Our 3 Seater Crushed Velvet Sofas Under £500

It’s happened, that dreaded moment has come. The wife has been nagging you for months. The kids won’t go near it. Damn, even the dog won’t sit on it anymore. The old family sofa? It’s dead… and that only means one thing. It’s time to go… *Shudders* Sofa Shopping.

We know the feeling. Mainstream sofa companies have become a cesspit of evil. Chesire cat-grinning salesmen await you eagerly at the door, engaging you with idle chit-chat before the automatic doors have even closed behind you. “Welcome to ****, just to let you know, if you sign now on our 28-year finance deal you get a free pen!”. It’s hard not to feel like cattle.

The whole process is antiquated. The prices they charge are way higher than the products they peddle are worth. £7000 for a footstool… we’ll pass thank you.

We founded Chill Sofas in protest of this system. Now, from the safety of your own home, you can not only order a sofa that we guarantee matches the mainstream brands in quality, comfort, and class, but we can also guarantee that the price tag will stomp the competition to the ground.

The humble 3 seater sofa is one of the most important pieces a family, couple, or bachelor will purchase. It’s ideal for important late-night conversations makes the perfect companion to any full-length lord of the rings marathons, and may end up being the place you end up sleeping during fights with your misses or mister.

For those that prioritize comfort and class, crushed velvet is the way to go, and with every sofa on this page coming with a price tag of under £500, you can’t go wrong.

Our Hatton Range, utilizes stylish lines and a glamorous sleek design with surprisingly deep seats that are perfect for relaxing or entertaining. It comes in black, silver, or mink too which means you should be able to match it to any decor.

With a 1 year guarantee on every item, a team willing and eager to help you with any questions about products or decor, price tags that are hard to believe, and quality that is at the very peak of the industry, make the right choice. 

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Hatton 3 Seater
Hatton 3 Seater Sofa
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