There are a lot of options for you to consider before solidifying your choice. Let’s have a look at some ideas you may want to use for inspiration.


To style, an accent chair, symmetry is a classic and composed look for a living space. It keeps things neat and orderly, which could be exactly what you desire in your lounge. To style an accent chair, place a large sofa on one side of your seating area and two identical accent chairs on the other, separated by a stylish coffee table.

Burst Of Colour

To style an accent chair, if you have a living room with a neutral colour palette, a bold coloured accent chair could be exactly what you need to bring life into your space. As long as your choice of colour isn’t too out of place in your room’s pre-existing colour scheme, using an accent chair to add colour and warmth to your home is a fabulous idea.

Mixing And Matching

To style an accent chair, if you require multiple chairs for your home, don’t feel pressured to buy the same chair in the same colour repeatedly. The cool thing about chairs is that they are often available in multiple colours. Add interest and depth to your home by purchasing the same accent chair in two different shades that complement each other.

Creating A Nook

Sure, you could keep your accent chair positioned with the rest of your living room furnishings. However, you can use accent chairs to your advantage and create an entirely different space within the same room. To style an accent chair, place your chair next to your window or in one of the corners of your room and pair it with a floor lamp to construct a tremendously cosy reading nook.

Play With Textures

Accent chairs are available in a wide range of materials so you don’t have to limit yourself to matching the material of your accent chair to the material of your sofa, to style an accent chair. An accent chair upholstered in velvet can look fabulous when paired with a fabric sofa, as it provides an additional layer of depth and dimension to your room.

Minimal Accessories

style an accent chair

When thinking about how to style an accent chair remember accent chairs are designed to be decorative, therefore don’t require much additional style. They also tend to be quite modest in size, so you don’t want to go overboard with accessories and leave your gorgeous chair feeling overwhelmed. Keep it simple with a small bolster pillow placed on the seat or have a neatly folded throw draped over the back of the chair.


An accent chair is a great addition to the home for a multitude of reasons, they provide convenience, as well as an enormous amount of comfort and style. Once you’ve implemented your dream accent chair into your home and know how to style an accent chair, you’ll be wondering how you went without one for so long.

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The Best 5 Neutral Colour Sofas From Our Collections

The Best 5 Neutral Colour Sofas From Our Collections

Fancy neutral colour sofas for a neutral colour living room but you’re afraid your lounge may look bland? Fear not! Contrary to popular belief, a grey sofa isn’t the only choice if you want a neutral colour scheme.

If you want to open up endless stylistic and decorative options for your home, then a neutral living room – specifically a sofa in a neutral shade – is definitely the right option for you. Adhering to a neutral palette takes away the hassle of having to stick to a rigid colour scheme that caters to your bold-coloured sofa.

Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect family sofa or you want a couch that serves as a blank canvas and you are in need of some neutral living room ideas, we’ve got some great choices on offer.

Neutral shades are often some of the most popular sofa colours and we have plenty of shades we are sure you’ll love. Read on for the top five neutral-toned sofas from our collections.

1) Orla 2-Seater Neutral Colour Sofa In Stone

Orla 2 Seater Sofa lifestyle

Above all else, the Orla 2-Seater is comfy. With back and seat cushions that are upholstered in a marvellous, chunky fabric, the Orla is bound to be a dream come true for you if you adore soft furnishings, especially if you’re coming home to it after a long, hard day of work.

This fabric sofa offers delicate curves that create a particularly inviting space in your lounge. Combined with its compact size, this two-seater is a fabulous addition to any living space.

The Orla looks especially spectacular in stone, which is a fair shade of grey, that boasts subtle beige and khaki undertones. The cosy nature of the Orla two-seater, mixed with the dusty, saturated tone of stone, really does add warmth to a living room.

Accessorise with warm tones, like red or yellow, to really make the warm undertones of this beautiful, neutral tone stand out.

2) Knowle 3-Seater In Duck Egg

Knowle 3 Seater

If a contemporary living room is what you desire, the Knowle 3-Seater will fit right in. This symmetrical three-seater boasts an abundance of clean lines, as well as tonnes of comfort and style.

This slick neutral colour sofa offers plenty of seating space without leaving your living room feeling overwhelmed. The simple design of the Knowle is truly what makes it so great. It isn’t too showy or complex, it’s comfortable and can blend perfectly with any type of decor.

The Knowle three-seater neutral colour sofa in dazzling duck egg really is outstanding. An elegant mixture of blue, green, and grey, duck egg is one of those remarkable cool neutrals that radiate style with little effort. Duck egg look best when paired with other cool or neutral shades to further amplify the soothing, peaceful aura that it brings to a living space.

3) Oakley Corner Sofa In Pewter

Oakley corner chaise lifestyle

Need the perfect corner sofa to seat the whole family? Look no further than the Oakley Corner Sofa, a soft and striking fabric sofa that offers endless amounts of comfort. Corner sofas have never looked so stylish!

You’ll notice the foam-filled seat cushions and incredible scatter back design – that features stunning accent pillows with a modern, geometric pattern. The Oakley is a great fit for contemporary living rooms that play host to large families. There will be many movie nights spent curled up on this snug sofa.

Choosing the Oakley in shade pewter will undoubtedly add an air of sophistication as well as an aura of tranquillity. This versatile tone is highly adaptable to a range of environments and colour schemes. Accent pewter with silvers and golds to add a touch of regality to your home, or pair with cool, earthy tones to give your living room that calming atmosphere we all desire.

4) Clarke 3-Seater In Natural

Clarke 3 Seater

The Clarke 3-Seater neutral colour sofa is an astonishing piece of furniture, combining elements of both traditional and contemporary furnishings, it certainly becomes the focal point of any room it’s placed inside.

The high back design of this neutral colour sofa offers an immense amount of comfort and back support, which is ideal for those of us who love to kick back and relax. It’s also sure to make an impression on any guests who are lucky to get a spot on the sofa. The soft fabric and unique design make the Clarke the full package.

Available in natural – a shade of light beige – the Clarke three-seater neutral colour sofa can fit neatly into any pre-existing colour schemes or decor you may have. It’s also the perfect starting point if you’re decorating around your sofa, as it offers you a completely blank canvas. No matter what, the Clarke is sure to be a welcome addition to any home.

5) Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa In Cream

neutral corner sofas

You may as well throw out your bed once you’ve incorporated the Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa into your home. This astonishing neutral colour sofa is upholstered in super soft fabric, making it an incredibly relaxing seat that you could accidentally spend hours lying down on.

Offering plenty of seating and a remarkably comfortable scatter back design, the Grantley makes a great family sofa. Furthermore, the chaise end is perfect for those who love to put their feet up in front of the TV. With modest proportions, at an affordable price, there are no downsides when it comes to this fabulous l-shaped sofa.

If you purchase the Grantley neutral colour sofa in cream, you’re adding sophisticated simplicity into your home. It’s noble yet modest, a truly incredible shade. Not to mention, there are infinite options when it comes to styling, great for those who are fickle when it comes to decor.


Neutral colour sofas may not sound like the most exciting furnishing option however, ultimately, they open up the most stylistic opportunities. Having a neutral-toned sofa in your home means you can switch up your decor and your accessories whenever you feel like it. What’s stopping you? Make the leap and invest in an incredible, neutral sofa today!

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