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Green Sofas

Mallard is a luxurious shade of light blue, with a fine green undertone. Its tropical, nautical aura has the ability to emanate tranquility throughout the home while accomplishing an elusive, sleek stylishness. It can be used to create an atmosphere that is traditional or eccentric, depending entirely on your taste.

Mallard is an extremely versatile shade that works tremendously with an abundance of shades and tones. As with most shades, mallard pops when coupled with white, as it highlights its subtle tastefulness. If a lively living room is your thing, pair mallard furniture with yellow and red accessories to really make a bold statement. However, for those who value subtlety over boldness, mallard works just as beautifully with calmer colours, such as browns and pale shades of pink, that work to give your living room a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

Our fabulous Finlay collection is available in marvellous mallard blue. The contemporary style, of both the 2 seater and 3 seater, paired with traditional deep buttoning details makes them the perfect addition to any type of home. The velvet finish ensures that their style doesn’t compromise their extreme comfort, particularly as they boast two bolster cushions that ensure your cosiness.

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