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Match a Sofa Shape to Your Room

How to Match a Sofa Shape to Your Room

How to Match a Sofa Shape to Your Room

When it comes to choosing a sofa, you’ll likely be thinking about the colour and the material in order to make the best decision. However, you will also need to think about its size and how to match a sofa shape to your room so it fits your needs and style. Remember, ‘Shape’ refers to not only the number of seats on a chair as well as the width and dimensions but also the shape of the design itself including the backboard, the arms and the cushions. With this in mind, there are lots of options you can choose from – but how can you narrow them down?

In order to help you make the best use of your space and choose the best sofa shape for your living room or any other area in your home, here are our best tips.

Consider Living Room Size

man measuring
Measuring A Room Size For A Sofa

To match a sofa shape to your room you will firstly need to think about the size of your living room in order to choose the most appropriate sofa shape for the space. For example, if you have a large, open plan area, you might want to think about an excellent show-stopping corner sofa or U-shape model, or another type of sectional option such as a modular sofa. In larger living rooms, you’re naturally able to use larger pieces of furniture and add additional seating options without this feeling out of proportion in terms of the room size.

For smaller living areas, a large L- or U-shaped chair would take up too much room and become an unnecessary focus. With this example, you want all of the furniture in the space to feel natural, without competing to stand out. So, you’ll probably want to choose a love seat, a 3-seater sofa, or even smaller armchairs to add extra places to sit.

Think About the Flow of the Room

When designers talk about the ‘flow’ of a room, they are talking about the way that people will move about in and interact with the space. Instead of just placing furniture randomly, you should walk through the room and try to work out if anything feels cramped or out of place.

For example, you wouldn’t put a chair close to a doorway, as this creates an abrupt stopping point as soon as you enter a room. As another example, if you wanted to add a dining area to your living room, you probably wouldn’t set this up in the middle of the space. Instead, it would be better to put this type of furniture off to the side or at the back of the room. This is because when you think about how occupants will interact with the room itself, their primary focus will be sitting and relaxing. Then, they might move through the space to reach a dining area.

The concept of ‘flow’ is particularly relevant for a large living room with an open plan layout as in this case, it makes sense to split the room up into different areas with transitions that flow with one another.

Consider the Purpose of the Room

woman lying on couch
Person Listening To Music On Fabric Sofa

When choosing a sofa shape, you should also consider the purpose of the room itself. For rooms that need extra seating, you’ll probably be purchasing a four-seater, or a five-seater couch, or some combination of mixed larger and smaller chairs.

If you’re likely to be hosting guests, you could choose a sofa with a built-in bed or a convertible futon. This will ensure that you have plenty of sleeping options for anyone who might be staying over.

As another example, if you are a family with small children you probably won’t want to choose a sofa shape that includes wood panelling as this could be dangerous to tiny heads.

Alternatively, you could be purchasing furniture for another room outside of your living area. For offices, you might want a standard two or three-seater sofa to provide seating for a client or an armchair for reading.

Find Your Signature Style

In addition to the shape of your sofa in terms of the number of seats and size, you should also think about the shape of your sofa in terms of design. You can then match different designs to different style living rooms.

Some different types of sofas that suit different interior design styles include:

  • Cabriole sofas – Cabriole sofas come with ornate wood panelling and a distinct frame shape that is perfect for traditional or lavish living rooms that want to add a touch of class or romance.
  • Chesterfields – Chesterfield sofas are large and uniformly rectangle with high arm rests. This option works well for a traditional British country style living room – think Victorian old-world features such as dark mahogany and wood panelling.
  • Lawsons and Love seats – Lawson sofas and smaller love seats add comfort and cosiness to any living room. So, if you’re looking for more of a cottage feel, one of these options with the addition of blankets and throw pillows would suit your design style.
  • Mid-century modern sofas – Mid century moderns are perfect for contemporary style living rooms with their signature shape that involves clean lines. Due to their symmetry they’re also ideal for a minimalist space where less is more.

Wrap Around a Coffee Table to Create a Focal Point

sofa and coffee table
Focal Point In Front Of Fabric Sofa

You should always use your furniture arrangement to create some kind of focal point within any room. A natural way to do this is to wrap your seating around a coffee table. Whether you have one chair with a coffee table in front of it, two sofas on either side of the table, or an L-shaped model with the table in the middle, this will create a comfortable hub in the middle of the living room.

Other ways to create a focal point include using a large area rug between two chairs, or directly in front of a sofa. This arrangement draws the eye to the centre of the room, which is a good design practice. Then, you can build outwards, filling the rest of the space with extra furniture such as console tables along the walls, bookcases and dressers.

Tips For Different Sofa Shapes

If you’re looking at a specific sofa shape and wondering how it might work with your living room, you should consider the following:

L-Shaped Sofas

Depending on the atmosphere you’re looking to create, L-shaped sofas work in both smaller square and rectangle rooms as well as large living rooms with less standard shapes such as an L-shape.

In a small, square living room, a smaller L-shape sofa or chaise would fit nicely along the back wall or in the corner as long as it is not so large that it dominates the space. In a larger or open plan area, L-shape sofas can be used to separate the room for different purposes.

