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The Top 5 Best Christmas Footstool Gifts

The Top 5 Best Christmas Footstool Gifts

Best Christmas Footstool Gifts – Do you know someone who could use a gift to liven up their front room? Fancy treating yourself to a brand new footstool this Christmas? Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of gorgeous footstools in stock.

Footstools and ottomans are a great way of adding style and interest to living rooms, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a recliner or corner sofa to put your feet upon.

If you want a piece of living room furniture that is stylish and convenient, thenyou should read on to check out our top footstools and ottomans.

Best Christmas Footstool: Josie Velvet Storage Ottoman

christmas footstool

The Josie Velvet Storage Ottoman is arguably one of the most fashionable pieces of living room furniture we have on offer to date. The flared arms create a unique, contemporary style fit for a modern living space.

The Josie is incredibly versatile, as it can act as a foot rest and a coffee table, as well as providing hidden storage. The gorgeous velvet upholstery really intensifies the glamour of this storage ottoman but also means that it makes an incredibly comfy seat.

This luxurious ottoman is available to buy in blush pink, grey, and taupe so it suits a wide range of living spaces and colour schemes. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for someone who has a fashion-forward lounge.

Grantley Footstool

Grantley Footstool cream

The 2nd Christmas footstool -Give the gift of comfort this Christmas. Coming directly from our superb Grantley Collection, the Grantley Footstool is a lovely little stool that makes the perfect resting spot for tired feet.

Upholstered in stunningly soft, jumbo cord fabric, the Grantley has a cushioned top making it the ideal place to rest your legs after a long day. The cushioning also makes this footstool a favourite for those who require extra seating – who knew a foot rest could be so comfortable?

The Grantley comes in a range of shades: black, charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream. Pair the Grantley footstool with a matching sofa for maximum stylistic impact even in small spaces.

Parker Fabric Storage Ottoman

Parker Fabric Storage Ottoman silver

The 3rd Christmas footstool – Sometimes style comes in the form of simplicity. That couldn’t be more true for the beautiful Parker Fabric Storage Ottoman, that can neatly fit into any contemporary or traditional style spaces.

This fabric upholstered storage ottoman is the ideal place to keep all of your extra blankets and cushions, and it’s the perfect height to make great for great additional seating or even a coffee table, as well as a fantastic footstool.

The Parker is available to purchase in silver or natural, which allows it to fit into any colour palette that your room may have, making it the perfect Christmas gift for almost anyone!

Hatton Footstool

The 4th Christmas footstool – Are you dreaming of a footstool that is a little more sophisticated? Do you know someone that deserves an extremely luxurious footstool for the festive season? Then embrace the elegance of the Hatton Footstool from our illustrious Hatton Collection.

This crushed velvet Christmas footstool will no doubt make an impact in your living room, bringing with it a wow factor you never could have anticipated. The crushed velvet upholstery is incredibly soft and stylish making this an incredible foot rest and extra seat. Relaxing has never looked chicer.

This incredible footstool, as well as the entirety of the Hatton Collection, is available to buy in black, mink, or silver, so you can be sure that one of them will pair beautifully with your pre-existing living room décor.

India Velvet Storage Ottoman

India Velvet Storage Ottoman emerald unfold

The 5th Christmas footstool – Luxury and convenience go hand-in-hand with the India Velvet Storage Ottoman. This stunning ottoman is insanely glamorous and is sure to bring new levels of vibrancy into any home it’s gifted to.

With lustrous, velvet upholstery, wooden legs and a deep buttoning detail, there are no details left unfinished on this fabulous piece of living room furniture. It can easily store toys, magazines or throw blankets, and the flat top allows it to work perfectly as an extra coffee table.

The India Velvet Storage Ottoman is available to buy in blue, emerald, and grey. Therefore, it would likely work best in living rooms that adopt a cool-toned colour scheme.


Footstools and ottomans are hugely convenient and adaptable articles of furniture that every house needs, and there are so many out there that you’re sure to find one that is a match for your lounge. If you didn’t find your dream footstool or ottoman on this list, make sure you check out our full range.

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The Top 5 Best Chairs For Christmas Time

The Top 5 Best Chairs For Christmas Time

Best chairs for Christmas – The festive season is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your living room. From the Christmas tree to your decor, no detail is left out – making it the ideal time to introduce some new furniture to your living space.

Living room chairs are exactly what you need to add interest to your home, as they can act as the missing piece that neatly ties all of your decor and furnishings together. Also, what’s the downside of having a very comfortable chair in your sitting room to provide an extra seat?

Let’s have a look at some of the incredible chairs from our collections, it will certainly make an impact in your lounge this holiday season.

Grantley Swivel Chair In Cream

chairs for christmas

Best chairs for Christmas – Soft furnishings don’t get much better than the Grantley Swivel Chair. If you’re a fan of comfort, convenience, and style, then this comfy chair could be just what your living room needs.

Upholstered in soft, jumbo cord fabric, this snug, swivel chair makes the perfect reading chair and fits perfectly into any small space you can find. Of course, this little chair can act as additional seating for guests but we have a sneaking suspicion that the whole family will be fighting to claim it as their seat.

When you choose the Grantley in cream, you’re opening up endless stylistic options due to its neutrality. This is particularly handy at Christmas time when you want to restyle for your festive theme.

The entirety of the Grantley Collection is gorgeous so, if you’d like a new sofa to accompany your superb swivel chair, the Grantley offers a two-seater, three-seater, and corner sofa, as well as a fabulous little footstool.

Frinton Chair In Black

Frinton Chair

2nd best chairs for Christmas – Are you a fan of a more traditional design? Then the Frinton Chair is just the thing for your home. This great chair is a classic style with a modern twist and is certainly the perfect living room chair to draw attention to your lounge this Christmas.

