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The 7 Best Christmas Colour Schemes For Your Living Room

The Best Christmas Colour Schemes – It’s approaching the time of year where we start to abandon the normality of our living rooms and begin putting up all of our Christmas decorations. From the Christmas tree to the twinkling Christmas lights, you’re able to make your entire living space fantastical.

While some people may not consider colour schemes when it comes to a Christmas living room, figuring out a specifically Christmassy colour palette makes your space look stylish and cohesive.

If you want to coordinate your Christmas decor, check out some great options for Christmas colour schemes that you can implement in your living space.

White & Red

Starting off with a classic, red and white. This colour scheme is synonymous with Christmas, mainly because of its ties to Santa Clause. Luckily for us, this jolly pairing looks unbelievably stylish and offers a warm welcome to any guests.

It’s especially easy to pull off a colour scheme involving white, as it acts as a neutral base. A white sofa decorated with red pillows or paired with a classic red accent chair would look simply fabulous. Dot red berries and candles around the room to subtly implement the theme.

Take it a step further and stray from tradition with a white Christmas tree decorated with gorgeous red Christmas ornaments. There’s no doubt that you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time.

White & Green

greeen and white christmas colour scheme

Give your living room the traditional Christmas treatment with this classic colour scheme. Green is typically associated with the holiday season as we decorate pine trees with festive decor.

As usual, use white as your neutral base. White walls against the green of your Christmas tree will really make it pop. White snowflake or star ornaments will look incredible on your tree and really tie the whole colour palette together. Usually, your Christmas wreath will hang on your front door but consider hanging a green wreath above your mantel to further amplify the natural beauty of Christmas.

Consider introducing a green sofa, chair, or footstool to your lounge and adding pops of white around the rest of the room – have white candles on your coffee table or even a white tree skirt around your Christmas tree.

Red & Green

Both red and green are synonymous with Christmas time and they can be bold choices in the living room. Pairing them together to create one colour scheme is a daring decision that can look great when done correctly. Not everything in the room has to be red or green – you can still have neutral walls – but having them as the dominant shades will certainly create an impact.

The main bulk of your living room furniture should be red or green, and they should be spread out evenly (have a green couch and a red armchair, for example). You could also consider swapping out your current rug for one in a shade of red or green and, for your holiday decorating, you could use mainly red ornaments on your tree.

White & Blue

Untitled 1

Do you love Christmas decorating but you’re not a fan of the traditional red and green Christmas colour schemes? Do you have a modern living room that requires a modern colour palette? Then white and blue is likely the perfect option for you.

If you want to feel festive, then this Christmas colour scheme will immediately make your entire room feel like a winter wonderland in no time. The best route is probably to have mainly white furniture with some ice-blue accents, such as bolster pillows and throws.

Pick out an artificial white Christmas tree and use metallic decorations to really solidify the wintry Christmas colour scheme. For extra holiday charm, consider hanging up blue fairy lights wherever you can around your room.

White & Brown

We’ve had a look at some traditional and modern Christmas colour schemes but, if you’re in need of something with a more rustic charm, then you should consider a white and brown colour palette to inject holiday cheer into your home.

Keep your base neutral with a crisp shade of white and incorporate some brown furniture into your home. Leather furniture (such as our Frinton collection) looks especially good this time of year – just imagine curling up in front of an open fire on a brown, leather armchair.

If you’re a fan of non-traditional Christmas decor, then you should consider swapping out your regular Christmas tree for a brown twig tree. They’re simple, modern, don’t take up all of your floor space, and they look amazing, especially when they’re fitted with lights, so they’re bound to be the focal point of your Christmas decorations and a vital part of your Christmas colour scheme.

All White

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? An all-white Christmas colour scheme for your living room is bold but it will look stunning!

White walls along with your white Christmas tree will really make an impact. You don’t have to stick to one shade of white, either! Mix and match various shades of white and off-white to meet your taste and add some interest.

Craft some paper snowflakes and string them along your mantelpiece or window to add just the right amount of traditional Christmas festivity.

Pink & Silver

Untitled 1 2

Go against the grain and have a totally controversial Christmas colour palette. Swap out your white for silver and change your red for pink – it’s a completely modern and simply gorgeous colour scheme that will likely be unique to you.

There are plenty of artificial silver Christmas trees out there to meet your needs and, when decorated with metallic pink ornaments, they look particularly striking. Add pink cushions and other pink accents to your room to emphasise your Christmas colour scheme, and place silver trinkets and pieces of tinsel around the room to maintain the Christmas feel.


There are a number of routes you can go down with your Christmas colour scheme but all that matters is that you love the colour scheme you go for. Hopefully, you and your family have an amazing time putting up all of your decorations and you have a very merry Christmas.

If you’re in need of any living room furniture before Christmas, be sure to check out everything we have on offer at Chill Sofas.

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