Chaise Sofas

Chaise sofas work well in smaller living rooms or add an extra seating area for a larger or open plan space. For example, you could create a separate reading area in a nook or corner of the living room by including a chaise, a bookcase and a table with a reading lamp.

A stunning Chaise sofa is also a great addition to bedrooms when used at the end of the bed. You can also achieve the same effect with a daybed type sofa.

U-Shaped Sofas

U-shaped sofas are suited to much larger rooms. They’re designed to be a real focal point as they naturally draw the eye to the middle of the U. For this reason, you probably wouldn’t want to put a U-shaped sofa in a corner or side of the room as this will lead to an asymmetrical and unbalanced feel.

Single Sofas and Chairs

It’s likely you wouldn’t use an armchair or single-seater as your only couch option – even for the smallest living rooms. These types of seating, therefore, are great additions to existing chairs, especially when used to create a separate space with its own purpose. You could even add an armchair to a bedroom, library or office to add more comfort.

How to Mix and Match Different Sofas

brown leather sofa
Beautiful Brown Leather Sofa

Another thing you’ll need to consider is whether to match two types of the same couch or to mix different types of seating in one room. The option you choose will depend on the size of your living room as well as the design style and atmosphere you want to create.

Matching Chairs

Matching the same shaped chairs within the living room is a great way to achieve a cohesive, uniform aesthetic, especially when matching two couches with the same colour and fabric. It also creates a feeling of comfort and warmth.

With this in mind, try taking two matching sofas and having them face each other in the middle of the room with a table or rug in the middle. Alternatively, you could arrange them in a right-angled or wide-angled L-shape. This still keeps a focus at the centre of the room and keeps things symmetrical. For this reason, matching furniture is also a great option for minimalist spaces which focus on uniformity, clean lines and lack of clutter.

Mixing Different Shapes

However, you don’t just have to choose one type of chair shape. Sometimes, too much symmetry can look stifled and boring. So, don’t be afraid to make some bolder design choices when it comes to varying the shape of your furniture. A great 3 person sofa can be paired with an accent chair or even a small armchair.

If you have a square or rectangle room, you could use an L-shaped sofa with a round swivel one-seater at one corner, or even an armchair at the other end of the room for extra seating. You can also combine any sofa with a pouffe, or beanbags scattered around it to add an extra comfortable touch.

Other pairings that work well include a standard rectangular couch as the focal point of the living room, and a chaise lounge in another section of the space to create two distinct seating areas.

Mixing different types of sofas and chairs works particularly well for larger living rooms or L-shaped spaces as it is possible to create distinct sections with different atmospheres or purposes. However, it’s still achievable in smaller, square or rectangle living areas if you use armchairs and individual seating in addition to a multi-seat sofa.


sofa covered in sheet

So, there you have it – all of our best tips and ideas on how to match a sofa shape to your room.

Always remember to think about the size of the room, consider how the arrangement of the space flows, think about how many seats or features you need depending on the purpose of the room, and choose a shape that fits your interior design style. Now it’s time to look for your next sofa!

Favourite Cool Tone Sofas

The Top 5 Favourite Cool Tone Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 5 Favourite Cool Tone Sofas From Our Collections

Sometimes a trend gets it just right. These days you see cool tone sofas all over social media. Instagram influencers, huge TikTok stars, and more are all filling their homes with these beautiful sofas.

Greens and blues are inviting colours. They add a bit of calm to your home’s interior. Anything reminiscent of the great outdoors or clear skies sparks joy — but don’t get stuck in the endless cycle of brown, grey, tan, and black sofas that saturate the market. Have fun and embrace living in full colour!

We’ve compiled a list of our top cool-toned sofas guaranteed to complete your room and make it pop. Check them and pick your favourite today!

Amberley 3 seater sofa
A Teal Amberley 3 Seater Sofa

1) Amberley 3 Seater Sofa In Teal

Talk about style… this lush teal-green velvet cool tone sofa is dotted with deep buttoning. The golden arm studding will make your dream of Chesterfields. A homage to classic mid-century furniture, the green Amberley is a statement piece for any classic living room. 

What really sets this sofa apart is the stunning teal velvet wrapped around every arm of this beauty. Nothing comes close to the luxurious feeling of sinking into a velvet sofa, and this model certainly delivers that. So vibrant it almost glows in the dark, this luminescent sofa will be the centrepiece of your room.

Big enough to fit three, and comfortable enough to sneak a nap on, the green Amberley can really do it all while looking great!

Orla 3 Seater sofa
Grey Orla 3 Seater Fabric Sofa

2) Orla 3 Seater Sofa In Duck Egg

This chunky, simple seat is made for families that love to compete for the best spot on the sofa. Huge duck egg blue cushions provide plenty of room for joshing but wrap you up in a fabric hug too.

This is a cool tone sofa for modern living. Clean lines and gentle curves complete this compact design. Small enough to squeeze into tight spaces, yet roomy enough for three to fit comfortably, the Orla looks great when you have limited room. This is a no-fuss, straightforward option that will match all your current decor and help complete the picture.