With rolled arms, turned wooden legs, and faux leather upholstery you don’t get much more traditionally stylish than this gorgeous armchair which makes it one of the best chairs for christmas. You’ll notice the intricate studding detail on the arms, which adds an extra dimension of style that a lot of other leather armchairs lack.

The Frinton Chair is the ideal chair to relax on in front of the fire, on a cold, winter night. Buying it in black is a great choice, as it allows multiple colour scheme options and can be paired with your favourite Christmas-themed accent pillows.

Lottie Accent Chair In Natural

Lottie Accent Chair natural

3rd best chairs for Christmas – Accent chairs are a great way to implement style and convenience into your lounge. The Lottie Accent Chair is no exception, as it boasts a lovely contemporary design that will suit any home.

With a simple design that features clean lines and gentle curves, this accent chair makes a nice addition to the home and one of the best chairs for Christmas, especially during special occasions where you may require extra seating. The fabric upholstery finished in our natural shade makes this good-quality chair a great fit for a range of living rooms.

Decorate this chair with a red or green pillow for extra Christmas flare and good support for your back. Consider looking for a complementary footstool so you can spend your time relaxing in your new accent chair.

Hatton Swivel Chair In Silver

4th best chairs for Christmas – Classiness has never been comfier than with the Hatton Swivel Chair. This gorgeous living room chair provides plenty of added comfort and sophistication to your home.

The crushed velvet upholstery of this comfy chair immediately adds a sense of elegance to your living space, and the softness of the material, paired with the matching bolster pillows, makes this swivel chair the perfect place to curl up with a good book. The Hatton in silver is reminiscent of Christmas time tinsel, making it the ideal addition over the festive season.

The Hatton Collection is full of great crushed velvet furniture, including sofas that range from a two-seater to a corner chaise, as well as a fantastic footstool.

Luna Velvet Tub Chair In Grey

Luna Velvet Tub Chair grey

5th best chairs for Christmas – Introducing one of our most popular accent chairs, the Luna Velvet Tub Chair. This beautiful chair is the perfect size for all living rooms and makes a stunningly stylish addition to any home.

The rounded frame paired with the incredibly comfortable, soft, velvet upholstery makes sitting in this tub chair feel like a warm embrace, ideal for getting cosy on cold nights.

The Luna looks particularly great when bought in grey, as this neutral tone opens up several doors for stylistic options, so you can go down a number of avenues.


Any one of these chairs would add character and style to your living room this Christmas. However, if you haven’t found the living room chair of your dreams on this list, we have plenty of other incredible chairs on our site that we are sure you’ll love.

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The Top 5 Best Christmas Time Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 5 Best Christmas Time Sofas From Our Collections

The Best Christmas Time Sofas – Christmas is all about spending time with your family, eating good food, and giving presents. This year, why not treat yourself to the ultimate gift: a brand new sofa?

Whether you want to spruce up your living room to coordinate a fabulously merry Christmas colour scheme, or you need a bigger sofa to accommodate the whole family in time for Christmas, we’re sure to have the right fit for you.

Continue reading and find our selection of hand-picked the best stylish sofas to bring life to your living room this Christmas.

Best Christmas Time Sofa: Grantley 3-Seater Sofa In Cream

christmas time sofa

The best Christmas time sofa – Who said Christmas seating can’t be stylish? The Grantley three-seater is the perfect choice for those dreaming of a white Christmas. Upholstered in gorgeously soft, jumbo cord fabric, you’ll be sitting pretty throughout the entire festive season.

Choosing this remarkable three-seater in our lovely shade of cream means that you have endless styling options all year round, but particularly at Christmas. You could place red and green accent pillows amongst the crisp, cream scatter back cushions and place an irresistibly soft throw blanket over the arm, so you have something to snuggle up in on the cold, winter nights.

If you need a sofa that is bigger or smaller than this one then the Grantley Collection boasts both a two-seater sofa and a corner chaise sofa. Furthermore, if you want a piece of furniture that will neatly accompany your new festive seating, this set is also home to a splendid swivel chair and one of the most gorgeous fabric footstools on the market.

Frinton Corner Sofa In Brown

Frinton Corner Sofa In Brow

The 2nd best Christmas time sofa – What if we told you that you could have one of the classiest, most luxurious faux leather sofas out there today with pre-Christmas delivery? If that sounds good to you, lay your eyes upon one of our most popular sofa models: the stunning Frinton Corner Sofa.

Bearing a traditional, rustic charm, this scroll arm settee is as fashionable as it is comfortable. You can truly picture yourself relaxing on the Frinton in front of an open fire on a cool, wintry night. The brown upholstery, beautiful accent pillows, and intricate studding detail just goes to show how much attention to detail has been put into this remarkable sofa.

Corner sofas are especially great during the Christmas period. With plenty of seating space for your entire family plus guests, you’ll be able to accommodate everyone on Christmas morning so that no one is left sitting on the floor amongst the discarded wrapping paper.

The Frinton collection offers sofas in a good selection of sizes, as well as a truly incredible armchair that makes an outstanding reading spot in any living space.

Putney 2-Seater Sofa In Beige

Putney 3 Seater

The 3rd best Christmas time sofa – Small families celebrate Christmas too! Therefore, if you would love a new Christmas time sofa in time for Christmas, but you don’t need something too large, our Putney two-seater could be the right choice for your home.

Out of all the upholstery options out there, fabric sofas are especially good around Christmas time, as they offer infinite amounts of inviting warmth and comfort. The simple design of the Putney, paired with the complementary accent cushions, makes this sofa an extremely inviting addition to the home.

Available to buy in beige, you’ll have no trouble decorating around this sofa during December, as it looks good when matched with a variety of shades. Pair the Putney two-seater with the Putney armchair for maximum impact.

