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9 Easy Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room

Not everyone has the advantage of a large living room and, unfortunately, small living rooms can feel quite claustrophobic if they aren’t styled correctly. The living room is the soul of the house and, when it feels cramped, you may find yourself not wanting to spend much time in there.

However, you can still decorate a small living room, having a compact living room doesn’t mean your home can’t be stylish. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make a tiny living room feel larger-than-life. Read on for some top tips on how to decorate a small living room.

Choose A Modest Sofa

decorate a small living room
Modest Sofa In Small Room

Let’s be honest, cramming a large sofa to decorate a small living room isn’t going to make it feel any bigger, it’s just bound to make your sitting room look cramped. Those who are strapped for space may want to consider a smaller sofa, like a two-seater sofa for example.

Selecting a two-seater sofa, such as the Madden sofa, would make a perfect choice to decorate a small living room – its compact nature will allow it to fit into any small space, while its chrome legs lift it from the ground and give the illusion of more precious floor space.

Swap Sofas For Chairs

This may sound outlandish, as sofas tend to be the focal point of a living room. However, replacing your sofa with two chairs will actually break up your small living space and make it look even bigger. There’s no doubt it will also add tonnes of interest to your living space.

We recommend two strategically placed armchairs to decorate a small living room. When placed in front of your television or fireplace, turned inward slightly, they make for a great seat. You don’t have to share a seat but you’re still able to socialise – it’s a win/win!

Incorporate Ottomans

To decorate a small living room, no piece of furniture is more perfect than an ottoman. While their main purpose is extra storage, they have a multitude of other uses.

Place your ottoman in front of your sofa or chair for maximum impact. In this placement, your ottoman can double as a footstool and a coffee table. If you require extra seating for guests, then an easily moveable ottoman will make a great stool.

Overall, their multifunctionality proves them to be a standout addition to decorate a small living room.

Use Smaller Sized Furniture

Small Sofa In Small living room
Small Sofa In Small Modern Room

While we have already discussed the benefits of using a smaller sofa to decorate a small living room, the same can be said about any other furniture you wish to place in your home.

For example, instead of having one large coffee table, use two smaller coffee tables to break up the space and add an extra layer of convenience to your lounge.

Keep Furniture Away From The Walls

To decorate a small living room, it can be tempting to push your furniture against the walls to allow for more floor space but it can actually be advantageous to avoid doing so.

Keeping your sofa, or any other pieces of furniture, away from the walls can add depth to your lounge and even make it look wider.

Add A Large Rug

One sure-fire way to make a cramped living room look bigger is by adding a large rug – one that takes up most of the floor space.

A small rug will break up the floor space, whereas a large rug will tie the room together while adding immense character that you can design the rest of your sitting room around.

Keep It Light

A small living room can benefit from lots of natural light and a brighter colour palette. Keep your curtains or blinds open to bring great radiance into your home.

Using light neutrals, such as natural, cream and beige, are perfect for small living rooms as they will make your lounge noticeably brighter and more vibrant, unlike dark colours that might make your sitting room look even smaller.

Make An Impact With Mirrors

Untitled 3
Stylish Mirror In Small Modern Apartment

Mirrors are a quintessential item to place in a small living room. Their reflective quality bounces vibrant light around your room and also makes it look bigger.

One large mirror propped up on the mantel will undoubtedly look chic but hanging up multiple smaller mirrors will simultaneously keep your decor simple and stylish.

Keeping Things Snug

Embrace the cosy quality of having a small living room and add some texture to your home. Keep things intimate by having a close seating arrangement so you can socialise with family and friends.

Learning to decorate using our sofa accessories styling guide using throw pillows, throw blankets, and soft rugs will certainly radiate warmth around your home and make your lounge look extra inviting.


Don’t look at your small living room as an issue, look at it as a challenge! Following these great tips and incorporating your personality into your lounge is sure to make your home feel incredibly inviting. There’s no doubt that your tiny living room will become your happy place in no time.

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