The tough and durable fabric will stand up to years of lounging without ever wearing down its modern mint shade. The blue Orla 3 seater has a natural style that will feel at home in any home!

brackley corner sofa
The Duck Egg Brackley Corner Sofa

3) Brackley Large Duck Egg Corner Sofa

This sofa is made for the pile-on! This massive cool tone sofa is 148cm wide and 50cm deep, with room for the whole family or a big get-together.

The subtle duck egg blue is calming and peaceful for those households filled with busy chaos. The upholstery on this sofa is an extremely soft fabric that feels great, but with a strong sprung seat construction for extra support. The Brackley was made for lazy living rooms on rainy weekends.

A corner sofa provides excellent interior design inspiration — think beyond just tucking it against two walls. Corner furniture pieces can act as centrepieces for gathering around a fire or large picture frame window: the TV does not have to be the focal point of the room.

Trust the big Brackley corner sofa to bring the family together!

bampton corner chaise sofa
A Teal Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa

4) Bampton Corner Chaise Teal Green Sofa

Do you dream of an elegant green chaise lounge? The Bampton cool tone sofa is here to deliver on your fantasies. A mix of sleek luxe style and classic design, you’ll find ultimate comfort on this sofa.

This velvet wonder is stunning and well proportioned, yet small enough to fit in most living rooms. This is one of our most popular options, and for good reason: it’s everything you could ask for in one stunning package. Silky-smooth, this is a winner with the whole family. The excellent cushions are prime for both fort-building and a movie night in for mum and dad.

The green velvet sparkles in the sunshine and is nearly luminescent. The modern shape provides ample room to stretch your legs all the way out and feel like you are floating on an elegant velvet cloud.

Knowle 2 Seater sofa
Duck Egg Knowle 2 Seater Sofa

5) Knowle 2 Seater In Duck Egg

Made for couples, the blue Knowle 2 Seater sofa will be your new favourite spot to cuddle up with your partner, best friend, or pet! 

The understated shade of blue is elegant and sophisticated. It will match without clashing with your current room setup and still add a fresh breath of bright colour.

This cool tone sofa features a simple design and smooth curves that begin to relax you before you even take a seat on the ultra-soft cushions.

Our Knowle 2 seater blue sofa is here for you after a long day of work settle down and let your worries melt away into its plump pillows and cushions.

Savannah Emerald Chenille Cocktail Chair
Sacannah Emerald Chenille Chair

6) Honorable Mention — Savannah Emerald Chenille Cocktail Chair

A living room needs plenty of interior furniture to feel lived-in and cosy, so make sure to add enough furniture pieces beyond your statement sofa. Get experimenting with chairs, throws, blankets, and art — all opportunities to add different shades of green and fully embrace this trend!

While not a sofa, the emerald green shade of the Savannah Chenille Cocktail Chair deserves the highest praise. This cocktail chair exudes swanky style but puts comfort first. A strong webbed seat construction gives firm support for hours of relaxing without risk of back pain.

A green chair is a perfect accent to your statement sofa. Tie the room together with the emerald Savannah Chenille!

Find Your New Favourite Today At Chill Sofas

After all this inspiration, are you ready to commit to green? A cool tone sofa can change your living room and make it a space for thriving. 

Your furniture tells your story — so, be bold, go green, go blue, jump on this interior design bandwagon. Chill Sofas has all the in-demand cool tone sofa options on the market, including the perfect choice for your living room. Shop today and take home more than just a piece of furniture, but a spot for fun, dreams, family time, and more!

Bampton Corner Sofa

What Colours Go With a Grey Sofa? A Basic Guide

What Colours Go With a Grey Sofa? A Basic Guide

grey sofa with colourful pillows
A Grey Fabric Sofa With Colourful Pillows

Aside from bold, eye-catching colours for furniture like burgundy, jade, and coral, grey is often overlooked. But it’s not just the midway point between white and black. 

Like all the major colours, grey comes in a wildly diverse range of shades, tints, textures, temperatures, and feels. For this reason, it makes an excellent shade for sofas

Unlike those other flashy, visually arresting colours, a grey sofa is well-suited to complement and contrast. It can be used as a neutral template to lavish a vivid tableau of accent pillows, throws, and table ornaments. But it can just as easily stand as a strong piece of statement furniture at the centre of a room.

The key to designing a visual scheme around a grey sofa is knowing what colours it pairs with. Follow this guide for the four best options:

Warming Effect: Mustard Yellow

Amberly 3 Seater sofa
The Amberley 3 Seater Sofa

For a fresh, young, and stylish design, try pairing the sofa with accent items in millennials’ favourite colour, mustard yellow. This particular shade brings you the attention-grabbing pop of yellow, the loudest colour in the rainbow, but cuts down on the abrasiveness.

Mustard yellows are achieved by mixing yellow with brown, which brings them squarely within muted schemes and earth tone schemes. If the mustard you choose is lighter, complement it with rich, chocolatey brown furniture. If the shade of mustard is darker, lean into the earthiness with a faded bamboo green.

