Our 2 Seater Crushed Velvet Sofas Under £650

Humans have always been attracted to comfort as much as they have been to class and style. We love soft luxurious products. We like the highest thread count sheets, the softest goose down pillows so why not the same with our sofas?

Sofas finished in crushed velvet upholstery have all the same beenefits as traditional fabric sofas, but they feel so much more decadent, so much more suave. That makes crushed velvet the perfect option for the homeowner who doesnt want to have to sacrifice class for comfort… or vice versa.

Nothing quite beats taking your shoes off and relaxing back into a crushed velvet sofa. It feels like donning a set of silken pajamas and climbing under the covers.

Unfortunately, as crushed velvet has become so popular, the prices have increased. Walk into any mainstream sofa shop and you will find that the price tags on velvet sofas are high enough that you would expect them to be made from the purest silks themselves.

We hate that.

Here are Chill Sofas, we have a range of more affordable options, with the same level of quality and luxury. This page contains all of our crushed velvet 2 seater options under £650. For that price you can enjoy all of the luxury that the mainstream sofas offer, whilst saving a huge slab of cash to spend on the finer things in life, like a nice bottle of wine to enjoy whilst swaddled up on your new crushed velvet sofa.

Our Sherbourne 2 Seater Crushed Velvet Sofa absolutely reeks of luxury. The scatterback design, perfect accentuated scroll arms and clean lines make it a sofa that will be the talk of any dinner party and the favourite meeting, greeting and eating focal point of any family.

No matter what your style, no matter how tough the decision, we are here to help. With a one-year warranty on all products and as experts in both customer service and interior design, our team will be more than happy to advise on any questions you may have.

Chill Sofas… Never Sacrifice Comfort for Class…

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