Beau 3-Seater Sofa In Emerald

Beau 3-Seater Sofa In Emerald

The 4th best Christmas time sofa – While, at first glance, the Beau three-seater doesn’t necessarily seem very Christmassy, you’ll be shocked at how the emerald green colour can really enhance your Christmas decorations.

This three-seater is upholstered in sumptuously soft velvet fabric, which is a dream to chill out on in the evenings. The sleek, modern design of this compact couch can neatly fit into any living space, regardless of size, style or colour scheme.

When you purchase the Beau in emerald, Christmas decorating gets much easier, as you will always have a cohesive style between your sofa and your tree. Add bursts of red and white around the room in the form of accent chairs, wall art, or footstools to really emphasise your festive colour palette.

Newport Large Corner Sofa In Cream

Newport Large Corner Sofa In Cream

The 5th best Christmas time sofa – Found yourself hosting Christmas for the whole family this year? Then the Newport Large Corner Sofa would certainly come in handy. Best of all, it’s available at an extremely affordable price.

Not only does the Newport allow plenty of additional seating space for the whole family when you’re playing Christmas games, but the comforting jumbo cord fabric ensures that you have a fantastic place to nap when you’re too full after Christmas dinner.

Choosing this lovely Christmas time sofa in this wonderful shade of cream, allows you to decorate your living space in any way you desire any time of year, which is especially helpful when it comes to Christmas!


Christmas is a great time to treat yourself and refresh your home so, if none of these sofas meet your needs, we have plenty of living room furniture that could be perfect for you. Check out our full range of sofas and chairs today and make sure that you have a very Merry Christmas.

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The Top 6 Best Dark Tone Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 6 Best Dark Tone Sofas From Our Collections

The Best Dark Tone Sofas – Do you desire living room furniture that really makes a statement? Something bold and striking that will immediately catch the eyes of any guests you invite over? If so, you may want to consider a dark-tone sofa.

While light-tone sofas bring a bright, airy atmosphere to your living space, living rooms with a dark-tone sofa tend to be more focused on stylishness. It may be a daring move but, when you pull it off correctly, a dark-tone sofa will make your living room a real talking point amongst your friends and family.

Continue reading to browse through some of the top dark-tone sofa picks from our collections.

Best Dark Tone Sofa: Beau 3-Seater Sofa In Emerald

beau best dark tone sofa

The Beau three-seater sofa is the perfect sofa if you really want to fully embrace the minimalist look. This sofa is proof that couches don’t need to have an unnecessarily complex design to look utterly stylish.

This contemporary design is stunningly modest, bearing simple lines and flared arms. Upholstered in our high-quality velvet material, not only is this sofa good-looking it’s also incredibly comfortable too. Available to buy in a mesmerising shade of emerald green, the Beau is bound to be a focal point in your lounge.

The Beau Collection also boasts a two-seater, so you can implement an amazing 3+2 seater set into your living room if you have the space. Alternatively, you could pair the three-seater with a fabric accent chair or footstool to add texture and extra seating into your home.

Finlay 2-Seater Sofa In Marine

Finlay 2 Seater Sofa lifestyle

The 2nd best dark tone sofa – Although the Finlay two-seater might be a small sofa it still packs a big punch. Perfectly combining modern and traditional styles, this settee is both practical and eye-catching.

This two-seater features deep seats and modern flared arms, with a stunning buttoning detail across the back cushions. The velvet upholstery covers the entire frame, the back and seat cushions, as well as the bolster pillows, making this sofa a real treat to relax on and one of the best dark tone sofas in our collection.

The Finlay Collection is also home to a three-seater sofa and, when paired together in marvellous marine blue, this sofa set really brings vibrancy to your living room.

Frinton Corner Sofa In Brown

Frinton corner Sofa brown 2

The 3rd best dark tone sofa – Calling all fans of timeless, rustic furniture, the Frinton Corner Sofa is ready and waiting for you. With a generous amount of legroom, get ready to stretch out your legs and relax – this sofa comes with complementary accent pillows that make it even easier to nap on the couch.

The Frinton holds all the features you would expect of a traditional, leather sofa, including the scroll arms and the deep buttoning detail. However, you’ll notice the intricate studding details on the frame that give this classic corner sofa a luxurious, contemporary twist. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a brown, faux leather corner sofa as gorgeous as this one.

In need of more faux leather living room furniture? The Frinton Collection has plenty of matching furniture to make your living room look even more incredible, such as a two-seater, three-seater, and armchair.

Orla 2-Seater Sofa In Navy

Orla 2 Seater Sofa navy

The 4th best dark tone sofa The Orla two-seater sofa is so comfy that it always takes centre stage in your home on movie night. Due to the plump back and seat cushions, that are upholstered in chunky, woven fabric, you won’t have a hard time relaxing on this modest settee.

Thanks to its modest proportions, this two-seater sofa will fit into virtually any space, no matter how tight, making it an ideal choice for smaller lounges. The best part? It does so without compromising on either style or comfort, creating a really inviting atmosphere making it one of the best dark tone sofas for the gathering of family and friends.

These sofas look lovely in navy blue. This dark tone allows the Orla to be versatile when it comes to decor, as it will look lovely with almost any shade. The Orla Collection is also home to a three-seater sofa, so you could have an insanely cosy 3+2 seater set if you wanted to.

Madden 3-Seater Sofa In Denim

Madden 3 Seater Sofa denim

The 5th best dark tone sofa – Do you love clean lines and a distinctly modern look? Then you’ll adore the Madden three-seater. This compact, fabric sofa will certainly bring a vibrant feel to your living space.

The Madden has a smart, square frame with super clean lines, and the cushions are upholstered in soft-touch fabric, making lounging on this sofa immensely easy. Another incredible bonus of this three-seater is that the stunning chrome legs make your room feel larger by giving the illusion of extra space.

