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The Best 5 Neutral Colour Sofas From Our Collections

Fancy neutral colour sofas for a neutral colour living room but you’re afraid your lounge may look bland? Fear not! Contrary to popular belief, a grey sofa isn’t the only choice if you want a neutral colour scheme.

If you want to open up endless stylistic and decorative options for your home, then a neutral living room – specifically a sofa in a neutral shade – is definitely the right option for you. Adhering to a neutral palette takes away the hassle of having to stick to a rigid colour scheme that caters to your bold-coloured sofa.

Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect family sofa or you want a couch that serves as a blank canvas and you are in need of some neutral living room ideas, we’ve got some great choices on offer.

Neutral shades are often some of the most popular sofa colours and we have plenty of shades we are sure you’ll love. Read on for the top five neutral-toned sofas from our collections.

1) Orla 2-Seater Neutral Colour Sofa In Stone

Orla 2 Seater Sofa lifestyle

Above all else, the Orla 2-Seater is comfy. With back and seat cushions that are upholstered in a marvellous, chunky fabric, the Orla is bound to be a dream come true for you if you adore soft furnishings, especially if you’re coming home to it after a long, hard day of work.

This fabric sofa offers delicate curves that create a particularly inviting space in your lounge. Combined with its compact size, this two-seater is a fabulous addition to any living space.

The Orla looks especially spectacular in stone, which is a fair shade of grey, that boasts subtle beige and khaki undertones. The cosy nature of the Orla two-seater, mixed with the dusty, saturated tone of stone, really does add warmth to a living room.

Accessorise with warm tones, like red or yellow, to really make the warm undertones of this beautiful, neutral tone stand out.

2) Knowle 3-Seater In Duck Egg

Knowle 3 Seater

If a contemporary living room is what you desire, the Knowle 3-Seater will fit right in. This symmetrical three-seater boasts an abundance of clean lines, as well as tonnes of comfort and style.

This slick neutral colour sofa offers plenty of seating space without leaving your living room feeling overwhelmed. The simple design of the Knowle is truly what makes it so great. It isn’t too showy or complex, it’s comfortable and can blend perfectly with any type of decor.

The Knowle three-seater neutral colour sofa in dazzling duck egg really is outstanding. An elegant mixture of blue, green, and grey, duck egg is one of those remarkable cool neutrals that radiate style with little effort. Duck egg look best when paired with other cool or neutral shades to further amplify the soothing, peaceful aura that it brings to a living space.

3) Oakley Corner Sofa In Pewter

Oakley corner chaise lifestyle

Need the perfect corner sofa to seat the whole family? Look no further than the Oakley Corner Sofa, a soft and striking fabric sofa that offers endless amounts of comfort. Corner sofas have never looked so stylish!

You’ll notice the foam-filled seat cushions and incredible scatter back design – that features stunning accent pillows with a modern, geometric pattern. The Oakley is a great fit for contemporary living rooms that play host to large families. There will be many movie nights spent curled up on this snug sofa.

Choosing the Oakley in shade pewter will undoubtedly add an air of sophistication as well as an aura of tranquillity. This versatile tone is highly adaptable to a range of environments and colour schemes. Accent pewter with silvers and golds to add a touch of regality to your home, or pair with cool, earthy tones to give your living room that calming atmosphere we all desire.

4) Clarke 3-Seater In Natural

Clarke 3 Seater

The Clarke 3-Seater neutral colour sofa is an astonishing piece of furniture, combining elements of both traditional and contemporary furnishings, it certainly becomes the focal point of any room it’s placed inside.

The high back design of this neutral colour sofa offers an immense amount of comfort and back support, which is ideal for those of us who love to kick back and relax. It’s also sure to make an impression on any guests who are lucky to get a spot on the sofa. The soft fabric and unique design make the Clarke the full package.

Available in natural – a shade of light beige – the Clarke three-seater neutral colour sofa can fit neatly into any pre-existing colour schemes or decor you may have. It’s also the perfect starting point if you’re decorating around your sofa, as it offers you a completely blank canvas. No matter what, the Clarke is sure to be a welcome addition to any home.

5) Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa In Cream

neutral corner sofas

You may as well throw out your bed once you’ve incorporated the Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa into your home. This astonishing neutral colour sofa is upholstered in super soft fabric, making it an incredibly relaxing seat that you could accidentally spend hours lying down on.

Offering plenty of seating and a remarkably comfortable scatter back design, the Grantley makes a great family sofa. Furthermore, the chaise end is perfect for those who love to put their feet up in front of the TV. With modest proportions, at an affordable price, there are no downsides when it comes to this fabulous l-shaped sofa.

If you purchase the Grantley neutral colour sofa in cream, you’re adding sophisticated simplicity into your home. It’s noble yet modest, a truly incredible shade. Not to mention, there are infinite options when it comes to styling, great for those who are fickle when it comes to decor.


Neutral colour sofas may not sound like the most exciting furnishing option however, ultimately, they open up the most stylistic opportunities. Having a neutral-toned sofa in your home means you can switch up your decor and your accessories whenever you feel like it. What’s stopping you? Make the leap and invest in an incredible, neutral sofa today!

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