Yellow pairs so well because the two are perfect complements. Yellow brings out the brightness in a grey sofa, while that colour gives a depth and sturdiness back to yellow.

Clean and Calm: White

Grantley 3 Seater
The Cream Grantley 3 Seater

If you are looking to make your breakfast room or bedroom a place of peace and tranquillity, try pairing your grey sofa with white. 

Remember that these shades are on the same spectrum, so they naturally resonate in the eye. When you pair silvery furniture with black, you bring out a latent menace and mystery inherent in its darker tones. But white transforms the colour into an oasis of calm.

White and grey are perfect tones to design a space used for relaxing conversations, afternoon naps, or even therapy sessions. In tandem, they evoke restfulness, conjuring images of crisp white linens and worn cotton hanging on the line.

You can’t go wrong with a white knitted blanket or large white area rug. 

Timeless Elegance: Navy

Radley  corner sofa
The Radley Corner Sofa In Charcoal

For those with class and elegance in mind, fill out space around your grey sofa with navy and other deep blue furniture. 

Deep blues, like whites, have a calming effect, but where whites encourage tranquillity, blue provokes solace and contemplation. Shades like cobalt, royal blue, and above all, navy work best for a sitting or dining room, where more formal affairs take place, and the furniture is more angular than squishy soft.

Like grey, navy blue is often used as a base upon which to build more elaborate designs. Other colours that go well with navy blue are plum, hearty chestnut and leather, and mustard yellow. 

Blue evokes references to the sky and the sea, inspiring meditative thoughts of life. When you pair your grey sofa with navy throw pillows or accent objects atop side furniture, you bring a timeless elegance to the space.

Go For a Bold Color Pop: Pinks and Purples

Amberly 3 Seater
The Amberley 3 Seater Sofa

Up to now, each suggestion has reached for style, elegance, and visual satisfaction. Now for the wild card.

If you really want to take a space from drab to fab, accentuate your grey sofa with rich, vibrant, and vivacious shades of pink and purple. Magenta, in particular, works well with light grey couches, especially if they’re made from velvet and not fabric. 

Utilize the base tone of the couch to anchor the space, providing a backdrop for limitless design experimentation. Shades of pink and purple evoke fruit, tropical flowers, and exotic creatures that mix stateliness with exuberance to an intoxicating degree.

The best way to design with pinks and purples is with flowers, whether fresh or artificial.

Last Word: Pay Attention to Materials

When it comes to the design of a room, furniture materials are everything. Whether your sofa comes in leather, velvet, or some kind of fabric, materials totally determine your design possibilities. 

Think of it like this: colours set the look, and materials set the feel. Guests who see and sit on a leather couch with velvet-covered pillows are going to have a wildly different sensory experience than guests who see and sit on a linen couch with cotton covered pillows.

Determine what you want the space to be used for before you set out picking furniture. Fortunately, grey is one of the most versatile colours in the world, so you can’t go wrong in starting there. 

Sofa Accessories: The Styling Guide

Sofa Accessories: The Styling Guide

Sofa Accessories: The Styling Guide

When it comes to your home, you need sofa accessories for a space that feels authentic to who you are and functions effectively for the daily needs of your life. Investing in high-quality, attractive sofa accessories is a great place to start! Choosing staple pieces can build a stable foundation in your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

A beautiful sofa can speak for itself. It can shine in the spotlight, centre stage, without anything else around. But even with the most eye-catching furniture in your home, you may want to personalise your space to make it shine with your unique style. When it comes to sofa accessories, it is key to find items that add function, value, and beauty to your life. Here are a few suggestions for how to begin your styling journey.

Release your inner interior designer and decorate your room with a stylish quality that also represents your personality. Here are a few suggestions for how to begin your styling journey.

Add Cushions Or Throws

sofa throw accessory

An instant way to make your already excellent sofa shine even brighter? Add some scatter cushions or elegant throws for an automatic upgrade. 

Cushions are an easy way to personalise your sofa because they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. If you have a neutral sofa, layering it with bright scatter cushions is a way to tie the sofa into the colour scheme of the surrounding room. Adding one uniquely designed cushion into the mix can totally personalise your sofa’s aesthetic and build dimension into your space.

Adding a stylish sofa cushion or two is an easy way to personalise your sofa because they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. If you have a neutral sofa, layering it with bright, textured scatter cushions is a way to tie the sofa into the colour scheme of the surrounding room. Adding one uniquely designed cushion into the mix can totally personalise your sofa’s aesthetic and build dimension into your space.

Similarly, a throw or blanket is a lovely way to add textures and colours into your space. You can choose something that matches and blends in with the sofa or opt for a throw that stands out to add some contrast to your design. Plus, throws serve as more than just a styling element and can indicate to guests that you care about cosiness and comfort in your home.

Consider Lighting As Sofa Accessories 

sofa with light accessory

Playing with lights is a great way to highlight—or distract from—the sofa. While not many people think of lighting as an essential element of styling a home, the quality of light in a room influences how everything else is perceived,  often without realising it! 