The Madden is one of the best dark tone sofas and is available in a dark-tone, denim blue which can create a cool vibe in your space, especially when paired with either neutral or bold accessories. Pairing this settee with an ottoman that complements your colour scheme will truly add dimension to your space.

Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa In Black

Hatton Corner Sofa and Footstool final edited

The 6th best dark tone sofa – Black sofas can be a risky move in the living room. However, the Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa can look truly sophisticated in your house.

Upholstered in absolutely gorgeous crushed velvet fabric, this corner sofa simply oozes luxury, particularly in this glamorous shade of black that allows you to see the intricate, unique detailing of the material. The chaise end allows you to kick back and relax whenever you want, regardless of your height, and will likely become your favourite nap spot, and the scatter back pillows offer another level of comfort.

The Hatton Collection offers some other extremely elegant pieces of living room furniture including a two-seater, three-seater, swivel chair, and footstool.


Overall, dark-tone sofas are a bold move for the living room but they really aren’t impossible to pull off. Always consider the shade you are going to choose for your sofa and make sure you research will colours will perfectly complement it. Also, ensure that your dark-tone sofa isn’t up against equally dark walls, so you can avoid making your lounge look dark and dreary.

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The Top 6 Best Light Tone Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 6 Best Light Tone Sofas From Our Collections

Best Light Tone Sofas – Longing for a living room that is bright and airy? Do you want a lounge that has a calm and tranquil atmosphere? If that sounds about right, you’re likely to want a light-tone sofa for your living room.

Pretty much all colours have light and dark shades, so you’ll find that light tones don’t discriminate against either cool or warm shades. Very often, light-toned living room furniture can actually make your living space feel bigger and extremely inviting.

If you’re interested in bringing newfound vibrance into your home, read on to check out some of the favourite light-tone sofas from across our collections.

Best Light Tone Sofa: Thorton 3-Seater Sofa In Grey

Elegance meets comfort with the suave Thorton three-seater. This fabulous, fabric sofa features a highly contemporary design fit for only the most stylish of houses.

Offering eye-catching flared arms, along with immensely intricate buttoning and studding details this is the perfect sofa to suit the theme of modern-day sophistication. Available in glamorous grey, this three-seater sofa can meet a diverse range of living room colour schemes.

If you have the space in your house for matching furniture, then consider the Thorton 3+2 Seater Suite for your home. However, if you’re dealing with a small space but you need additional seating, consider pairing your new sofa with an accent chair in a shade that complements your colour palette.

Clarke 2-Seater Sofa In Natural

Clarke Best Light Tone Sofa

The 2nd best light tone sofa – Fabric sofas are always a popular choice, and the Clarke two-seater is one of our most sought after products. At Chill Sofas, we only use the most high-quality materials and this two-seater is no exception.

Upholstered in soft-touch fabric, the frame of this compact sofa manages to pull off a sleek, minimalist look, while the plump back and seat cushions simultaneously make this couch insanely comfortable. Available in our natural shade, this two-seater sofa works as a blank canvas in your living space and will adapt to any colour scheme you desire.

If you’re looking for a great set, the Clarke Collection is also home to a fantastic three-seater sofa, that is great to relax on. Fancy stretching your legs out? Then pairing a perfectly matched footstool or ottoman with your new couch could be the perfect option.

Brackley Large Corner Sofa In Duck Egg

Brackley light lifestyle

Who says seating the whole family has to come at the cost of style? The 3rd best light tone sofa; The Brackley Large Corner Sofa will prove any doubters wrong with its chic look and comfortability.

Corner sofas undoubtedly have a lot of benefits and the Brackley boasts all of them which makes it one of the best light tone sofas. Providing plenty of seating for family and guests, an attractive design, and cushions upholstered in soft, durable fabric, making this the perfect place to chill out or nap.

This spacious corner sofa takes centre stage in your living room by maintaining a contemporary feel, while also bearing traditional features, such as the classic scroll arm and scatter back design. Available in our dazzling duck egg shade, this light-tone sofa is striking for all the right reasons.

Sherborne 2-Seater Sofa In Silver

Sherborne 2 Seater Sofa Silver

The 4th best light tone sofa – Relaxation has never looked so sophisticated with the Sherborne two-seater. This crushed velvet sofa offers a curvaceous shape that has an undeniably relaxing air about it, perfect for classy and comforting interiors.

This combination of simple lines and gentle curves offers an inviting warmth, and the softness of the crushed velvet upholstery will embrace you as soon as you take a seat. The scroll arms and scatter back design, paired with the velvet fabrics make this small sofa a real standout.

When you buy the Sherborne in suave silver, you can really appreciate all of the individual, intricate details of the crushed velvet fabric that just oozes classiness and have one of the best light tone sofas right in your very own living room.

Lynton 3-Seater Sofa In Grey

Lynton 3Str Sofa

The 5th best light tone sofa – Implement some classic style into your home with the Lynton three-seater. This sleek, velvet sofa has an undeniable charm that can create an immensely homely atmosphere, all while remaining superbly fashionable.

The beautiful frame boasts traditional scroll arms and a deep buttoning detail that looks incredibly chic. The gorgeous, velvet upholstery covers the frame, seat cushions, and scatter back pillows, making this the ideal couch to curl up on in the evening.

The Lynton in grey looks fabulous when matched with occasional chairs in modern styles. Browse through our amazing collection of accent chairs to find the perfect fit for your home.

Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa In Cream

Grantley Corner Sofa right creme

The 6th best light tone sofa – Prioritising comfort in a big family home? Then the Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa should be your number one pick. This corner sofa is upholstered in jumbo cord fabric that makes for a dream-like seating experience.

The chaise end allows you to put your feet up and relax any time you want to, no matter how tall or short you may be. Once your head hits one of the soft, scatter back cushions, you’ll be finding it hard not to constantly nap. Who needs sofa beds when you have a chaise end sofa?

