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Here at Chill Sofas, we know the importance of a great sofa. Whether you’re settling down to watch TV, hanging out with your family, or having a cup of tea and biscuits, it’s at the heart of your room — and your home.

If you’re looking for style and elegance, nothing quite beats leather — there’s a reason it has endured for centuries. Not only do our products look good, but they’re sustainable too. Everything in our range consists of premium faux leather, maintaining the style and comfort but reducing our impact on nature. You can relax on your leather medium sofas knowing that you’re helping save the planet, too.

Stressing about spills or accidents? There is no need to worry — our leather sofas are kid and animal-proof, with easy to clean, durable covers. We know that keeping a sofa pristine is anything but easy, so we’re here to help.

Our 3 seater leather sofas feature a wide assortment of styles and colours to give you ample options for all your needs. No matter what your style is, you’ll easily be able to find the right option for you. Love a sleek, minimalist design? With straight edges and no crowded patterns, our Knowle leather medium sofas fit perfectly no matter how austere you like your décor.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Marlow 3 seater leather sofas, taking elegance and tradition to the next level. With luxurious curves and a range of colour options, it’s a great way to add a touch of class to any room.

Don’t worry if the choices seem a little overwhelming, though. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help you decide on the best option for your room. Drop us a line for help choosing leather 3 seater sofas UK.

Not only do we provide personal service to help you choose your sofa, but we aim to make the process of purchasing and setting them up as easy as possible. To make sure that you don’t lose out if there’s an unfortunate accident, we also have a 1-year warranty on all of our frames.

Worried about set up? All of our 3 seater leather sofas come partially or fully assembled, so you can get to the important stuff as soon as possible — enjoy the comfort they bring.

To find out more about all the excellent products we offer and how to pick the best option for you, give our friendly team a call today — we can’t wait to meet you.

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