Our Leather Corner Sofas Under £1000

If you are on the lookout for an incredibly hardwearing and versatile material for your corner sofa, you should consider one of our faux-leather pieces. These multi-tasking sofas allow you to maximize your floor space and free up more of the room without sacrificing seating capacity. 

We have a range of different corner sofas, but in particular, everyone on this page comes with a price tag lower than £1000, making them absolutely bargains compared to the prices you might find in Sofolofy or DFS. We maintain the same quality; we just don’t overinflate the prices. 

Corner sofas are always about comfort, and we’re all about comfort here at Chill Sofas. All of our options come with the choice of right or left-facing L shapes too. This makes picking your dream corner sofa easier than ever before. 

Our faux leather corner sofas are constructed with sustainable and durable faux leather upholstery that is hard to stain, easy to clean, and will last as long you maintain it.  

For under £1000 you have two options. 

Firstly, one of our most popular sofa ranges, the Flitwick. This corner sofa comes with a mix of faux leather and durable fabric upholstery, giving it that classic two-tone colour design that elevates it in terms of decor and style. It’s comfortable, spacious, and will take a serious beating whilst looking practically brand new after a quick scrub, no matter how old it gets. 

Your second option is the simply radian Radley Corner Chaise, one of the best looking sofas we offer. The Radley is one of those sofas that your guests will be talking about long after they have left your home. They will probably be wondering how you afforded such a high-fashion luxury sofa. Whether or not you let them in on the secret is up to you… we won’t tell. 

Chill Sofas… Go on… Show Off a Little! 

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Flitwick Corner Sofa
Flitwick Corner Sofa
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Radley Corner Chaise
Radley Corner Chaise Sofa
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