Lamps themselves can make beautiful sofa accessories, but they also hold great power. By adding a tasteful lamp or two around your sofa, you can draw the eye to different parts of the space. If you’re trying to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere, opting for soft, warm lights around your sofa can enhance that feeling. Get creative with string lights to frame your sofa or hang lighting fixtures above furnishings to set a dramatic scene. 

If your living space has the luxury of big windows, don’t take them for granted. Allowing your living room to have a natural and light ambience means that your living room will look bigger and more fashion-forward.

Think About Footstools

Everyone likes to relax in the evening, after a long, hard day at work or looking after the kids. If you’re not one of the lucky few living in luxury with a recliner sofa or chair, it can be hard to put your feet up comfortably without accidentally kicking one of your family members in the process.

Why not make your life easier? Style your sofa with one of our incredible footstools and ottomans today. These versatile pieces of living room furniture can be used as a footrest, a coffee table, a spare seat, and even as extra storage space for your throw blanket or pillows.

Consider your living room’s pre-existing colour palette. If it has a more neutral tone balance, using a footstool or ottoman to add some bold colours to the space could be exactly what you need – just make sure that you choose a colour that complements your existing furniture.

Pair A Rug 

sofa with rug accessory

Rugs are excellent sofa accessories because they add function and style to your space. They can help seal the various styles in a space together into one cohesive picture. For example, do you have tile or wood-panelled floors? No one likes resting their feet on the cold ground, and a keenly-placed rug can help maintain the warmth and comfort that your sofa provides to all who rest upon it.

Consider the material and colour of your sofa to guide you on what type of rug you should be looking for. Leather sofas pair perfectly with faux fur rugs, as they provide a timeless, rustic feel. Alternatively, when it comes to sofa accessories, crushed velvet and velvet sofas look great with fluffy or fabric rugs as they maintain a fun, yet sophisticated contemporary style.

Smaller accent rugs are also an excellent option for folks who want to add some pizazz to their furniture. Available in unique shapes and a plethora of textures, you’re sure to find something that enhances your style and encourages a cosy feeling in your home.

Feeling funky? You can even mount rugs as sofa accessories on the wall, creating a dramatic spectacle that serves as an eye-catching frame and helps keep the space insulated. 

Think About Functional Accents

Everyone loves knick-knacks, but it’s important to be selective about the household objects and trinkets you collect. If you’re not careful, your home can quickly feel cluttered and overwhelmed with objects that have no real use or value. But if you are intentional about the sofa accessories you collect for your space, they can serve as beautiful accents that play up the best features in your room.

Small end tables make great sofa accessories especially since they are functional and can frame your sofa beautifully. You can store magazines, books and have a place to rest your coffee that seamlessly blends into the style of your room. Houseplants are also lovely accents that can add life and natural beauty to your living room. Train the vines of a houseplant to run along the wall behind your sofa for a breath-taking, truly one-of-a-kind look.


sofa with accessories

While a great piece of furniture can speak volumes on its own, personalising it with intentional sofa accessories can make your living room functional for your family’s needs, comfortable to spend quality time with loved ones, and remarkably memorable to guests. No matter the route you choose to go, focus on highlighting your unique style and adding elements that hold value and bring joy. In doing so, the investment of your beloved sofa will be all the better for it.

Best Cinema Sofas

5 Best Cinema Sofas To Rock Your Movie Nights

5 Best Cinema Sofas To Rock Your Movie Nights

What better way to spend your day than sinking into a cocoon-like cinema sofa and watching one of your favourite movies? Everyone deserves a good movie night at least once a week, so why not sink into the perfect seat while watching?

With the right seat, you can transform your living room into the ultimate home cinema. Continue reading below for some of the comfiest seats you can use for your home cinematic adventure.

1.) The Brackley Large Corner Sofa

Brackley large corner sofa
A Large Brackley Corner Sofa

While we all go to the cinema for small pleasures like fresh popcorn and exciting previews, sometimes the seats at the theatre aren’t comfy enough. What’s more, it’s hard to find enough legroom if you’re a part of the taller demographic. Having a cloud-like seat gives you the ability to kick your shoes off and lay your feet up as you indulge in that movie you’ve been dying to see. 

The Brackley Large Corner Sofa is one of the most snug fabric corner cinema sofas on the market. It comes with super pleasant scroll arms and enough scatter cushions to get lost in. 

The seat is incredibly large, making it perfect for sitting you and the whole family. However, you can also take over the entire seat and lay down comfortably if you’re alone. The ancient soft fabrics will provide you with the ultimate home movie theatre experience as it feels exceptionally nice on your skin. 

Key Features:

  • Beautiful colour that matches any room
  • Enough legroom to layout comfortably
  • Super soft ancient fabric material
  • Great for families


If you’re looking for a cinema sofa that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, length, and affordability, then the Brackley Large Sofa is worth checking out. 

2.) The Flitwick Corner Sofa (Leather)

flitwick corner sofa
The Flitwick Corner Sofa

Leather seats are an absolute win in terms of comfort and durability. Some leather sofas can last for decades with the right care, so they’re considered a sound investment worldwide. Not only will a leather sofa help you relax during movie night, but it’s also extremely reliable if you want to take a quick break in the afternoon. 

