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3 Important Reasons For Crushed Velvet Furniture In Your Home

There’s nothing like crushed velvet furniture. The distinctive look of crushed velvet upholstery may be a little daunting if you’re used to more simplistic styles, but crushed velvet sofas and crushed velvet chairs are certainly a unique and stylish addition to any home.

If you’re contemplating purchasing crushed velvet furniture but aren’t quite convinced to take the leap, then here are some great reasons why you should incorporate a crushed velvet sofa into your living room.

They’re Undeniably Durable

Sherborne 3 seat crushed velvet furniture
Sherborne 3 Seat Sofa In Black

While their lavish look and expensive allure make them seem fragile, crushed velvet sofas are actually extremely durable. Like most things, crushed velvet sofas require maintenance to keep them in top shape. If you do manage to keep on top of it, then your crushed velvet sofa could last for several generations to come, without losing the luminous sheen of the fabric, making crushed velvet sofas practical for your home.

Give your crushed velvet furniture weekly tune-ups to maintain the luxury of the fabric’s natural state. There is plenty of everyday use, household tools that you can use to clean your crushed velvet furniture, such as a hair-dryer, a soft cloth, or a vacuum cleaner (invest in one with a special upholstery attachment for extra help sucking up collected dust and dirt).

If any spillages occur, you need to immediately grab a clean cloth and gently dab at the affected area, to avoid stains quickly absorbing into your sofa’s material. For more advice, check out our How To Clean A Velvet Sofa blog post.

Furthermore, if you have pets that are prone to scratching at furniture, velvet sofas have the benefit of no loose threads or raised weaves, meaning they can’t pick apart the gorgeous fabric. Not to mention any pet hair left on your sofa can be easily removed if you gently brush it away.

They’re Superbly Stylish

There’s no denying the luxurious beauty of crushed velvet furniture, the distinctive textured pile of this high style fabric makes each and every sofa totally unique. If your living room’s style is in need of updating, then a crushed velvet sofa is definitely a great way to re-energise your space by giving it an immediate sense of elegance.

Another great thing about crushed velvet fabric is just how versatile it is, as it looks stunning in an assortment of colours. At Chill Sofas, our crushed velvet sofas are offered in regal silver, enchanting black, and marvellous mink meaning that no colour palette is off the table!

The nap of crushed velvet upholstery actually reflects light rather than absorbs it, adding far more depth to your sofa than most other fabrics can offer and making your sofa a real standout piece. Furthermore, crushed velvet fabric doesn’t lose its lustre over time so you can be certain that your sofa will never misplace its style.

Looking for crushed velvet styling tips? Check out our blog about How To Style A Crushed Velvet Sofa.

They’re Captivatingly Comfy

hatton swivel chair crushed velvet furniture
Hatton Swivel Chair In Mink

The smooth, delicate feel of crushed velvet furniture makes these sofas a great choice for those who prioritise comfort. The soft, silky feel of the upholstery will certainly have you running your hands over your sofa for hours on end.

The sumptuously soft velvet fabric of our sofas paired with the gentleness of the scatter back cushions, make them easy to relax on and hard to get out of! Whether it’s spending a night on the sofa with your family watching movies or entertaining your guests after a homecooked meal, your crushed velvet furniture is sure to offer immense comfort to everybody, as well as being a focal point in your living room.

Our Best Selling Crushed Velvet Furniture

By now, you may be ready to take the plunge and put an incredible crushed velvet sofa in your lounge. If so, we have an incredible range of crushed velvet sofas in stock. Take a look at some of our great collections, we are bound to have something that is right for your home.

Sherborne Collection

Sherborne 2 Seater
Sherborne 2 Seater Sofa
Select options
Sherborne 3 Seater
Sherborne 3 Seater Sofa
Select options
Sherborne Corner Sofa
Sherborne Corner Sofa
Select options
Sherborne Swivel Chair
Sherborne Swivel Chair
Select options

The Sherborne Collection is a stunning set, that includes a corner sofa, a 3 seater sofa, a 2 seater sofa, and a swivel chair. Offering a traditional take on a modern design, this collection is complete with classic scroll arms and scatter back cushions that provide immense comfort. Available in black, silver, and mink, this collection will mesh with any pre-existing colour schemes and decor.

Hatton Collection

Hatton 2 Seater Silver
Hatton 2 Seater Sofa
Select options
Hatton 3 Seater
Hatton 3 Seater Sofa
Select options
Hatton Corner Chaise
Hatton Corner Chaise Sofa
Select options
Hatton Swivel Chair
Hatton Swivel Chair
Select options
Hatton Footstool
Hatton Footstool
Select options

The Hatton Collection is the perfect set if you’re looking for luxury. Boasting a corner chaise sofa, a 3 seater sofa, a 2 seater sofa, a swivel chair, and a footstool, this collection has everything you could possibly need. The contemporary design of this set, mixed with the regal quality of the fabric, makes the Hatton collection a standout addition to any home.


A crushed velvet sofa is a perfect way to make a statement in your home, as you implement style, comfort, and practicality to your living room – they really are the whole package. Don’t forget to check out all of our crushed velvet furniture to pick out the piece that is right for you.

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