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Style Your Sofa For Christmas In 4 Easy Ways

Style a sofa for Christmas – It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year! Soon, you’ll probably be putting up all of your Christmas decorations in preparation for Santa’s arrival and, while most of the focus will go on putting up your Christmas tree and hanging your Christmas lights, don’t forget about the rest of your interior.

Styling your living room, particularly your sofa, with Christmas decor is an amazing way of making sure that you and your whole family can really get into the Christmas spirit. If you want to give your lounge the traditional Christmas treatment, we have some fantastic ideas that will certainly rejuvenate your home for the Christmas season.

Christmassy Pops Of Colour

We are all aware of the colours that are generally associated with Christmas – red, green, and white. While incorporating these colours into your home it will certainly give your living space that festive feeling, you don’t necessarily have to go crazy with it. Pops of colour provide a certain subtle flare.

When it comes to your sofa for Christmas, If you have a relatively neutral colour palette in your lounge, consider just adding small pops of red or green around your space. Whether it’s through patterned cushions on your couch, candles on your coffee table, or even a new accent chair, they’re bound to make an impact.

Alternatively, assuming that you have already put up and decorated your Christmas tree, it can be a good idea to decorate your sofa for Christmas in accordance with the colours on your tree to try and keep things nice and cohesive.

Go All Out On Your Sofa For Christmas

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Christmas is the one time of year where we feel as though we can really go all out with our decor – so do it! Consider your colour scheme and then incorporate the happy spirit of Christmas in any way you can.

For your sofa for Christmas, consider buying Christmas themed accent cushions of Santa or Rudolph to add some joy. Find a Christmas coloured footstool to add some convenience. You may also want to put a throw blanket over the back of your sofa for texture, and it would also make a great blanket during the winter season.

There are several things you can do to spice up the rest of your living room along with your sofa for Christmas. Hang up merry wall art, string fairy lights from your mantel or your window, exchange your current lamp shades for something a little more festive. There are so many options that you probably haven’t even considered!

Mix And Match

Just because the Christmas decorations are going up, it doesn’t mean that the family photos have to come down. Keeping your personal items visible is a great way to maintain a cosy feeling in your home throughout the holidays and match your sofa for Christmas.

Some great, subtle ways to incorporate the Christmas feeling could be placing classic red candles and pine cones on your dining table or your shelves, amongst all of your personal trinkets, adding snowflakes or star-shaped accessories around the room, or placing Christmas pillows and blankets on your sofa or chair around your regular cushions.

Be Bold With Your Colour Scheme

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Fancy a dramatic change in your home this Christmas? Why not be bold and go for a more monochromatic, Christmas colour palette?

A white colour palette is an incredible choice if you want something striking. White walls and sofas with blue accent accessories is a great way to get into the wintry feel. Similarly, an extremely bold red or green colour scheme is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas while still keeping an undoubtedly cosy feel.


Now that we can finally start to celebrate Christmas, it can give a real sense of happiness to really make an effort, especially after the global struggles we all faced last year. Decorating your home, particularly your living room, is a great way to get the whole family into the holiday spirit and create memories at the same time. No matter which route you go with your Christmas decor, we are sure it will look fabulous!

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