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Large rooms with large personalities need a large sofa to match them. For most people, the perfect solution to this is the corner sofa. With the versatility to hold a large family at the same time as offering a single person the ultimate crank to lie back and take a nap, they make a great addition to any living space. 

Good corner sofas are hard to come by. Brand new, the prices that most mainstream companies attach to their corner pieces are more than enough to put off new buyers. Especially those not willing to sign finance deals offered by sleazy-suited sofa salesmen. 

When you break them down, their sofas aren’t worth those prices and we knew that. This is why we founded Chill Sofas. Our goal? To bring you the same quality sofas as those horrible mainstream chains, with the same style, elegance, class, and durable materials, but without the price tag and pushy salesmen to influence your decision.  

This means you can choose the sofa that you want. From a range of sofas, you can easily afford, all from the comfort of your living room. No finance deals, no sleazy salesmen. Just simple sofa shopping, with the products delivered to your door. 

If you enjoy the finer things of life… good wine, expensive chocolate, caviar, and champagne, then you will probably enjoy the look and feel of our crushed velvet range of sofas. 

All of the crushed velvet corner sofas on this page come with a price tag of under £800, making them less of a dream and more of a reality for most people. 

Our Crushed Velvet Hatton Chaise is a stylish corner chaise with neat lines, lots of space, and decadent crushed velvet upholstery. This sofa demands attention without seeking it, allowing it to blend in when you need it to and stand out when you want it to. Cocktail evenings in your finest clothes or cheat days from your diet in tracksuit bottoms and dressing gowns, you can’t go wrong. 

You could also consider our Norwood Large Corner Sofa if you have a larger family and need the extra space. This is one seriously comfortable sofa, with more space than most sofas could dream of. The scatter back design keeps it versatile whilst allowing it to keep the deep seating space. This means it takes up a lower profile than you would expect. 

Shop in confidence. Our team is always available to help with product information requests or simply to advise you on what colour schemes, models, and materials we think would suit your space best. We offer a one-year warranty too! 

Chill Sofas… A Sofa Company Fighting for the Majority, not the Minority! 

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Hatton Corner Chaise
Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa
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Norwood Large Corner Sofa
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