Our 3 Seater Sofas Under £500

Purchasing a sofa can be a stressful and costly endeavor. Mainstream sofa companies want you to pay eye-wateringly high prices for sub-par basic models, they want to upsell you on things like cleaning kits and will talk people into financing the lot, tying them into long terms with high interest rates.

Just like our name implies, we do things differently here at Chill Sofas. We want your experience of purchasing a sofa to be as fun and enjoyable as it should be. The first way we ensure that happens is by offering ranges that match the mainstream sellers for quality, if not a little better, for a price tag that is much more stomachable.

For most families, the 3-seater sofa is the centerpiece of their living room. After all, you will spend countless hours, watching Netflix, eating takeaways, and creating treasured family memories on your sofa. 

This means that you will need your sofa to be hard-wearing, high quality, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable.

All of the 3 seaters on this page come with a price tag under £500, which is incredible when you consider the quality and pride that our manufacturing team takes to make them. This means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money. We don’t think any family should have to choose between a new sofa and a family holiday.

First of all we have 3 excellent fabric sofas to choose from, the Grantley, Oakley, and Clarke.

The Grantley range is one of our most versatile ranges. With easy to clean and durable, long-lasting cord fabric upholstery available in either Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, Coffee, or Cream, this range covers all of the bases.

The Oakley is the perfect choice for those who value space and elegance. This deep sofa has a mix of comfortable fabric-filled cushions and stylish accent cushions. Available in a bold Pewter colour, this is a high-fashion piece that lives a double life as a hard-wearing family sofa.

Finally, we have the Clarke, a sofa designed to look striking enough to be the talk of any dinner party and the perfect addition to any stylish decor. With a comfortable yet firm cushion and a supportive high back the Clarke is available in a natural shade or lavish silver.

For those that want something a little bit more decadent, a little bit more luxurious, we also have two incredible velvet upholstered 3-seaters to choose from, the Lynton or the Bampton.

The Lynton has detailed scroll arms and striking button detailing with a scatter back design. This makes it incredibly comfortable whilst still maintaining a stylish motif that oozes elegance.

Last but most certainly not least, we have the Bampton, which blends the soft comfort that you get with a velvet-clad sofa, with modern stylings that elevate it without compromising on substance. This isn’t your typical uncomfortable velvet sofa designed simply to look good, but ultimately, is never sat on. The Bampton comes in 4 colours too, Grey, Indigo, Mink, and Teal.

No matter which range you decide to go with, shop in confidence knowing that all of our models come built with care and love and a one-year warranty to boot.

Here at Chill Sofas we thrive on comfort… We dont care about money… We live on positive energy… Like the energy created in that moment that you sit down… after a long day… and fall deeper and deeper into the embrace of our fabulous sofas… that moment where its impossible not to just go … ahhhhhhhh!


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