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There is a special bond formed between you and your sofa. It has held you during your best and your worst times, it probably knows secrets about you no one else does. You have laughed, you have cried, eaten takeaway, and napped all in its sweet embrace. 

When it comes to replacing that sofa, it can be a bitter-sweet experience, made worse by the ridiculous prices and annoying sales staff found at most mainstream stores, not mentioning any names *COUGH* DFS *COUGH*. Your choice shouldn’t be influenced by these sleazy scumbags and more importantly, you shouldn’t have to choose between a 5-year finance deal or sell your firstborn child in order to afford the sofa of your choice.

When the world becomes full of injustice, heroes emerge. Chill Sofas aren’t just here to sell sofas, we are here for war. DFS, SCS, Sofology, your reign of terror is over. We are coming for you. 

Our sofas are better quality, more comfortable, more durable, and just as stylish as any of the sofas offered by these brands. We just offer them for a price tag that everyone can afford. This means you can spend your money where it really matters.

Our favourite faux-leather 2 seater is one example of this. The Flitwick is a faux-leather sofa designed with stylish scroll arms that utilize soft fabric cushions and leather detailing to blend comfort and modern elegant design. Nobody would believe this sofa costs less than £500.

It comes in two colour combinations, Brown/Mink, which gives it a traditional feel with the sleek chrome legs adding a touch of modern styling. Or Black/Grey, which is a more toned-down, cosy feeling colour combination, making it an easy option for slotting into existing decor.

No matter what your style, no matter how tough the decision, we are here to help. With a one-year warranty on all products and as experts in both customer service and interior design, our team will be more than happy to advise on any questions you may have.

Only just heard about Chill Sofas?… Well… Better late then…Leather

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Flitwick 2 Seater
Flitwick 2 Seater Sofa
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