Available to buy in a crisp shade of cream, the Grantley will blend seamlessly into any pre-existing colour schemes or, alternatively, it allows you a blank canvas for any new decor you want to put in your lounge.


Light-toned sofas really can refresh a living space and allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to decorating. These are just a few of the great sofas that we have on offer. Check out our full range of living room furniture and we are certain you’ll find a settee you love.

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The Top 5 Best Chaise End Corner Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 5 Best Chaise End Corner Sofas From Our Collections

Best Chaise End Corner Sofas – All types of corner sofas can make your living space look trendy. From an l-shaped corner sofa to a u-shaped corner sofa, it is pretty amazing how many styles you can get to suit a variety of different living rooms.

Despite the many styles they offer, some of the best corner sofas are the ones with chaise ends. Whether you need to seat the whole family, or you’re just really tall and want to stretch your legs, there are plenty of chaise-end corner sofas that could be the right fit for you.

Read on to browse through some of our very best.

Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa

Bampton best Chaise End Corner Sofa

The best chaise end corner sofa – If you need a touch of style in your home, then the Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa could be the perfect corner sofa for your home. Everything about this corner sofa, from the simple, scatter back design to the gentle, velvet upholstery, allows it to exude an understated elegance.

This stunning corner sofa is bound to be a focal point in your lounge, regardless of which colour you opt for. If you desire something to accompany a neutral palette, then try the Bampton in either mink or grey. However, if you really want to make a bold statement, then consider purchasing this sofa in indigo or teal.

The Bampton Collection features a fantastic range of velvet living room furniture including a two-seater, three-seater, swivel chair, and footstool. So, if you want matching furniture to pair with your chaise-end corner sofa, you’re in luck!

Romiley Corner Chaise Sofa

Romiley corner lifestyle

The 2nd best chaise end corner sofa – The Romiley Corner Chaise Sofa ticks all of the boxes for those of you out there who want a simple, yet stylish living room. The Romiley may not be a large corner sofa but don’t let that fool you! While this couch has modest proportions, it can still comfortably seat any guests you have over.

This chaise end sofa is relatively minimalistic, however, the mist grey colour allows it to work seamlessly in rooms of all colour schemes. When paired with complementing accent pillows, this fabric corner sofa really can tie a room together, while the stylish wooden legs give off the illusion of more floor space.

Consider matching the Romiley chaise sofa with either its matching two-seater or three-seater to really make an impact.

Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa

Hatton Corner Sofa and Footstool final edited

The 3rd best chaise end corner sofa – Insert some sophistication into your home with the Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa. Upholstered in gorgeous crushed velvet, this corner sofa is guaranteed to make a statement in your living space. It has plenty of room to accommodate any family or guests who come to visit, and is the perfect choice to curl up on for movie night.

This contemporary corner sofa perfectly combines style and comfort, making it the best chaise end corner sofa for anyone who cares about relaxing on a good-looking sofa. The Hatton is available in three wonderful shades that will make your lounge look fabulous: black, silver, and mink.

The stunning Hatton Collection includes an incredible two-seater, three-seater, swivel chair, and footstool. Any of which would really tie your room together neatly, when paired with the corner sofa.

Radley Corner Chaise Sofa

Radley corner lifestyle

The 4th best chaise end corner sofa – The Radley Corner Chaise Sofa makes a sleek addition to any living room. This compact corner sofa is the whole package. It is chic, comfy, and convenient all at the same time.

The back cushions and seat cushions are upholstered in stunning velvet fabric making this the best chaise end corner sofa to put your feet up and take a nap on. The modern frame features an elegant, intricate studding detail that makes the Radley the perfect sofa for a fashion-forward home.

The Radley is available in two understated neutral shades – grey and charcoal – that will certainly bring a sophisticated vibe to your lounge.

Oakley Corner Chaise Sofa

Oakley corner chaise lifestyle

The 5th best chaise end corner sofa – If you’re searching for a stylish, modest corner sofa for your house, you don’t get much better than the Oakley Corner Chaise Sofa. This cosy couch will manage to blend into your home while standing out at the same time.

Available in either grey or stone, the Oakley will automatically match with any pre-existing colour palette or decor that you have in your space, which is a huge bonus. The scatter back design is what really makes a statement, as it opts for a mix of matching cushions and striking accent cushions to make this sofa pop in your home.

As well as this lovely, chaise end sofa, the Oakley Collection boasts another corner sofa, a two-seater, a three-seater, a swivel chair, and a footstool. You definitely won’t have a hard time finding beautiful matching furniture!


All of these chaise end sofas would be a welcome addition to your home and will certainly bring a newfound sense of style with them. We have plenty of sofas to choose from, to suit homes of all shapes and sizes. If your dream sofa wasn’t on this list, make sure you check out all of the other amazing living room furniture that we have on offer at Chill Sofas.

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The Top 5 Best Blue Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 5 Best Blue Sofas From Our Collections

Top 5 Best Blue Sofas – Most living rooms play it safe in terms of colour scheme, opting for a more neutral palette so, if you feel like making a statement, you can do so by choosing a bold colour for your living room furniture.

One colour that will definitely make your sofa the focal point of your lounge is blue. While there are so many shades of blue, they all radiate the calm, tranquil vibe of the ocean and nature, making them a great choice for the room where your main focus is relaxation.

If you’re in the mood to find the perfect sofa, to give your living space a contemporary style, then check out the top 5 blue sofas that we have in our collection.

Best Blue Sofa: Finlay 2-Seater Sofa In Marine

finlay best blue sofa

The 1st best blue sofa – The Finlay two-seater in marvellous, marine blue will undoubtedly make a statement in your living room. This gorgeous, compact sofa seamlessly blends both modern and traditional styles by combining straight lines with delicate curves, which makes for an incredibly unique style.

