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4 Great Tips For Mixing Modern And Traditional Furniture

modern and traditional furniture
Stylish Sofa Next To Christmas Tree

As the old saying goes, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Therefore, most people tend to choose a specific theme for their home and stick to it. Doesnt mean you cant mix modern and traditional furniture.

Whether you want a totally minimalist living room or you’re trying to replicate the design of an old, traditional-style country cabin, you’re likely to stick with what works for you and your home.

However, mixing modern and traditional furniture is a bold move that will certainly give your lounge a unique sense of style. Here are some of our top tips and tricks for mixing different furniture styles.

Choose Your Main Style

It’s important to consider which kind of style you want dominating your home so that they can complement each other rather than compete with one another. Contemplate your personal style preference and go from there.

If you want a modern room, you’re going to want to have mainly contemporary furniture with a small number of traditional furniture pieces. Try a contemporary sofa with clean lines paired with a smaller, traditional accent chair for a more subtle integration of the classic style. If you want a traditional style living room with a modern twist, you’ll need to do the opposite, while making sure the different styles of furniture all complement each other.

Whichever way you decide to go, the main style you choose will be the base for your interior design and the second of the two styles will make up your accent pieces. This eclectic mix of modern and traditional furniture will really allow you to reinvigorate your home décor.

Contrast To Add Interest

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Chair In Front Of Modern Sofa

Sometimes you want to add excitement to your lounge, rather than to make everything blend seamlessly. Make a stand and be daring with your choice of colours and materials, to really make your furniture a focal point.

Modern shapes for sofas focus on quadrilateral shapes, such as squares and rectangles, boasting clean straight lines. Our Beau 2 seater sofa is a prime example of a modern design but it would draw further interest when paired with a traditional style, round oak coffee table or an antique lamp. The contrast of shapes, materials and styles will really make a statement.

Similarly, our Flitwick 3 seater sofa boasts a lovely traditional design but would look divine with a contemporary style, glass coffee table or side tables. By mixing modern and traditional furniture, you are giving yourself more options for styling and contrast.

Merge The Styles Equally

When mixing modern and traditional furniture, you don’t want to draw the wrong kind of attention to your furniture and separating your styles too harshly can drag your living space down. Opposites attract, so it’s all about merging these contrasting furniture styles together to create a balanced look.

You want your living room to have a cohesive look so if you have all of your modern furniture on one side of the room and your traditional furniture on the other it’s going to be a mismatch.

To mix modern and traditional furniture, try spreading out your furniture equally to ensure that the flow of the room. If your dominant theme is a traditional style, try placing a classic leather sofa, for example, in the centre of the room and dotting modern accent pieces around on your coffee table, side table, or mantlepiece.

Mixing modern and traditional furniture doesn’t just have to stay in the lounge either, you could implement this merge of styles into other rooms of the house, such as the dining room where you could mix a traditional dining table with modern dining chairs.

Think About Size

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Child On Small Sofa

When it comes to modern and traditional furniture, proportions are always important when furnishing and styling your home. It’s advantageous to keep the scale of your furniture within similar proximities. If you’re pairing a large traditional couch with smaller contemporary furnishings then things may look slightly out of place.

Combining traditional and modern furniture of similar heights and scales allows you to have more flexibility in your space and leads to a sense of coordination surrounding your interior design.

Also, while you’re caught up purchasing new furniture, don’t forget about the size of your living room. That contemporary corner sofa may look amazing but do you have the space to accommodate it?


Anything is possible if you want it to be and, trust us, mixing traditional and modern styles can be done. The important part is that you take your personal style into account and really make your living room a reflection of your personality. When done right, mixing these two styles can in fact love even better than sticking to just one style. Why not give it a go?

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