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5 Sofa Colours That Make A Powerful Statement

If you know abit about interior design and sofa colours. Its no secret that neutral colours work very well for a sofa. Opting for beige, cream, or grey furniture allows you to accessorise with whatever colours you wish and opens up more doors for decor choices. However, you may find yourself feeling as though it’s a little on the safe side.

While the interior designer inside of you may try and persuade you to adopt a neutral colour scheme in your living room, a bold coloured sofa could be what you need to make a statement in your home. Need some inspiration? Here are five ideas for sofa colours that are certain to make your settee a statement piece.

1) Teal Sofas

teal sofa colours

Teal is a truly remarkable mixture of blue and green that just radiates gracefulness. The green hue of teal gives subtle connotations of nature, giving this shade a really comforting and tranquil vibe, a great choice for home decor.

If you need an example of just how stunning a teal couch can be, look no further than our Amberley collection. Boasting a three-seater and a two-seater, these sofas look utterly regal upholstered in teal velvet.

Struggling to think of colours that match with teal? Go for accessories in neutral shades to really make your sofa’s colour pop. Alternatively, try out some fun colours like pink or yellow to bring a newfound vibrance to your living space.

2) Mink Sofas

Mink might not seem like the boldest choice of sofa colours for the most important piece of furniture in your lounge, however, it does stand out. People may often confuse mink as being the same colour as beige or even a light pink but it’s actually a gorgeous shade of brown.

As opposed to darker shades of brown, like chocolate or coffee, mink is a paler shade that emanates a calming yet regal atmosphere unmatched by most other colours. Mink looks especially good on a crushed velvet sofa, as the crushed velvet upholstery gives it an even more sophisticated feel.

Try accessorising your mink sofa with muted, warm tones, like pale yellows or pinks, to maintain a cosy and inviting style. Neutrals also work fabulously alongside mink furniture.

3) Indigo Sofas

If you’re a fan of dark blue sofa colours but don’t quite fancy committing to a shade like navy blue, then an indigo sofa could be the right choice for your lounge. Indigo is an interesting shade that combines blue with purple that makes for a colour with heaps of personality.

Depending on how you want to style your interior, an indigo couch is one of the sofa colours that can either leave a room feeling relaxed and serene or give it a dignified sense of elegance. Pair indigo with bright, warm shades like red and orange to really make your sofa stand out. A crisp white will also help with bringing the undertones of indigo to the surface.

Our incredible Bampton collection is available in inspiring indigo. It’s the perfect range to truly make an impact in your living room.

4) Green Sofas

For some reason, green isn’t an overwhelmingly popular choice for a sofa colour. With its strong ties to nature and the outdoors, you would think that more people would incorporate that soothing, natural feel into their living space.

Lighter shades of green can bring a distinct boldness to a living space, while darker shades, such as emerald, give off a distinguished aura of nobility. Either way, green tones always bring a calming atmosphere to a room, while simultaneously making a statement.

Consider accessorising a green sofa with other deep, earthy tones, like browns and oranges, to really keep your lounge feeling relaxed.

5) Black Sofas

black sofa colours

Black may not be your first choice for a sofa colour, and understandably so. It can be extremely difficult to style and you need plenty of natural light to avoid leaving your living space feeling dark, dull, and dreary. However, when styled right, black sofas can really make a statement.

If you dare to be different, black sofas bring a striking sense of adventure to a lounge, while radiating class and sophistication. While it’s no secret that black goes with any colour you can think of, avoid pairing it with other dark shades to avoid dragging down the mood of the room. You should accessorise a black sofa with prominent, bold colours that won’t get lost in the shuffle.


If you’re ready to take the leap and commit to having a bold sofa in your living room, that will undoubtedly make a statement, we are sure to have something that you’ll love. We can guarantee that soon enough your living room will be filled with excitement.

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