This dark blue sofa is upholstered in a soft-touch fabric, making it incredibly comfortable even in a small space. The back cushions have an intricate, deep buttoning detail and the seat cushions are accompanied by a pair of complementary bolster pillows. Accompanied by an accented footstool, this two-seater is an ideal sofa to chill out on after a long day.

The Finlay Collection is also home to a stunning three-seater and both couches are available in two other delightful shades: grey and mallard.

Beau 3-Seater Sofa In Ink

Beau 3 Seater Sofa ink

The 2nd best blue sofa – If minimalism is more your style, the Beau three-seater in ink blue could be the right fit for your home. This velvet, contemporary sofa makes a big impact, implementing a sleek and sumptuous style to your living space through simplicity and clean lines.

Velvet sofas are an increasingly popular choice for living rooms as, not only are they stylish, but they’re extremely cosy too! As soon as you feel the gentle, velvet upholstery of this three-seater, you’ll find yourself wanting the whole collection.

If you require matching furniture, the Beau is also available as a two-seater and comes in emerald and grey, as well as ink blue.

Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa In Indigo

Bampton corner LH indigo

The 3rd best blue sofa – In need of a sofa to suit the whole family? Then look no further than the Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa in vibrant, indigo blue. This stunning corner sofa will add style and class to your home with minimal effort.

The beautiful, velvet upholstery of this scatter back corner sofa makes it a real stand out – finding a settee that offers a place to relax, while also looking extremely elegant, can be a difficult task. Corner sofas are ideal for lounging and the chaise end ensures that, no matter how tall you are, you are guaranteed to be able to get comfy.

The Bampton Collection simply radiates sophistication, boasting a two-seater, three-seater, swivel chair, and footstool to accompany this fantastic corner sofa. The whole set is available to buy in grey, mink, and teal, as well as indigo.

Orla 2-Seater Sofa In Navy Blue

The 4th best blue sofa – The Orla two-seater is one of the comfiest sofas on the market today, and it looks especially good in navy blue. While the Orla may be a small sofa, it can certainly command a living room.

It’s also one of the best blue sofas because the sofa’s frame, along with the back and seat cushions, features gentle curves that look both inviting and relaxing. Upholstered in durable, woven fabric, you’re not going to find a sofa much comfier than this for your home.

The Orla is also available as a three-seater if you have extra space to play with, or you just want the whole set, and both sofas can be bought in duck egg, silver, and stone, as well as navy.

Amberley 3-Seater Sofa In Teal

The 5th best blue sofa – The Amberley three-seater sofa is one of our most popular sofas for a reason. This Chesterfield sofa makes an instant statement in the home, particularly when purchased in terrific teal.

With deep seats, scroll arms, and deep buttoning details, no detail is forgotten about with this stunning three-seater. It just emanates a sense of regality and classiness that is unmatched by most other furniture and the velvet upholstery ensures that it’s exceptionally comfy, on top of its stylishness.

When paired together, the Amberley two-seater and three-seater collection look simply amazing so, if you need the additional seating space, this could be the perfect set for you.


A blue sofa is definitely something you should take into consideration if you want to create a totally individualistic living space. Pair your blue furniture with cool, muted tones to maintain a serene atmosphere or go all out with equally bold shades to make a statement. Whatever you do, it’s bound to look beautiful.

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The Top 5 Best Grey Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 5 Best Grey Sofas From Our Collections

Top 5 best grey sofas – According to online studies, the most popular sofa colour is grey. This isn’t really surprising since grey is one of the most versatile colours out there. The neutral shade of a grey sofa makes it adaptable to practically any living space, regardless of your pre-existing colour palette or home decor.

Grey might be considered a safe option when it comes to selecting your living room furniture but that’s not to say it can’t still be stylish. Paired with some amazing accessories and decor, grey sofas can become a focal point of the lounge.

Think a grey sofa is a perfect choice for your home? Take a look at some of the best grey sofas from our collections.

Best Grey Sofa: Bampton 3-Seater Sofa In Grey

Bampton best grey sofa

The Bampton is one of the best grey sofas as it adds a touch of class to your living space with the gorgeous Bampton three-seater. This fashionable sofa emanates elegance and looks particularly sleek in glamorous grey.

Boasting a modern frame, with a fabulous scatter back design and upholstered in stunning, soft velvet, the Bampton is simple yet sophisticated simultaneously. Relaxing on the Bampton is sure to be a treat.

Desire some matching furniture to further solidify the classiness of your living room? Then the Bampton Collection is the set for you boasting the best grey sofas in our collection, as it includes a two-seater, three-seater, corner chaise sofa, footstool, and swivel chair. All pieces of furniture are upholstered in sumptuously soft velvet and are available in indigo, mink, and teal, as well as grey.

Marlow 2-Seater Sofa In Grey

Marlow 2 seater

The 2nd best grey sofa is the Marlow. If you’re looking for stylish sofas that fit into a small room, the Marlow two-seater fits the bill. Offering a unique, contemporary take on an array of traditional sofa styles, the Marlow is bound to make a statement in your lounge.

The Marlow features a classic, camelback design with traditional scroll arms and wooden legs, mixed with straight-edged seat cushions and gorgeous, accent throw pillows. The soft, neutral grey fabric allows this sofa to blend seamlessly into a variety of colour schemes, while also making a statement.

The Marlow is also available as a three-seater if you need a larger seating option. It’s also available to buy in mink.

Romiley Corner Chaise Sofa In Mist

Romiley Corner Chaise

The 3rd best grey sofa is the Romiley. Comfort and style combine beautifully to form the Romiley Corner Chaise Sofa in shade mist. This is the ideal corner sofa if you need to seat the whole family plus any guests you may invite over.