The Flitwick Sofa contains extremely soft chenille cushions combined with elegant black faux leather. You can rest on the scroll arms or cuddle close with some extra scatter cushions. 

Considering the seat’s size, it’s suitable for multiple people. The leather is also quite breathable, so you can lay down without feeling too much heat or discomfort if you’re the recliner type. One reason why leather is an excellent choice is that it gets better as it ages. 

Key Features:

  • Durable material that will last for ages
  • Large enough for the entire family
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable


Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Flitwick Leather Sofa. The fabric provides all the serene comfort you deserve as you catch a film with the family. 

3.) The Radley Corner Chaise Sofa

radley corner chaise sofa
The Radley Corner Chaise Sofa

Throughout human history, velvet has been synonymous with luxury. Ancient royals wore velvet clothes and had furniture made from this exquisite textile. Today, you can capture the same luxurious comfort with a velvet seat. Velvet didn’t become a worldwide sensation by luck, and it has a wide variety of benefits that make it a top choice fabric for home cinema sofas and other pieces of furniture. 

The Radley Chaise Sofa uses a series of scatter cushions on its backside. With this, you can adjust the seat to find your perfect comfort zone during movie night in your home theatre. It provides the same type of comfort as a recliner chair. Furthermore, it’s absolutely stunning and will impress anyone that steps foot in your dwelling. 

The seat’s deep charcoal shade adds a nice contemporary touch to your home, and you can notice all the fine details that go into its beautiful design.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality plush velvet
  • Numerous cosy scatter cushions
  • Extremely nice feeling on the skin
  • Comfortable size for families


Anyone who owns a velvet seat will tell you that they are nothing less than amazing. You can enjoy a nice evening flick while being caressed by the super-soft textile. 

4.) The Norwood Large Corner Sofa

norwood large corner sofa
The Norwood Corner Sofa In Black

Who says a comfy cinema sofa can’t also look gorgeous? While the primary purpose of a cinema sofa is to provide comfort, you can also find one that will take the aesthetics of your decor to the next level. However, the beauty of this home cinema sofa may distract you from the movie you’ve got on. 

The Norwood Large Sofa is perhaps one of the most stylish options on this list. Other than its beauty, it also makes you feel like you’re sitting in the clouds. The stunning crushed velvet upholstery is irresistible to touch, and you can recline back and get lost in the ultimate relaxation. 

One thing that makes this seat stand out is its cushions. You can turn on your favourite movie on the big screen and cuddle up next to the pillows for maximum comfort. What’s more, the sofa provides enough room for everyone to enjoy the film. 

Key Features:

  • Absoulutly glamourous style
  • Ample size for multiple people
  • Sprung seat construction for additional support
  • Exceptionally comfortable fibre filling


If you want your home to look like something from royalty, then consider taking a closer look at the Norwood Large Sofa. You won’t regret it!

5.) The Oakley Corner Sofa

oakley corner sofa
The Oakley Corner Sofa

If you’re looking for a cosy cinema sofa that can easily match the rest of your furniture, then the Oakley Sofa is just for you. While it’s slightly smaller than other cinema sofas on this list, it packs a lot of comfort into its compact design. 

You’ll fall in love with this seat from the first moment you sit on it. The incredibly soft fabrics will take you straight to relaxation town. One of the best things about this seat is the fabric cushions. If you’re the recliner type, you can snuggle up next to one as you watch your movies on the big screen. 

Furthermore, the style adds a nice touch of luxury to the rest of your living room. Like a recliner, you can rest on this seat for hours without feeling any change in comfort. 

Key Features:

  • Compact design that fits nicely no matter the size of your room
  • Super-soft cushions
  • Elegant design
  • Breathable fillings


When you consider everything you need from a home cinema sofa, you can’t go wrong here. The Oakley Sofa provides the comfort, style, and quality you deserve while you watch your film. 


If you want to turn your living area into a suitable home cinema, all the seats above will help you get there. Be sure to check out our sofa collection, and don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions.

kitchen sofa

Why A Sofa In The Kitchen Is A Great Approach

Why A Sofa In The Kitchen Is A Great Approach

Oakley Corner Sofa
Oakley Corner Sofa
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Orla 3 Seater
Orla 3 Seater Sofa
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Frinton 2 Seater
Frinton 2 Seater Sofa
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Grantley Swivel Chair
Grantley Swivel Chair
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When you think of sofas in your living space, of course, you tend to think of living room sofas. However, there are some great arguments to be made for incorporating a sofa into your kitchen.

If that’s so, wThink about it, your family already spends most of their time in the kitchen. Let us guess: most of your meals are eaten there and the dining room table is left clean and spotless. If that’s so, why not make the kitchen the heart of your home with a kitchen sofa? It might take a second to embrace this idea, but the kitchen can actually benefit greatly from a comfortable place to lounge during a meal and cooking.

