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Crushed velvet has been a popular and stylish option for years now, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. Who wouldn’t love the glamour that comes with these pieces? They bring a touch of glamour to any room they’re in, without ever coming across as domineering or overpowering. Our crushed velvet 3 seater sofas achieve this balance perfectly. They have the size to make a statement, without taking over your current decor.

Our crushed velvet 3 seater sofas arrive in three distinct colours: black, mink, or silver. Each has its own unique charms, and no matter which you choose, we are certain you will love it. Their glossy shine is a stunning addition to any living space, and they are also thoroughly comfortable! The black and silver are ideal for cooler spaces, whereas the mink can add a boost of warmth to your home.

Our range of crushed velvet medium sofas are available in scatter back to provide optimal comfort. How you customise your sofa is entirely up to you, but with our luxury crushed velvet 3 seater sofas, you can’t go wrong. The cushions are unobtrusive and are simply there for your comfort! You can rearrange them to add your own personal flair or mix them with additional coloured cushions for a more rounded palette.

The scroll arm design of our luxury crushed velvet 3 seater sofas provides a contemporary feel that matches the velvet design. If you like to add a little glamour to your living space, there is not a better option for you. Despite their statement design, it is possible for our crushed velvet medium sofas to be understated. Their block colour scheme means they won’t make too bold of a statement and detract from your other pieces.

Both the back support cushions and seat cushions are filled with fibre padding. This is chosen to provide medium support without losing any comfort or cosiness. It provides the feeling of melting into your sofa while still retaining its shape throughout the day. Your glamorous sofa will never look deflated or run-down, but it will still make for the perfect place to relax!

The crushed velvet we use with our sofas is crafted from a polyester blend of material. The pile of the fabric run in continuous, interchanging directions, providing the final ‘shimmery’ appearance. The way this fabric catches the light is beautiful, without ever appearing garish.

Ready to get the finest crushed velvet 3 seater sofas the UK has to offer? Browse through our crushed velvet 3 seater sofas to see their appeal for yourself. Our crushed velvet medium sofas arrive fully assembled with 100% recyclable packaging materials.

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