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Lottie Accent Chair
Lottie Accent Chair
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Colbalt Sofas

Colbalt is a lovely medium shade of grey, with brilliant blue undertones, that emanates an amazing aura of peace and tranquility that is sure to liven up any room of the house. This calming colour would work as a treat in any room of the house that requires you to relax.

It’s a shade that works well with nearly any colour that springs to mind. Colbalt grey works beautifully with neutral tones, such as black, white, and brown, when mixed they give a very classic feel, which can work a treat in a traditionally styled home. On the other hand, colbalt grey can look fabulous when styled with bright, vibrant colours, like bright pinks or yellows, although they contrast, they complement each other beautifully.

Check out our fabulous Lottie Accent Chair available in stunning colbalt grey. It is a tremendous fabric chair, with a unique, contemporary style. It is a bedroom chair that is designed to add an extra layer of comfort to your relaxation space. It’s stylish, modest, and a must-have for anyone who is looking to furnish their home with some remarkable, colbalt grey furniture.

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