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Best Cinema Sofas

5 Best Cinema Sofas To Rock Your Movie Nights

What better way to spend your day than sinking into a cocoon-like cinema sofa and watching one of your favourite movies? Everyone deserves a good movie night at least once a week, so why not sink into the perfect seat while watching?

With the right seat, you can transform your living room into the ultimate home cinema. Continue reading below for some of the comfiest seats you can use for your home cinematic adventure.

1.) The Brackley Large Corner Sofa

Brackley large corner sofa
A Large Brackley Corner Sofa

While we all go to the cinema for small pleasures like fresh popcorn and exciting previews, sometimes the seats at the theatre aren’t comfy enough. What’s more, it’s hard to find enough legroom if you’re a part of the taller demographic. Having a cloud-like seat gives you the ability to kick your shoes off and lay your feet up as you indulge in that movie you’ve been dying to see. 

The Brackley Large Corner Sofa is one of the most snug fabric corner cinema sofas on the market. It comes with super pleasant scroll arms and enough scatter cushions to get lost in. 

The seat is incredibly large, making it perfect for sitting you and the whole family. However, you can also take over the entire seat and lay down comfortably if you’re alone. The ancient soft fabrics will provide you with the ultimate home movie theatre experience as it feels exceptionally nice on your skin. 

Key Features:

  • Beautiful colour that matches any room
  • Enough legroom to layout comfortably
  • Super soft ancient fabric material
  • Great for families


If you’re looking for a cinema sofa that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, length, and affordability, then the Brackley Large Sofa is worth checking out. 

2.) The Flitwick Corner Sofa (Leather)

flitwick corner sofa
The Flitwick Corner Sofa

Leather seats are an absolute win in terms of comfort and durability. Some leather sofas can last for decades with the right care, so they’re considered a sound investment worldwide. Not only will a leather sofa help you relax during movie night, but it’s also extremely reliable if you want to take a quick break in the afternoon. 

The Flitwick Sofa contains extremely soft chenille cushions combined with elegant black faux leather. You can rest on the scroll arms or cuddle close with some extra scatter cushions. 

Considering the seat’s size, it’s suitable for multiple people. The leather is also quite breathable, so you can lay down without feeling too much heat or discomfort if you’re the recliner type. One reason why leather is an excellent choice is that it gets better as it ages. 

Key Features:

  • Durable material that will last for ages
  • Large enough for the entire family
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable


Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Flitwick Leather Sofa. The fabric provides all the serene comfort you deserve as you catch a film with the family. 

3.) The Radley Corner Chaise Sofa

radley corner chaise sofa
The Radley Corner Chaise Sofa

Throughout human history, velvet has been synonymous with luxury. Ancient royals wore velvet clothes and had furniture made from this exquisite textile. Today, you can capture the same luxurious comfort with a velvet seat. Velvet didn’t become a worldwide sensation by luck, and it has a wide variety of benefits that make it a top choice fabric for home cinema sofas and other pieces of furniture. 

The Radley Chaise Sofa uses a series of scatter cushions on its backside. With this, you can adjust the seat to find your perfect comfort zone during movie night in your home theatre. It provides the same type of comfort as a recliner chair. Furthermore, it’s absolutely stunning and will impress anyone that steps foot in your dwelling. 

The seat’s deep charcoal shade adds a nice contemporary touch to your home, and you can notice all the fine details that go into its beautiful design.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-quality plush velvet
  • Numerous cosy scatter cushions
  • Extremely nice feeling on the skin
  • Comfortable size for families


Anyone who owns a velvet seat will tell you that they are nothing less than amazing. You can enjoy a nice evening flick while being caressed by the super-soft textile. 

4.) The Norwood Large Corner Sofa

norwood large corner sofa
The Norwood Corner Sofa In Black

Who says a comfy cinema sofa can’t also look gorgeous? While the primary purpose of a cinema sofa is to provide comfort, you can also find one that will take the aesthetics of your decor to the next level. However, the beauty of this home cinema sofa may distract you from the movie you’ve got on. 

The Norwood Large Sofa is perhaps one of the most stylish options on this list. Other than its beauty, it also makes you feel like you’re sitting in the clouds. The stunning crushed velvet upholstery is irresistible to touch, and you can recline back and get lost in the ultimate relaxation. 

One thing that makes this seat stand out is its cushions. You can turn on your favourite movie on the big screen and cuddle up next to the pillows for maximum comfort. What’s more, the sofa provides enough room for everyone to enjoy the film. 

Key Features:

  • Absoulutly glamourous style
  • Ample size for multiple people
  • Sprung seat construction for additional support
  • Exceptionally comfortable fibre filling


If you want your home to look like something from royalty, then consider taking a closer look at the Norwood Large Sofa. You won’t regret it!

5.) The Oakley Corner Sofa

oakley corner sofa
The Oakley Corner Sofa

If you’re looking for a cosy cinema sofa that can easily match the rest of your furniture, then the Oakley Sofa is just for you. While it’s slightly smaller than other cinema sofas on this list, it packs a lot of comfort into its compact design. 

You’ll fall in love with this seat from the first moment you sit on it. The incredibly soft fabrics will take you straight to relaxation town. One of the best things about this seat is the fabric cushions. If you’re the recliner type, you can snuggle up next to one as you watch your movies on the big screen. 

Furthermore, the style adds a nice touch of luxury to the rest of your living room. Like a recliner, you can rest on this seat for hours without feeling any change in comfort. 

Key Features:

  • Compact design that fits nicely no matter the size of your room
  • Super-soft cushions
  • Elegant design
  • Breathable fillings


When you consider everything you need from a home cinema sofa, you can’t go wrong here. The Oakley Sofa provides the comfort, style, and quality you deserve while you watch your film. 


If you want to turn your living area into a suitable home cinema, all the seats above will help you get there. Be sure to check out our sofa collection, and don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions.

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