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3 Easy Ways To Style A Traditional Sofa

Finding ways to style a traditional sofa is important as we get older and find ourselves decorating our own homes, we may very well draw inspiration from the homes that we grew up in. Therefore, it is no surprise that traditional style furniture is still just as popular as contemporary furniture and is making a big comeback.

While some people opt for the clean lines and the sleek feel of modern pieces, there is something so undeniably homely about the smooth curves and deep seats of traditional sofas.

If you have made the excellent choice of placing a classic sofa in your family room, you may find yourself wondering: what’s next? Styling, of course! Throughout this blog, we will offer you some great advice on how to style a traditional sofa to ensure that it looks timeless in your home.

Match Your Furniture

style a traditional sofa
White Fabric Corner Sofa In Modern Room

As with any kind of sofa, it’s beneficial to surround them with other furniture that matches your sofa’s style, typically influenced by its material or colour. This doesn’t always have to be the case to style a traditional sofa but, if you want a room that is neatly tied together, then sticking to a specific style usually makes life easier.

A lot of traditional sofas include a deep-buttoning design, such as our Amberley Collection. This 3+2 seater set has a classic Chesterfield sofa design, which features the iconic buttoning detail we know and love. To pull the look together, you could pair the Amberley sofa with the Rose Velvet Storage Ottoman, which is complete with equally as soft velvet upholstery and the same buttoning design.

So to style a traditional sofa, it can also be advantageous to choose different pieces from the same collection, so you know that all of your furniture styles will match perfectly and create balance in your home, such as our incredible Flitwick Collection, which boasts sofas and a swivel chair in traditional styles.

Use Natural Materials

When trying to style a traditional sofa, If your aim is to make your living room look as authentically traditional as possible, then try using natural materials to really add to the classic style. Some examples of natural materials include wood, glass, and stone.

A popular choice for traditional living rooms is wooden coffee tables. The size of your sofa should determine the size of your coffee table, for example, a large coffee table would be a great choice for a corner sofa, while a small coffee table would pair better with a two-seater sofa.

When trying to style a traditional sofa; another fabulous choice that will give your traditional space a modern look is having a glass side table. It’s a natural material that leaves your family room feeling light and airy. If you want it to have a more classic feel, try a glass side table with a wooden frame or wooden legs. For a more contemporary style, you may want to look for a glass side table with brass legs.

Add Pops Of Colour

brown leather sofa in stylish room
Brown Leather Sofa In Stylish Room

You will often find that, when you buy a classic sofa, it tends to only be available in neutral shades. Now, that’s not a problem at all – neutral shades suit different styles of living rooms really well!

Having a sofa in a neutral shade means that you can add it to any pre-existing colour scheme you have in your living room or you can decorate around it in any way that you please.

A great way to style a traditional sofa that is neutral is with bold-coloured accent cushions. For example, classic leather sofas, such as the sofas in our Frinton Collection look great with pillows in warm shades, like red, yellow, and orange, that liven the dark material of the sofa.

You can even take it a step further and pair your neutral sofa with a bold accent chair, footstool, or ottoman to bring a newfound energy to your room, as well as making a statement.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that traditional sofas look old or outdated. Simply put, they are timelessly stylish. By putting a classic sofa in your living room and styling it well, you’re incorporating an incredibly homely and comfortable feel, without lacking in style points.

To style a traditional sofa you need to find the right sofa, why not check out our collections? We have a range of great traditional style sofas on offer, that will undoubtedly leave a mark in your home. Feel free to browse through all of our sofas, we are certain you’ll find the perfect pick for your living room.

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