Our 2 Seater Crushed Velvet Sofas Under £500

When you want to make a bold statement about your tastes and styles, it’s not just your looks and your clothes that people are going to judge you on. If you are a socialite that likes to host dinner parties and cocktail nights, it doesn’t matter how expensive your dress is, if you make your guests sit on that old tatty sofa the dog likes to chew.

When you think of style, of class, of elegance, there is only one material that you should be considering for your upholstery… Crushed Velvet.

For years, crushed velvet sofas were reserved for the wealthy, for those people who didnt mind signing their lives away to a sleazy salesman in a 5-year finance deal. For those that had money to blow. Chill Sofas is here to change that. 

Our mission is to take those sofas that you fantasize about and make them a reality. First and foremost, this means making them affordable. So that is what we did.

All of our sofas would look perfectly at home in a mainstream showroom, they have the same level of quality and use the same high-end materials. They look just as good, if not better but there is one stark difference. The price.

This means that you dont have to pick the perfect sofa based on your budget, you pick the perfect sofa full stop and we make it affordable for you. We know how important your sofa is. We’ve spent the same nights binging Netflix, making memories, and eating takeaways that you have. We have hosted parties and perched on the arms whilst chatting into the night with loved ones. Those memories are precious, and we want to help you create more of them.

Just look at our Crushed Velvet Hatton 2 Seater and you will see what we mean. Sophisticated, classy, comfortable, this is the sofa dreams are made of and will be the talking point of any dinner party.

No matter what your style, no matter how tough the decision, we are here to help. With a one-year warranty on all products and as experts in both customer service and interior design, our team will be more than happy to advise on any questions you may have.

Crushed Velvet… Chill Sofas… A Combination Made From Heaven

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