Corner sofas with deep seats are the ultimate choice for lazy evenings. The chaise end allows you to kick up your feet and chill out, regardless of how tall you are. Paired with lovely accent throw pillows and bolster cushions, this sofa has all of the ingredients to be the best nap spot in your house.

The Romiley is available as either left-hand facing or right-hand facing to suit the needs of your living room. The set also features a two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa, for those who have the space for matching furniture.

Amberley 2-Seater Sofa In Grey

The 4th best grey sofa is the Amberley. The Amberley two-seater in grey is an absolutely amazing Chesterfield sofa, that will certainly add a vibrant, bold feel to your space. If you prefer a deep-seated couch, the Amberley is a standout choice for sitting and lounging on.

With scroll arms and an intricate buttoning detail, the Amberley boasts the traditional features of the Chesterfield design. However, while they are typically upholstered in leather, this two-seater sofa is actually upholstered in soft-touch velvet, giving it a modern and comfy twist.

The Amberley Collection is also home to a three-seater if you need a bigger seating option. This pair of sofas are available in teal as well as grey.

Clarke 3-Seater Sofa In Silver

Clarke 3 Seater Sofa

The 5th best grey sofa is the Clarke. The Clarke three-seater in silver is the epitome of modern furniture: simple and stylish. This compact couch is the perfect choice for smaller rooms but still manages to make a big impact.

The Clarke is a great modern sofa, offering clean lines and innovative armrests that add interest. The height of the back cushions provides plenty of back, neck, and shoulder support, while the seat cushions are insanely comfortable to chill out on.

The stately, silver fabric upholstery gives this three-seater an even more glamorous flare, but it is also available in the shade natural. The Clarke Collection also has a two-seater option, and these two settees look incredible as a set.


Grey sofas can be an outstanding choice for your living room. Their neutral tone allows you to decorate them however you want to. Certain accents will look better with your new sofa, depending on the hues of the shade of grey that you’ve chosen – shades like navy blue, royal blue, and green look amazing with cool tones of grey, while colours like red and yellow are beautiful when paired with warm shades of grey.

No matter what route you go down, you can be certain that a new grey sofa will be a fantastic addition to your home, that you will never regret.

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The Top 5 Best Brown Sofas From Our Collections

The Top 5 Best Brown Sofas From Our Collections

Top 5 best brown sofas – These days, brown isn’t the most common colour choice for a new sofa. Immediately, people’s minds will think of those outdated, brown leather sofas of days past. However, with a little attention to detail, a brown sofa can be just as stylish as any other colour sofa.

Typically, living rooms tend to play it safe and opt for neutral shades. Brown is interesting because it is a warm, neutral tone, which means that a brown sofa will look inviting and be easy to style too!

Been browsing the internet and can’t find the best brown sofas in a flattering shade of brown? Let us help you out. Here are the 5 best brown sofas we have on offer here at Chill Sofas.

Best Brown Sofas – The Frinton 3-Seater Sofa

Frinton 3 Seater best brown sofas

Brown leather sofas don’t always look drab. In fact, if kept in good condition, the best brown sofas can bring a timeless, rustic feel to your living room furniture. The Frinton three-seater is a prime example of a fashionable leather sofa.

It’s oozing with traditional features, such as scroll arms, turned wooden legs, and deep-buttoning detail, but it still manages to slot perfectly into a contemporary living space. Sink into the comfortable, faux leather seat cushions and spend your evenings relaxing on this stunning three-seater.

For those of you who love a matching furniture set, the Frinton collection also boasts a corner sofa and an armchair. The Frinton is also available for purchase in black.

Witney Large Corner Sofa In Taupe

Witney Corner Sofa 4 taupe 1

Corner sofas are a great choice for any lounge that prioritises relaxation, as well as for homes that need additional seating space. Need a sofa fit for the whole family? Then you’ve found your ideal match with the Witney Large Corner Sofa in terrific taupe.

The Witney boasts a sleek, modern design that isn’t too overbearing, and is complete with stunning accent, scatter back cushions that make this l-shaped sofa even more irresistibly comfortable. The fabric upholstery is soft to the touch and is available in grey, as well as taupe and making it one of the best brown sofas.

Grantley 2-Seater Sofa In Chocolate

The Grantley two-seater in chocolate brown is a gorgeous small sofa, that is ideal for compact living rooms. It radiates an inviting warmth and is sure to provide endless amounts of comfort in your home.

One of the best brown sofas, this contemporary style sofa is upholstered in immensely cosy jumbo cord fabric – from the seat cushions to the scatter back pillows, you’re going to be snug at all times. Not only is this lovely two-seater comfy, but the chocolate brown shade is unbelievably stylish – it looks fabulous when accented with warm tones, such as red and yellow.

The Grantley Collection is a great set that includes a three-seater, corner chaise sofa, swivel chair, and footstool, as well as this gorgeous two-seater. The entire set is available in chocolate but can also be purchased in black, charcoal, coffee, and cream.

Flitwick 3-Seater Sofa In Brown

Flitwick 3 Seater

Prepare for a seating experience like no other with the Flitwick three-seater in brown. This elegant couch is the epitome of style and comfort, as it brings an undoubtedly regal atmosphere to a living space, while also being the perfect piece of furniture to relax on.

This exceptional settee uniquely mixes fabric and faux leather upholstery, while blending light and dark shades of brown that work together seamlessly. Coupled with the amazing, accent scatter back cushions, this sofa is bound to be the focal point of your home.

The Flitwick Collection is outstandingly beautiful and is comprised of this three-seater, a corner sofa, and a swivel chair – all available in brown and black.

Newport Large Corner Sofa In Coffee

Got space for a hugely comfortable piece of furniture in your living room? Then look no further than the Newport Large Corner Sofa in shade coffee. Whether you simply like lounging around, or you have a big family or guests to accommodate on a regular basis, this sofa should be number one on your wishlist.

