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style an accent chair

6 Easy Ways To Style An Accent Chair

Style An Accent Chair – While, typically, your sofa is the focal point of your living room, going a step further and incorporating an accent chair in your home shows that you are committed to having a superbly stylish interior.

While accent chairs look great as standalone pieces of furniture, there are a few things you can do to style them, that ensure you’ll truly make the most out of them. Continue reading for further inspiration on how to use your accent chairs to create interest and add depth to your living space. Here you will learn exactly how to style an accent chair.

What Is An Accent Chair?

Simply put, an accent chair is a decorative piece of furniture that will bring personality into your home. Of course, you want your new accent chair to be undeniably comfortable but accent chairs tend to cater more towards the stylistic side, pulling every aspect of your interior design together while also remaining a separate focal point.

Trying to style an accent chair is easy as accent chairs are also incredibly versatile. Like armchairs and swivel chairs, most people use accent chairs as occasional chairs or for extra seating in the lounge. However, you can use them as office chairs or even as dining table chairs, in fact, they work in just about any room of the house. The possibilities are nearly limitless!

Types Of Accent Chairs

Before you deep dive into deciding how you are going to style your chair, it’s beneficial to look over all of the various types, so you can be certain that you have found the perfect accent chair for you.


Frinton armchair brown
The Frinton Chair

A classic example of living room furnishings, armchairs tend to prioritise comfort over style, offering deep-seated cushions and convenient armrests so you can get comfy.

However, that’s not to say armchairs can’t be stylish, look at our classic Frinton chair, for example, it’s a wonderfully comfortable chair that certainly isn’t lacking in the style department.

Although most people associate grand, vintage armchairs with leather upholstery, they can be found in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes, meaning they can cater to a range of living spaces, regardless of your colour scheme or decor.

Swivel Chairs

Offering you a seating experience like no other, swivel chairs are exceptionally comfy, convenient, and chic. These rounded, moving chairs provide a great place to curl up comfortably in your lounge.

Typically upholstered in soft fabric or velvet, and available in a large assortment of colours, swivel chairs are equal parts snug and stylish.

Club Chairs

Much like armchairs, club chairs focus on comfortability. With high backs and armrests, paired with deep seat cushions and soft upholstery, a club chair is especially perfect when positioned in front of a fireplace, making for an incredibly relaxing piece of additional seating.

Tub Chairs

Luna Velvet Tub Chair lifestyle
The Luna Velvet Tub Chair

Tub chairs, also known as barrel chairs, are an amazing variation of armchairs, that are noticeable for their rounded backs. They are the ideal blend of cosiness and stylishness. Take our Luna Velvet Tub Chair as an example, it looks fantastic in any setting and is insanely comfy too!

Lounge Chairs

Designed with your relaxation in mind, a lounge chair aims to keep you as calm and comfortable as possible. Typically, they have a laid-back, long frame, equipped with somewhere to put your feet for maximum tranquillity.

Side Chairs

Side chairs are distinguishable by their noticeable lack of arms. They are very commonly used as dining chairs or dressing table chairs. They make for perfect occasional chairs if you don’t need the extra seating very often, as they take up little room and can be stored away easily.

Style An Accent Chair

So, you want to use your accent chair as a way of injecting character into your home but you aren’t entirely sure where to start? That’s okay. There are a lot of options for you to consider before solidifying your choice. Let’s have a look at some ideas you may want to use for inspiration.


To style, an accent chair, symmetry is a classic and composed look for a living space. It keeps things neat and orderly, which could be exactly what you desire in your lounge. To style an accent chair, place a large sofa on one side of your seating area and two identical accent chairs on the other, separated by a stylish coffee table.

Burst Of Colour

To style an accent chair, if you have a living room with a neutral colour palette, a bold coloured accent chair could be exactly what you need to bring life into your space. As long as your choice of colour isn’t too out of place in your room’s pre-existing colour scheme, using an accent chair to add colour and warmth to your home is a fabulous idea.

Mixing And Matching

To style an accent chair, if you require multiple chairs for your home, don’t feel pressured to buy the same chair in the same colour repeatedly. The cool thing about chairs is that they are often available in multiple colours. Add interest and depth to your home by purchasing the same accent chair in two different shades that complement each other.

Creating A Nook

Sure, you could keep your accent chair positioned with the rest of your living room furnishings. However, you can use accent chairs to your advantage and create an entirely different space within the same room. To style an accent chair, place your chair next to your window or in one of the corners of your room and pair it with a floor lamp to construct a tremendously cosy reading nook.

Play With Textures

Accent chairs are available in a wide range of materials so you don’t have to limit yourself to matching the material of your accent chair to the material of your sofa, to style an accent chair. An accent chair upholstered in velvet can look fabulous when paired with a fabric sofa, as it provides an additional layer of depth and dimension to your room.

Minimal Accessories

style an accent chair

When thinking about how to style an accent chair remember accent chairs are designed to be decorative, therefore don’t require much additional style. They also tend to be quite modest in size, so you don’t want to go overboard with accessories and leave your gorgeous chair feeling overwhelmed. Keep it simple with a small bolster pillow placed on the seat or have a neatly folded throw draped over the back of the chair.


An accent chair is a great addition to the home for a multitude of reasons, they provide convenience, as well as an enormous amount of comfort and style. Once you’ve implemented your dream accent chair into your home and know how to style an accent chair, you’ll be wondering how you went without one for so long.

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