It might take a second to embrace this idea, but the kitchen can actually benefit greatly from a comfortable place to lounge during a meal and cooking. In smaller homes and apartments, you might be low on space, but that doesn’t mean you have to be low on places to relax. A small fabric sofa in the kitchen can turn a cramped kitchen into the heart of your house.

In smaller homes and apartments, you might be low on space, but that doesn’t mean you have to be low on places to relax. A small fabric sofa in the kitchen can turn a cramped kitchen into the heart of your house. Even choosing a charming chair or some bar stools could raise the comfort and style factor in your kitchen.

Read on to learn more about how you can transform and upgrade your kitchen from a utilitarian zone to the ultimate gathering space with a sofa in the kitchen.

How A Sofa In The Kitchen Can Improve Your Life

grey sofa in kitchen
Grey Fabric Sofa In Spacious Kitchen

Think beyond aesthetics when it comes to space in your home. Style isn’t just about what looks good, but about how your relationship with your home can be improved. We are often limited by what came before and enjoy sticking to what works, but there are always more paths when it comes to design, so be bold and think outside the box.

Smart use of space creates living areas beyond the usual spots elevates the expected to the life-changing. A sofa in the Smart use of space creates living areas beyond the usual spots elevates the expected to the life-changing. If you’ve got a relatively large kitchen, then a corner sofa will make great use of the floor space and further encourage socialising in the kitchen. Regardless of your kitchen size, a sofa in the kitchen is bound to make a positive change to your environment.

A sofa in the kitchen is more than just a comfortable place for a glass of wine (of course it’s that too!) but it can really heighten your entire experience. 

Change Your Attitude To Cooking

When you implement a sofa into the kitchen, you change the whole landscape and feel of the space. Instead of feeling pressured to hurry and bring out the hors d’oeuvres, you can relax and chat with your guests while you carefully prepare a meal without stress.

Put leisure first and invite your family and guests to help cook and take turns at the helm. Rare is the dinner guest who will abandon the host in the midst of meal preparation. A sofa invites them to take a seat and enjoy a glass of wine without awkwardly ducking from the oven and stove. 

A sofa in the kitchen changes not just how you cook but what you cook. Expand your possibilities with slow-cooked delights and take in the tantalising aromas all day. Multi-day cooking adventures will become more and more exciting as you have a place to take breaks only steps away.

Upgrade Your Hosting

Planning a dinner party – or just a party-party? The kitchen is where everyone wants to be. It’s where the food, drinks, and tiled floor for dancing are!

Step up your party game with a sofa in the kitchen for a spot for people to put their feet up after a boogie at a house party. 

Find Your Style

There are a million ways to deck out your kitchen. From a corner sofa for maximum space to a cushioned bench that fits perfectly. 

Use a sofa in the kitchen as an opportunity to match the rest of your decor and make a whole set that not only looks great but feels great as well. Think about colours you can pick from and how the room is already set up.

Each space has different needs; a country cottage calls for a different couch than a sleek modern flat in the city. A cosy kitchen looks great with lots of pillows and cushions providing ample room for taking it easy. A clean and simple kitchen can benefit from a sofa with clean lines and simple design, comfortable but not drawing attention to itself.

How To Find The Perfect Sofa For Your Kitchen

green sofa in kitchen
Fabric Corner Sofa In Modern Kitchen

For a sofa in the kitchen, consider the shape and size of your room. Do not block windows or doorways, the sofa should be seamlessly integrated and only improve the space and the journey through it.

If there is an island in your kitchen, try a few orientations for a sofa until you settle on the perfect facing. Some people are happier with the back to the cooking area while others want the chef to be the main action of the night. 

Leather is easy to clean, but it’s more expensive and tougher to repair in more serious accidents. The fabric you choose should be carefully thought out based on your family. Young children are prone to messes and a sofa is tougher to clean than wooden chairs or benches. 

Your interiors will make half of the choice for you. Simply finding a sofa that matches the tiling and cabinets will take most of your search.  Make sure you don’t skip this step. If the colours don’t match, the sofa will seem like an afterthought rather than a necessary aspect of modern living.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

The most important consideration to make is that kitchen sofas are not supposed to be precious. There will be spills — accept that now. 

While leather sofas are fairly easy to wipe down, they do not do well with boiling water spilt on them. A woven fabric sofa is usually your best bet for durability and easy clean-up.

Consider throwing on a stylish slipcover that you can toss in the wash once a week, and never worry about spills ruining your sofa in the kitchen again.

Treat your sofa with some anti-staining solution twice a year to keep it as water repellent as possible. If you do go for leather, use a conditioner a few times a year to keep it durable and clean without sacrificing that classic soft comfort.

Find Your Ideal Kitchen Settee At Chill Sofas

blue sofa in kitchen
Blue Corner Sofa In A Stylish Kitchen

Are you ready to put a sofa in the kitchen? It is time to make your space and interiors work for you! Your family will thank you and your home will gain charm and accessibility.

Chill Sofas has every option you could dream of when it comes to sofas! Looking for a new sofa for smaller spaces? Then check out our fabric two-seaters, perfect for homes of any size (and great for kitchens!).

