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Our Fabric Corner Sofas Under £800

There are few pieces of furniture that demand as much love and attention as the corner sofa. This oversized piece has it all, the L shape allows for sitting, lounging, napping and can also squeeze in a large family for movie night at a push.  

Corner sofas will be the centre point of any living room… well, the corner point… haha. It’s going to be where parents perch to watch their kids open Christmas presents, it’s going to be where Dad falls asleep on a Sunday… 10 minutes into the film he wanted to watch. Break-ups, make-ups, cherished memories, and important conversations that last way into the night. Talk about emotional support. 

As you can see, your choice of corner sofa is more crucial than you think. This is what breaks our hearts here at Chill Sofas. We watch families walk into the mainstream shops with excitement on their faces, only to fight their way through sleazy salesmen and ugly furniture, only to leave with a sofa they didn’t want, for a price they didn’t want to pay, on finance that will last longer than the sofa. This isn’t just unfair, it’s unjust. 

Chill Sofas are the caped crusaders of the furniture world. We offer products that destroy the competition in terms of quality, comfort, class, and elegance. Not only do we destroy them in these areas… we do it for a cost that will leave your jaws on the floor. 

All of the fabric corner sofas on this page cost less than £800, making them cheaper than a floor model armchair for 1 from DFS. 

Our Grantley Corner Chaise comes with hard wairing but stylish jumbo cord upholstery, perfect for looking good no matter what a small family can throw at it. It is easy to clean, has lots of space and the chaise section is perfect for taking a nap when the kids of pre-occupied. 

For something a little larger, take a look at our Newport Large Corner Sofa, another luxury jumbo cord corner sofa. This time with a larger seating area and double scroll arms, got a big family? Get a Newport! 

If you are undecided, get in touch. We are here to help. No matter which range you decide to go with, shop in confidence knowing that all of our models come built with care and love and a one-year warranty to boot. 

Corner Sofas by Chill Sofas… a match made in heaven. 


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Grantley Corner Chaise
Grantley Corner Chaise Sofa
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Newport Large Corner
Newport Large Corner Sofa
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Oakley Corner Sofa
Oakley Corner Sofa
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Oakley Corner Chaise
Oakley Corner Chaise Sofa
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