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There’s a reason why black sofas are so popular. That’s because it looks stunning when paired with any shade that springs to mind. That’s why black sofas look particularly stunning, especially in a modern living room.

Obviously, a black couch is a bold choice for your living space but, with the right attention to detail, it can be pulled off and give your lounge an incredible, contemporary style. If you’re in need of recommendations, check out our top 5 black sofas.

If you’re sold on the idea of a black sofa, but you’re stumped when it comes to styling around your new sofa, then here are some easy and effective living room ideas that will help when it comes to decorating your black settee.

decorate with a black sofa

High Contrast Wall Colour

Black sofas should stand out and, if they’re in a dark room, they’re not going to steal the spotlight the way they’re supposed to. A black sofa looks best in a living room that has walls in a light shade, for example, light grey, cream, beige, or white walls (these colours would also work well for any other furniture that is paired with a black sofa).

A family room that has light-toned walls, and is rich with natural light, is the perfect place for a black or dark-toned sofa, as they are allowed to stand out. Side note: don’t keep black leather in direct sunlight as the colour will fade.

A Black Sofa Adds Subtle Pops Of Colour

While a high contrast wall colour helps a black sofa to shine, you don’t want your whole living room to consist of only two shades. You’re going to want to make sure that you’re incorporating more colour around the room to keep things interesting. From flowers to wall art to throw pillows, the subtle colours of these accent pieces will definitely make a difference.

Choosing a colour palette for your home decor is beneficial and there are a couple of different styles you could opt for. If you’re looking for a more homely, inviting atmosphere, using warm tones, such as brown, red and yellow, is the perfect way to create that vibe. Whereas, if you fancy something more suave and stylish, cool tones, such as forest green and ocean blue, will really make your black sofa a focal point.

Using Fabrics To Your Advantage

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Fabrics are an essential part of living room decor. Pillows, throws, curtains, and rugs – there’s no such thing as a stylish lounge without these necessary styling items.

Picking accent pillows to complement your sofa and your pre-existing colour palette is a must. However, they don’t have to be block colours as patterns work just as well and add an extra layer or interest to your interior design – black and white pillows with geometric patterns always work seamlessly! Make sure your accent pillows are small and breezy so you don’t overwhelm the style of your sofa or your living room.

Throws are a great way to style your lounge and add texture at the same time. Most people with black sofas, tend to have a black leather sofa and, therefore, adding texture with a fabric or fluffy throw, slung over the back or arm of your couch, is superbly stylish. They also double as a blanket if you get cold or if you fancy a nap.

Pairing your black sofa with a rug is an excellent choice. Your rug can be velvet, faux fur, or fabric, it will still look great, and can really tie the whole room together. Just make sure you find a rug in a shade that complements the colour scheme of your living space.


Incorporating a black sofa into your home doesn’t have to be such a scary sounding process. Ultimately, if you take the time to plan out the finer details, you’ll be left with an insanely stylish living room, that you and your family can’t wait to hang out in time and time again.

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