If you have a home with an open floor plan, try adding a fabric corner sofa. Replace hours lost staring at the television with the conversation, cooking, and delicious food.

Shop today at Chill Sofas and start relaxing while you cook!

Perfect Sofa Fort

Building A Sofa Fort: A Basic Guide

How To Build The Perfect Sofa Fort: A Basic Guide

Sure, you could sit on your sofa, maybe even take a nap or watch TV. But the ultimate sofa experience is… building a perfect sofa fort!

Construct a castle, dive into a nautical adventure, blast off into space, and stretch the limits of your imagination right in your living room. Plenty of fun for the whole family, a sofa and blanket fort is easy to make and comes with endless opportunities.

The raw materials are already in your home — no bricklaying or dealing with unregulated contractors is necessary! Build a sofa fort the right way, and you may find yourself sneaking into its cavernous wonders more often than your children!

Just follow these easy steps, and you’ll be well on your way to combining furniture, blankets, sheets, and more into a perfect sofa fort.

1. Choose Your Materials

What you create your castle out of depends on the weather. On damp, cold, and dreary days, strong walls and thick blankets can insulate you and keep you in warm air all day. But if you are making your blanket fort during that one week of the year when it breaks 28 degrees, pick some linen sheets and light fabrics for an airy cabana feel.

For the perfect sofa fort, pick a spot near a heater or the window depending on your needs, but don’t let your structure block any vents. A blanket might get sucked into a vent and stop airflow.

The sofa is just one part of your perfect sofa fort. Embrace your other furniture as essential load-bearing supports. Chairs and tables are perfect for draping blankets over and adding an extension to your fort. Renovations are a reality when it comes to homes reinforced with blankets and sheets, so be ready to expand with extra cushions and bolsters.

2. Ensure Everything Is Clean

vacuuming under sofa

Before your little ones grab cushions off your sofa, clean the underside of the sofa and hoover up any crumbs and grime you don’t want to enter your cushy shelter.

Your perfect sofa fort should start clean, especially if snacks are going to enter once it is complete! Blankets are magnets for crumbs and dust, so beware of bringing crumbly biscuits inside.

It might be smart to toss some old blankets or sheets in the wash if you haven’t used them in a few months. The smell of mothballs ruins the charm of a whimsical blanket fort.

3. Construct Your Perfect Sofa Fort

There is no one right or wrong way to go about building your perfect sofa fort. Go wild! But, having a solid framework will allow you to experiment without the risk of total collapse.

Take the cushions and place them up against the armrest to create walls. Then, drape a light blanket or sheet over the top as a roof and tuck it into the sofa, so it will stay in place throughout hours of playtime. If you are using pillows for walls, keep stacking until you reach an acceptable roof height (that won’t tumble down on top of you).

Adjust the width and height of your blanket kingdom depending on how much time adults are going to spend inside it. A low ceiling will cease being fun when your back gives out. You want to have enough stamina to keep up with the imaginations of your children!

If you are lucky enough to have two sofas in one room, your potential sofa fort capacity has just doubled. Move the two sofas close enough that a blanket, duvet cover, or sheet can stretch from one to the other. Now you have a makeshift tunnel to act as either a conduit to more areas of the fort or a comfortable zone to take a rest.

4. Add Ventilation

mum and son in fort

As anyone with small children will tell you, they create some rather unpleasant aromas. A blanket-formed chimney or a few strategically placed openings will allow a nice cross breeze to keep the blanket fort from being stuffy.

The heat from several bodies will quickly begin to steam up even a large construction. Try a zigzagged roof with sheets and blankets leaving openings on the way to the ceiling. That way you can let the heat rise without sacrificing the closed-in cosy feeling.

5. Make A Door

Perhaps “door” is too strong of a word… but at least make an established entrance and exit. A toddler may wander to a load-bearing pillow and bring blankets and pillows tumbling down if there is not a clear way out.

A blanket flap will do the job and even a gap in the front works. Plus, this will also provide some extra ventilation.

6. Turn A Blanket Fort Into A Blanket Home

Now that construction has ended, it is time to decorate the interior of your perfect sofa fort! Make a sign and hang it in front to officially christen the fort. If your fort is big enough, bring your television inside and movie night will take on a true theatre experience.

Pick blankets of all different textures and colours to create an eye-catching castle. Make sure there are a few blankets inside for rainy day naps and cuddles. Maybe even toss in a blanket just for the cat so everyone feels included!

String up some fun fairy lights or torches to make it bright and fun inside. Let your kids take control of decorating so they can feel responsible for making the decor choices.

Get Imaginative With Your Sofa

children in sofa fort

Your perfect sofa fort is not complete without the perfect sofa. Here at Chill Sofas, we have everything you need to create the perfect playful environment for fun and maximum comfort.

Perfect sofa forts are best made with fabric or velvet sofas, but the risk-takers out there can create a luxe leather castle. Whatever fabric you choose, you’ll make a wonderful fort that will house memories lasting far longer than your mini-kingdom. Shop today and discover your new favourite sofa at Chill Sofas!

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