Our 2 Seater Fabric Sofas Under £650

The ultimate blend of functionality and comfort, the two-seater sofa takes up a small profile whilst offering comfortable seating to two people, three at a push, For this reason, it has become one of the most popular pieces of furniture in living rooms around the world.

Everyone loves their sofa. Where do you go at the end of a hard day’s work to relax? Where do you watch your favourite shows? Where was your base during that week you were too ill to even move? Your sofa.

You may not often think about it, but your sofa holds a lot of memories and emotions. This is why so many of us are so reluctant to replace that old family sofa that has begun to look just a little bit tatty and sad. Sagging in the middle and faded, you know it’s time for a new sofa, your sofa knows it’s time for a new sofa, but you’re finding it hard to pull the trigger.

One of the main reasons for this is the ridiculous price tags, depressing stores, and sleazy suited salesmen you know you’re going to have to deal with if you go into a mainstream shop. Not mentioning any names but you know the one… the one where the “Final clearance deal ends on Monday”. Funny that, seeing as that advert has been running for 8 months.

You don’t want to be mobbed by salesmen. You don’t want to be pushed into finance deals for sofas that are worth more than your car. You want to be able to purchase high-quality sofas, with no hassle, safe in the knowledge the company has your best interests at heart from the comfort at home. That alone would be worth the higher price tag but the shocking thing? Here at Chill Sofas, we offer all of that, the only difference, our prices are ridiculously low compared to theirs.

All of the 2 seater fabric sofas on this page cost less than £650, a massive discount compared to their mainstream competition.

Our Grantley 2 Seater Range comes with high-quality jumbo cord upholstery. Easy to clean, ridiculously comfortable, and with a price tag of under £350, this is one helluva deal.

The Marlow is perfect for those who want a showroom quality piece for a bargain-basement price. This sofa has the highest quality fabric upholstery, durable wooden legs, and scrollwork arms that mean it looks straight from a showhouse living room.

Classy Yet Comfortable… Chill Sofas… The New Kids on the Block

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Grantley 2 Seater Sofa Black
Grantley 2 Seater Sofa
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Oakley 2 Seater
Oakley 2 Seater Sofa
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Clarke 2 Seater
Clarke 2 Seater Sofa
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Knowle 2 Seater
Knowle 2 Seater Sofa
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Madden 2 Seater
Madden 2 Seater Sofa
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Orla 2 Seater Sofa
Orla 2 Seater Sofa
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Thorton 2 Seater
Thorton 2 Seater Sofa
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Romiley 2 seater
Romiley 2 Seater Sofa
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Marlow 2 seater
Marlow 2 Seater Sofa
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Putney 2 Seater
Putney 2 Seater Sofa
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