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The 5 Best Sofa Materials For Pets – A Perfect Guide

Only the best sofa materials for pets will do for dog and cat owners who know the struggle of wanting your pet to feel at home, without having to sacrifice the quality of your furniture because of pet hair and potential accidents. That’s why it’s important to make sure your home has pet-friendly furniture.

While it’s unlikely that your sofa will be completely unscathed by the everyday activities of your pet, there are options that can assuredly make your life easier.

Some materials are more durable than others, therefore more well suited for a home with pets. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most pet-friendly fabrics, as well as some materials you should avoid at all costs.


best sofa materials for pets
A Pet Friendly Sofa

The best sofa materials for pets are tough. A leather sofa is one of the best sofa materials for pets because they not only make a statement in the home, but leather is also undoubtedly the best material for pet owners. No leather furniture is totally pet-proof but these extremely durable sofas are the most immune to pet hair and accidents. Most stains, muddy paw prints, pet hairs, and dirt can be easily wiped away from a leather couch.

If your dog or cat scratches at your leather sofa, the great thing is that it can actually add to the traditional, distressed look of the material. So, don’t panic if your pet jumps up on your leather sofa, if anything they’ll just make it look even more stylish!


The best sofa materials for pets are tough. While a velvet sofa is irresistibly comfortable and fashionable, they aren’t the best option for those with pets. While the synthetic material from velvet sofas is less likely to hold any odours that your pet may leave, the only downside is that these delicate fabrics are high maintenance and hard to clean.

If your furry friend is prone to having loose hairs, velvet sofas act as a hair magnet and, any accidents that may occur will damage the upholstery and will likely require you to bring in a professional cleaner.

If you can’t live without your soft, velvet couch, then investing in some pet-resistant sofa covers is likely the ideal option for you. Using this protective layer, you can easily wipe away dirt and pet hair, and there’s no need to fear if your pet uses your sofa as a scratching post.

Tight-Weave Fabrics

dog on a fabric sofa
Dog On A Fabric Sofa

The best sofa materials for pets are tightly woven. It can be easy for your pet’s claws to snag on loose weaves of fabric, which can be detrimental for your sofa, as the fabric may unravel over time. These open weaves can easily trap any pet hair that your dog or cat may leave, making them extremely difficult and tiresome to clean.

Instead, opt for a tightly woven fabric sofa. Tight-weave furniture is a pet-friendly fabric, as your pet’s claws are far less likely to get caught in any loose seams. If you’re more concerned about pet hair sticking to your sofa, pick up a lint brush and try to get up as much as you can on a regular basis.

Outdoor Furniture

The best sofa materials for pets can be ones designed for the outdoors. This may seem like a bizarre idea but outdoor furniture is a great option for pet owners. The outdoor fabric can withstand a multitude of weather conditions, so it should be no problem for your furry friend.

There are no rules about bringing outdoor furniture inside the home and, depending on the style of your lounge, you never know, the outdoor fabric might blend right into your home. The standard cushions that accompany outdoor sofas can usually be put into the washing machine if they become too dirty, making them an even more exceptional option.


dog on a leather sofa
Dog On A Leather Sofa

The best sofa materials for pets are better at hiding damage. Sometimes your pet is going to make a mess. It’s pretty much inevitable. However, minimise the risk of doing detriment to your new couch by getting specific about its colour.

Sofas in darker colours or patterned fabrics are good news for pet owners, as they can easily disguise any marks or stains made by your pet, allowing them to blend into the couch unnoticed.

If your pet is likely to shed a lot of fur, consider buying furniture that matches your pet – that way you won’t have to constantly worry about all of the pet hair they’re leaving around.

The Best Sofa Material For Dogs

As pet owners, we are all aware that dogs can wreak havoc on furniture. Of course, it’s accidental on their part and can’t typically be helped, however, it can be in your best interest to find a sofa that will best withstand these events, in case of emergency.


Overall, the best sofa material for homes with dogs is leather. Leather is a strong, sturdy material, that is much easier to clean than most other sofa materials, so you can get rid of pet hairs with ease. There are no loose pieces of fabric for your dog’s claws to get caught up in and you’ll find that leather sofas generally have a longer lifespan than other types of sofa.


If leather isn’t to your taste or if it’s out of your price range, another great option is denim. Denim sofas are quite niche but they’re ideal for pet owners due to the tough, long-lasting, tightly woven fabric.

The Best Sofa Material For Cats

When it comes to sofa materials for pets it is important to remember that Cats are notorious for clawing up our favorite furnishings. Therefore, homes with cats require a sofa that is sturdy and simple to clean.

Tight Weave Fabrics

We would recommend tight weave fabrics as sofa materials for pets for those that don’t attract fur, such as canvas, denim, and microfibre so that your cat’s sharp claws can’t tug away at your sofa material.


Once again, leather is the optimal choice when it comes to sofa materials for pets as it can withstand almost anything your pet throws its way, making it perfect against the wrath of your feline friend.

Conclusion – The Best Sofa Materials For Pets

Shopping for pet-friendly furniture can be a particularly difficult task but, you know your pets behaviours and their needs. If they’re likely to shed or scratch, then you should take that into account when buying a new sofa.

Overall, while a leather sofa is typically the best option all-around, they just aren’t a feasible purchase for everyone, nor are they everyone’s style. If you prefer a velvet or fabric sofa then sofa covers are a great investment.

Just remember, no sofa is fully pet proof and it’s likely that some minor damage will be done. Try not to worry about it too much and just take preventative steps to ensure the general safety of your sofa.

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