The super-soft, jumbo cord fabric makes the Newport an excellent choice for those who like to chill out on their sofa in the evenings after work. The scatter back cushions, paired with some snug blankets, make for a great nap spot (or even a spare bed, if you need it).


All of these wonderful, fashionable sofas are proof that brown furniture can look absolutely beautiful in the home. Try and pair your new, brown settee with warm-toned accessories to maintain the warm, inviting vibe of brown shades – this also helps you to keep a well-rounded colour palette in your lounge.

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The 7 Best Gaming Sofas On Sale

The 7 Best Gaming Sofas On Sale

Hadley Corner Chaise sofa
Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa
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Orla 3 Seater
Orla 3 Seater Sofa
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Romiley 3 Seater
Romiley 3 Seater Sofa
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Grantley Corner Chaise
Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa
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Putney armchair
Putney Armchair
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For those of you who are lucky enough to have a dedicated gaming room in your home or those of you who just have a pretty neat gaming setup in your living room, you’re going to want the best gaming sofas that keeps you comfortable as you play games while giving you the support that you need.

While there are some awesome, specifically designed gaming couches and gaming chairs on the market, they simply aren’t an option for everyone for a variety of reasons.

There are some great regular sofas out there that will work perfectly for your late-night gaming sessions or even just watching movies – the main priority of a gaming couch is comfort. Let’s have a look at some of the best gaming couches and chairs we have on offer at Chill Sofas.

Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa

Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa
Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa

There are several reasons why the Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa would work well as a game room couch. It boasts a simple, contemporary design that isn’t too overbearing and works beautifully in practically any space, especially as it is available as either left-hand or right-hand facing.

What’s better than stretching out your legs while playing your favorite games or having a movie night? The chaise end of the Hadley allows you to have ultimate comfort at all times, which is exactly what you want from a gaming sofa.

Furthermore, the Hadley is one of the best gaming sofas, upholstered in a super-soft, durable fabric that makes for an extremely comfortable seating experience, and is available in neutral tones of either taupe or graphite so it can blend into any space.

Orla 3-Seater Sofa

Orla 3 Seater
Orla 3 Seater

Considered one of the comfiest and one of the best gaming sofas that we have on offer, the Orla three-seater is certain to be the best gaming sofas that don’t have a chaise end or any leg rests.

The Orla has a curvaceous, attractive design that is sure to stand out. With chunky back and seat cushions upholstered in woven fabric, you’ll find yourself sinking into this stunning three-seater and chilling out for hours at a time, making it a great gaming couch.

The best gaming sofas available in duck egg, navy, silver, and stone, you won’t have to worry about this gaming sofa being a mismatch for any of the pre-existing decor, as it will blend right in.

Romiley 3-Seater Sofa

Romiley 3 Seater
Romiley 3 Seater

If you don’t like to kick back while you’re gaming, the Romiley three-seater is the better option for those who tend to sit on the edge of their seat while playing video games.

For those of you who have long gaming sessions the best gaming sofas are essential, you should look at gaming sofas that offer your body more support, to avoid and back, neck, or shoulder pain, while still being comfortable couch in general. The Romiley is great for this as it encourages you to sit up straight and is accompanied by accent bolster pillows that you can use for extra support when you need it.

Available in charcoal and mist, this neutral-toned gaming sofa is bound to look amazing in your gaming den.

Grantley Chaise Corner Sofa

 Grantley Chaise Corner Sofa
Grantley Chaise Corner Sofa

Much like the Hadley, the Grantley Chaise Corner Sofa is an immensely comfortable corner sofa. As we know, chaise end corner sofas make for great gaming couches but the Grantley goes above and beyond.

w ith the best gaming sofas , not only can you put your legs up and chill out while you’re having a gaming session but there’s also plenty of extra seating for any friends or family who want to observe or join in with the gaming experience.

Upholstered in soft fabric, the Grantley is so comfortable that it could probably double as a guest bed if you needed it to. Not to mention, it’s available in a wide variety of shades including black, charcoal, chocolate, coffee, and cream, so there is plenty of great options to choose from for your game room.

Putney Armchair

putney best gaming sofa

You may not have the money or the space to invest in a whole new sofa for your gaming room so a gaming chair is a great option instead.

Theoretically, the best gaming chair would provide you with ultimate comfort as well as plenty of bodily support. Therefore, the Putney Armchair would make a great addition to your game room.

This classic design boasts a deep-buttoning detail and wooden legs and is finished in soft fabric so you’re sure to feel comfortable for the duration of your gaming night. Meanwhile, the solid frame does its best to keep you from slouching so you can maintain the best posture possible.

Other Best Gaming Sofas

The sofas listed above are perfect examples of couches that you could implement into a games room, that we specifically have available here at Chill Sofas. There are some other options out there that could potentially suit you as well.


A reclining sofa is great for any room of the house but they specifically work great in gaming rooms. You can go between reclining back and relaxing during slow moments of gameplay to being sat upright during more intense moments. which makes it one of the best gaming sofas on the market

Usually finished in leather upholstery, recliners are generally pretty easy to clean if you leave any crumbs or stains from any snacks you consume throughout your gaming session.

If you don’t have the money or space for a recliner, then a footstool or ottoman is an outstanding and convenient alternative.

Bean Bag Chairs

If you need something to sink into, then a bean bag chair will provide you with the utmost comfort. While they’re not entirely sustainable and offer little to no support, they aren’t bad for gaming sessions that last short periods of time. They happen to look really cool, too!


Having a gaming room and the best gaming sofas is up there with one of the coolest things in the world so it’s important that you pick the gaming couch that is right for you. Think about your gaming and your seating habits and how that affects what kind of sofa or chair you should invest in.

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