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Witney Large Corner
Witney Large Corner Sofa
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Hadley Corner Chaise Sofa
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Taupe Sofas

Taupe is a tasteful shade of medium brown with undercurrents of grey. When you incorporate this earthy tone into your living room, you will undoubtedly feel far more relaxed and at ease in your home.

Taupe is a neutral shade so you don’t have to fret about your existing colour scheme! If you’re redecorating or building your room from scratch, you can easily work your decor around your taupe furniture. The softness of taupe blends well with soft pastel tones, such as muted pinks, yellows, or greens. Taupe is essentially a warm shade but its neutrality assures that you can pair it with cool tones, like purples and blues. As taupe is a marvellous mixture of brown and grey, it works well with both of those colours in a variety of shades and it ensures that your home is left feeling calm and humble.

The Witney large corner sofa is available in terrific taupe. With its great contemporary, scatter back design, upholstered in a fabulous, soft fabric, this grand couch is bound to be a fabulous place to kick back and unwind. Trendy and sizeable, the Witney corner sofa is assuredly going to provide maximum comfort for the entire family.

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