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Velvet upholstery has become very popular in recent years, leading to a huge hike in prices for simple velvet sofas. This has made it really hard for people looking to upgrade their decor to a more fashionable style. 

We have one mission here at Chill Sofas. Down with the mainstream sofa companies. Down with DFS, down with Sofology, John Lewis take a hike. We don’t need overpriced goods peddled to us by sweaty sleazy salesmen on commission.  

We want you to pick the sofa you want… not that we want. Your dream sofa should be affordable and exactly what you imagine, that’s where we step in. All of the sofas we offer are of matching if not better quality compared to the brands mentioned above.  

Our materials are more durable, more sustainable, our style is better and our prices….yup… you guessed it… a whole lot lower. 

All of the velvet corner sofas on this page have a price tag of less than £1000, making them far more attractive than any mainstream offering.  

Take our Radley Corner Range for example. This elegant piece would be the flagship in most stores, it oozes class from every pore with its sharp lines, silky velvet upholstery, and scatter back finish. The arms have precise button detailing and stud work that ties everything up into one gorgeous-looking masterpiece. 

You might also consider taking a look at The Bampton, another decadent velvet cornerpiece in our under £1000 range. This perfectly proportioned corner chaise offers the best of both worlds. You get utter comfort through the velvet deep padded cushions paired with a button detailed scatter back that allows the Bampton to stay stylish without compromising on being a family sofa. 

Chill Sofas… Class Redefined 

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Bampton Corner Chaise
Bampton Corner Chaise Sofa
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Radley Corner Chaise
Radley Corner Chaise Sofa
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